Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We are back to cooler weather…

 Monday was a very uncomfortable day, just I have an appointment to get my chair fixed next Monday so I have a choice of getting out and be uncomfortable all week or staying in bed until I can get it fixed on Monday. Today and tomorrow I have to get up because I have appointments, I have appointments on Wednesday and Thursday also but those I can reschedule. After I got up Robby and I cruised down to my dentist, it's time for my every three months cleaning. I'm really excited about going today because I will be the first time my dental hygienist has cleaned my teeth since I started using more natural products. She was very impressed and asked me for the recipes for all the products I have been using, that made me feel really good. We cruised back and Karen put me to bed so I didn't have to stay up until 5 PM in this uncomfortable chair. Rosa came in and Sent me back up, since I'm going to be in bed all day for a while I'm going to lay on my side until Rosa comes in to give my butt in rest. My mom came and in the evening and said that my cousin Rich, his son Seth and his two little girls were in a rollover accident on bear Creek Road. Seth got out and got two little girls out and then with help got my cousin out, he is such an awesome kid. I was so worried the rest of the night so I ended up texting his girlfriend Sue and she said everybody was okay but they're keeping Rich and in the hospital overnight for observation.

Tuesday was an extremely uncomfortable day. I had an appointment for an ultrasound and a mammogram and I just wanted to get it over with. Of course they didn't schedule them simultaneously so we had to do the ultrasound and then wait around for about an hour and then do the mammogram, I was so uncomfortable by the time everything was done and I was so glad that Lisa took the time to put me back in bed before she left. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a shower over the tub.

Wednesday was another boring day in bed, when Karen came in she gave me a bath and I just watched TV for the rest of the day. Omar came in and sanded down my burrell table and it looks amazing. Somebody bright idea to stain it brown and it just broke my heart so my mission was to get it back to its original beauty and Omar did the job, I am so happy with it now. As soon as I get my new sofa bed/Chase I'm going to bring it back in the house where I originally had it. Rosa came in and flipped me right side up, it felt really good to have my body straight again. I can feel myself getting really cranky so I need to get tomorrow if only just for a couple of hours.

 Thursday was a pretty good day. I did get up for a couple of hours and it was just miserable but at least Robby and I got to get out and cruise around for a while. I had Karen takes some more pictures of how lopsided I am in my chair because neither one of us can believe it, I can't believe I have to stay in my bed for three more days before I can get it fixed. Rosa came in and got Robby and I something to eat and then we did some personal care and I got to take a nice bath, there is no such thing as a bad bath.

 Friday, well Friday I stayed in bed again. Susan came in and I got to have a nice long two-hour massage, I think she got all the kinks out. Karen came in and gave Robby a bath, I think he loves the baths. My mom came down and think Robby and I said that was about it… The rest of the night I just watched TV and wish that I could get up only for a couple hours.

Saturday… Well more of the same. I am getting so cranky I don't know how my caregivers stand it, they are also some and say they understand what I'm sure they all, and Robby, want to smack me. Lisa came in and put me on my side for a while and got ready to soak some rose seeds that I got from Amazon, I'm so excited to see what they look like. Omar came in and clean up the yard and I talked to him for a little while, I always knew it but he is super smart and so funny. Teresa came in and brought some food from our favorite new restaurant Thai house, she brought some fried calamari, roasted duck, vegetables… Everything was amazing, and some pad Thai noodles for breakfast the next morning. We did some personal care and I got to take a bath… No bubbles.

Sunday was just the same thing again but a different day. Lisa came in and put me on my side and trimmed fingernails, they were getting really long and scary. She also painted them is really dark color blue that changes with your moods… I told her that might not be a good idea today because I'm so cranky but I like it. We also did a mud mask. The rest of the day I watched a new series called orphan black, I haven't decided yet if I liked it or not… I more on the I like it side. Teresa came in and make some beef Wellington, bacon and leek mashed potatoes and asparagus… That really cheered me up. She waxed my face and I watch TV the rest of the evening.


betty said...

Hope your chair gets fixed soon, Tammie. I can imagine it is uncomfortable by looking at the pictures you shared here. I agree to restore the burrell table back to its natural color; it came out great!


Anonymous said...

That chair did look very crooked!
I like blue nail polish, too.
Looks like we had parallel girlie doc apps.