Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It looks like we're going to get some rain this week, we really need it…

 Monday was a really great day. I was so ready to get up and out of here and so was Robby. We cruised through the lagoon, down Westcliff Drive, down to the end of the wharf and back and then up to Mission Street to get my taxes done… It always feels great to get that way. I thought about doing it online with TurboTax but it doesn't take that long and I don't want to make any mistakes. It usually costs me about $200 and I usually get back $185 dollars so it almost comes out even. We cruised around for a little bit more and then my niece Corrine texted me and said that her and a couple of her friends came down for the day so I met them at Mobo's which was unfortunately closed until 5 PM, I knew that but didn't think about it, so we went to Surfrider's Café… Another favorite. Of course nobody was disappointed. They headed downtown and I came home just as Rosa came in. Rosa put me to bed and then left so I can spend some time with my niece and her friends. One of her friends, Julian, came down once or twice with her before and is an excellent cook… Last time she made a killer omelette for breakfast and this time she made mustard, garlic, lemon salmon… It was so good. They were tired and wanted to get up early so they could go to the beach so they went to bed and I watched TV for a while and then I was out.

Tuesday I decided to stay in bed and on my side, luckily the day went by fast. Omar took a bunch of stuff from the garage back to storage so the garage looks a lot better, we still have stuff to take back on Saturday. Lisa went over with Omar to organize everything a little bit. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath.

Wednesday was very exciting! Roger, Karen and I had been planning to start a new support group at the hospital and today was the first support group meeting. Seven people showed up, that's pretty good considering we didn't have a lot of time to advertise. It was really nice to see a couple of people that I haven't seen for a while.  I met Karen the first time Roger and I tried to start a support group, she is such a sweet lady. Ed and his wife I have met a couple of times at CCI events and Ed is a friend on Facebook, it was really great to see them and their service on again. We had fun and inventive things to talk about. The lady from the storage unit called and said she needed the keys, the door on our storage unit is not working. I don't really have anybody to take the keys up there for me so I decided that even though they are in totally different directions I would take the keys up before the support, by the time I got to the hospital I was exhausted… Robby and I did 10 miles today. Rosa came in and put me to bed and the rest of the and just watched intervention.

Thursday was a pretty good day! After my appointment with my psychologist I decided to cruise over to cost plus, they have the coolest, most unique stuff around. They had all of their Easter decorations 60% off and I try to look for somebody to help me but everybody was pretty busy so I decided to go back on Saturday when I can write Lisa to help me. I cruised over to Ross just to see what they have and of course I found a bunch of stuff over there but again find anybody to help me so I left and cruised over to the wharf. I started talking to a couple and then found out they were from Georgia near where my brother lives and the guy works at Delta Air Lines, same as my brother… Small world! We cruised over to the boardwalk and then through the lagoon on the way home, I did it backwards this time. I rested for a while and then Rosa came in to put me to bed, do some personal care and I asked take a nice long hot bath.

Friday was another great day! The weather was perfect! I decided to cruise back over to cost plus to see if I would have any better luck finding somebody to help me, usually when I'm there and get at least two people asking me if I need help… They are really good about customer service there. A lady came up and asked me if I needed any help and of course I said yes, she got me a card and loaded it up and I got some really adorable for Easter. I came home and luckily Karen was still here and took the bags off the back of my chair so we could go cruise around a little bit more. It was kind of warm so Robby and I just cruised over to the lagoon and wandered around there for a while, it really is a beautiful place. We came home and rest up for a while and then Rosa came in to put me to bed. She went to Watsonville and got some carnitas and fresh homemade tortillas, she brought me some and it was awesome! She put me to bed and I watched Judge Judy for a while and then fell asleep.

Saturday I decided to stay in bed. This is the last weekend that the boardwalk is open for spring break so I just know it's going to be crazy around here, the street out in front of my house was already bumper-to-bumper on Friday. I needed to have luggage rack rails and crossbars installed on my van so the inside will be so crowded when we go to Oregon in July. I called on Friday and the guy said they had them in stock so when Lisa took my fan over in the morning I told her that it was time to have the oil changed, tires rotated… Whatever else they do. They got the oil changed in the tires rotated but then called me to say that somebody screwed up on the inventory and they don't have the luggage rack rails in, the guy was really nice about it and offered to come over here on Tuesday, pick up the van, take it back and have them installed and then bring it back… I thought that was really nice. Omar came in and build some shelves in the laundry room, I don't know what I'm going to put in them yet but I love extra storage. Teresa picked up the van before she came into work. We found this really killer Thai place so we have been going there once a week and were going to try everything on the menu.

Sunday was another day I decided to stay in bed, good thing I did because it was really hot. Lisa came in and we did some facial care stuff, I have a bunch of stuff but I never really use it. I went on you tube and looked through all the videos and were going to start doing it, none of it looks that hard to do and I can use all the help I can get… I'm getting old! Teresa came in and put me on my side for a while and cooked.

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betty said...

I liked the picture of Robbie trying to push the button to cross the street :) How fun with your trip to Oregon in the summer, Tammie! Beautiful area up there. Always not fun to get the taxes done, but always good to get them over; we always wait until the last minute too :) Glad to hear the support group had a good turnout for the first one!