Sunday, May 10, 2015

Going on my third week stuck in bed…

 Monday was a pretty good day although I am so tire of being stuck in this bed. Karen came in and we went through the motions and I pretty much watch TV and movies all day, I thought I would get caught up on all programs that I TiVo and I probably one have if I could just quit adding new programs. Rosa came in and fed me and set me up, I am also getting very tired of laying on my side… My body doesn't like being twisted but I don't have any signs of a pressure sore so it's worth it. There wasn't much else she could do so she left and I continued to watch TV. They called and said that my sofa sleeper/chaise lounge is ready to be delivered, they are going to deliver it on Wednesday so that's exciting!

Tuesday… Not much to say, same old thing. I called Numotion today and of course no call back, I guess when they want my credit card number they will call me. I was really hoping to get my chair, or at least a loner, by tomorrow but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. I did get the luggage rack bars but on my van and my furniture's coming tomorrow so I'm in a pretty good mood. Lisa came in this morning and took my van over and dropped it off at Ocean Honda and then left because she was going to a Giants game in San Francisco, how fun! Omar went and picked up my van and glued the tile down around my tub, apparently there was a big hole where the tile and the tub did not meet and water was getting under there and it was lifting up and getting wet underneath the house... sometimes I don't know what I would do without Omar. Rosa came in and sat me up, fed me and then went to go celebrate Cinco de Mayo with her family.

Wednesday was a pretty good day despite being stuck in bed again. They did call me back from Numotion and said that the parts haven't come in yet but they expect them soon and as soon as they get here they will have them installed and drop my chair back off at my house… At least that's something? Karen came in and we had some personal care and changed my SP tube so I feel better. Ed From Pacific security came by with another guy named Ed and they are putting security screens on my Windows, I haven't been able to use my house alarm because too many people coming in and out. I will feel a lot safer with the security screens. They brought my furniture and I love it, it's perfect! Karen took pictures and I can't wait to see it in person when I get up in my chair. Rosa came in and I got to take a nice long hot bath, I am surprisingly less cranky today.

 Thursday was a pretty good day, I hate to say that I'm getting used to staying in bed but I'm not as frustrated as I was in the beginning… There's nothing I can do about it anyway. Karen came in and made some night time coffee eye cream, yesterday she made some shampoo… I found a bunch of recipes on Pinterest for organic personal care products so I have been trying to use them and I love them. They all have coconut oil in them, that seems to be the thing right now. I just lay in bed and watched it rain on and off, I love the rain and we need it so much… Glad I'm not out in it. I signed up for an hour to two hour spinal cord injury study and the lady called me today to set it up, I figured why not? Rosie came over with a friend to pick up my old couch, it has a sofa bed so I don't know how they got it in his truck but they did… It was just the two of them. I will have to ask her when she comes in tonight. Rosa came in and fed me and that was about it.

Friday was a long day. I really hoped that they would drop my chair off so I can use it over the weekend when I didn't hear a word. I know that they are closed for the weekend so it looks like it's going to be next week that I get my chair back… Hopefully. We have a support group, our second one, one Wednesday and I have a mountain girls coming over next weekend. I just lay in bed and watch TV hoping it will cheer me up. I feel so frustrated and cranky that I'm afraid I might say something mean to someone else, I don't want to do that. Teresa came in and sat me out, fed me and the rest of the evening I just watched TV to try to keep my mind off how frustrated I. I usually cruise by the wharf at least once a day to see the progress on the turnabout but I haven't been able to see for over three weeks. Omar was so sweet and took pictures for me as he went by… I can't believe how great it looks and I can't wait to get up in my chair again to go check it out.

Saturday was a pretty good day. Still stuck in bed and still never heard anything from Numotion, since they're not open on the weekends I'm assuming I'm not going to get my chair until at least Monday… They could have called me before they went home on Friday and let me know but they didn't.  Lisa came in and put me on my side for a while while she watered the plants inside and on the porch and we did a mud mask, after we put it on Omar came in and I think we scared him… The mud mask is green. She checked the progress of our rose seeds and then set me back up for the day. We have been trying to get Robby to do a couple of tricks and I never thought he was calm enough but he did it. He holds the dental bone on his nose for the count of 10 and then when you say "Robby okay" he throws it up and catches it. I bought some Bluetooth speakers for the pergola and they came in today but Omar could not figure out why both of them will not work at the same time, I know you'll figure it out. Lisa found a couple of throws that my friend Terri made for me and put them on the couch, I can never put them on the couch before because it was leather and it would just like right off. I think it looks great!

Sunday when have been a nice day to go out and cruise around, the weather looks perfect and there's not a lot of wind. Lisa came in and put me on my side and took off my fingernail polish before I chew it all off. I was already looking for an evening weekend caregiver because Teresa is just about finished with school and is going to need to find a job. After Lisa left this afternoon she texted me and said that they had changed the hours after other job and she now needs weekends off so now we're looking for two shifts. Adela's Sister apply a while back but we went with Lisa for some reason. We texted Adela's sister to ask her if she were considered forming to work for me and she said yes, she is going to be taking over Teresa's evening shift. Now we just need to find somebody for weekend days… The fun never ends. Teresa came in and waxed my face and coach for a little bit and then the rest of the evening I just watched TV and try not to get too stressed out about everything. Everything always seems to work out…

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betty said...

I do like the new furniture, Tammie! Sorry you've been stuck in bed though so much! I can only hope your chair gets fixed in this new week!