Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I can't believe next weekend is Easter already…

Monday was a perfect day! I got up and the weather was perfect, I thought it was going to get warmer but it just stayed perfect. I think Robby for for a cruise through the lagoon, up through Bay St., Park and down Westcliff Drive. I plan on turning around at the lighthouse Museum but the waves were so amazing and the weather was so perfect and just kept on going. I got to natural bridges beach and took some pictures and then decided to go all the way to natural Bridges Park and out to see if the butterflies are still around, I didn't see any but it's still a beautiful place to cruise. There was a lot of people out and it was really nice.  We cruised back down Westcliff Drive and then went to the end of the wharf and then cruised home. We ended up going 10.7 miles. Omar was here defrosting my refrigerator, Karen cleaned it out this morning because it was making funny noises. Rosa came in and put me to bed and wipe down the refrigerator and put the food back in it, we have to put the food in the refrigerator in the garage.  Bill Castro came by to change out my ceiling lift, I had a loaner while he fixed mine.

Tuesday was another perfect day! I got up and took Robby for a nice long cruise. We went through the lagoon, down Westcliff Drive and back, to the end of the wharf and back, through the boardwalk and then I decided to go across the train bridge, this is only my second time and it was so exciting. Each time I go a little further and explore a little more, and even surprising myself how brave I am getting. I still can't get over how beautiful everything is here and it's so great to be able to take pictures of it with Google Glass every day… I am truly blessed! We curse back over the bridge and into the reservoir towards home. I noticed lobby was limping a little bit on his right front leg so we took it slow. We came home and rested for a bit, a tilt back in my chair 15 minutes every hour and usually I look to see where Robby is so I don't squish him when I'm coming out of the tilt… I did look around and I didn't see him but I remember hearing him go in the bathroom so I didn't think about it. When I sat up I heard him scramble to get out of the way of my foot rests but I got him and on his sore leg, I felt so bad. Rosa came in and put me to bed, we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath.  We had a little problem getting the lift to switch the tracks to get into the bathroom but we did it. It was about midnight when Rosa left and I fell right to sleep.

Wednesday turned out to be a pretty good day. Leslie, the organizer lady message me and said that her daughter wasn't feeling well and she was going to be late so I told her to just stay home and take care of her daughter and will reschedule. The ceiling lift decided to quit working so we put it back to charge for a while and it did get me up in my chair but I decided to call Bill anyway so he can come over and check it out. He texted me a little bit later and said that he fixed it, Yay! Omar came by to make sure the luggage rack that I bought fit on my van and of course it didn't, I had to get some additional luggage rack bars… It's never easy. I started looking around my garage and realized it's getting really cluttered again and really in need of organization, I texted Omar and he said he would see what he could do on Saturday… He is always so calm and just finds a solution! Rosa came in and put me to bed and it just couldn't keep my eyes open.

Thursday went by really fast. I got up and went to my appointment with my psychologist, cruised around downtown for a bit, came back home and Kay touched up my hair and gave me a haircut and then I just sat outside in the sun until Rosa came in. She put me to bed, did some personal care and gave me a nice long hot bath. I've noticed that were not finishing everything until about midnight so I'm trying to redo my schedule so she can get out of here earlier, I feel bad having her stay here so long.

Friday was a pretty okay day. I got up and took Robby for cruise, not a very long one because Teresa wasn't coming in and Rosa had plans with her family so she was going to come and put me to bed early and PG&E was coming to make my home more efficient. PG&E showed up early so I thought I was here, apparently they have to do three things to your house in order for you to get a 20% discount and they found three things… Yay! I waited and waited but Rosa didn't show up until 4:30 PM. I was so upset because I could have been cruising around with Robby for two more hours, I texted her but never got an answer. When she showed up she apologized and said that she fell asleep and just woke up, usually I'm more forgiving but I was just so mad and I just didn't want to hear it. She has one of my more reliable people but I just couldn't help being mad. I think mostly because I don't have a morning caregiver for the next two mornings and this was going to be my only chance to cruise around until Monday, plus the letter was really nice… 72°. She put me to bed, got me something to eat and then straightened up the kitchen and left. My garage is starting to look cluttered again so I had Karen take some pictures so I can show Omar what I would like you to take to the storage unit since I'm not going to be able to get up, sometimes I am a pretty smart cookie! I didn't have my Google Glass today because I knew I wasn't going to be out much but I found this on Facebook.

Saturday was a pretty boring day, thank goodness it went by fast. All my morning caregivers took the weekend off so I'm staying in bed. Omar came by to get the keys for the storage unit so we can move some of the stuff from the garage back into the storage unit, we're going to go through it but we never got a chance and I just hate to see the garage cluttered. I've been watching the series Nashville so I watched about five episodes, I love that show. I started recording Judge Judy, I love her also. My brother Stanley texted me and said that they are coming down for Easter dinner, I'm not sure if my nieces are not… Stanley said she has to work but I hope she's able to make it.

Sunday was a really nice day, Easter! My mom came down and got breakfast for Robby and I and since I wasn't going to be getting up I just watched TV for a while. Stanley and Janet came from Modesto so we decided to play cribbage for a while before Easter dinner. While we were playing Jerry, my neighbor from when I lived in San Jose came by to say hello. He had gastric bypass surgery and lost 87 pounds, he looks really good and feels great. He is now working for a company called lift and loves it, is basically a taxi for anyone in the Bay Area… It's an app on your phone so you can take or decline any fares that come up. It's a pretty cool way to check out the bay area. Tom and Kelly came over and we had a really nice dinner… Ham, risotto, spinach soufflé, salad and black bread and for dessert Kelly made an apple galette. Teresa came by and put me on my side for a while while she cooked for me for the next week. It was a great day but nobody got any pictures.

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betty said...

I'm glad you had a good Easter with family, Tammie! I loved the pictures you took, especially the ones of the trees! I'm glad you were able to get the Google Glass because I am enjoying the pictures you share here!