Sunday, April 19, 2015

It's going to be a great week for adventure…

 Monday was a pretty good day. I got up and decided to go check out the accessibility to get to Wilder Ranch, I got all the way down to the beginning of Highway 1 and ran out of sidewalk so I decided to turn down the last Street and explore. Once I am more comfortable in my chair I will be a lot braver about exploring, right now the back rest is pushing me to far forward and if I go down a hill or stop fast my chair pitches forward. I was cruising back towards the ocean and I saw the abandoned yoga Temple, and always so amazed at how beautiful it is and I noticed it was for sale. I am really curious how much something like that will go for. We cruised down a little further and ended up on Westcliff Drive at the house where that movie Clint Eastwood was in was filmed play Misty for me, it is so beautiful right there. We cruised back down Westcliff Drive to the wharf and cruise down to the end and back, they are really making a lot of progress on the roundabout in front of the wharf. We cruised down to the end of the boardwalk and then back home. I love just taking off in the morning and cruising around until it's time to go to bed.  When we got home Bill was here to fix my ceiling lift and was blocking the driveway so I decided to cruise down to the lagoon and sit in the sun for a while. Rosa came in and put me to bed and both Robby and I knocked out, I think we did about 9 miles.

Tuesday was another great day, the weather was perfect! I plan on having my company this summer so I wanted to go down to Ramos furniture store and see if I could find a more comfortable sofa bed for the living room, I wanted to get one that is a combination sofa bed chaise lounge… I think they look so cool! I made it down there in the store was so huge it was on both sides of the walkway. A lady came and opened the door and I told her what I was looking for and she showed me the area that had some really beautiful possibilities. One of them she showed me didn't have a chaise lounge but it had an air mattress that inflated in 20 seconds, it was half price because there was some damage. It had a matching loveseat, the sofa bed was green and the pillows matched the pattern on the loveseat. I saw one I really liked but the sofa and a chaise lounge were not attached and the sofa was not a sofa bed but she said that they can make any of them into a sofa bed. I'm not really good at picking out stuff like that so I took some pictures and I will ask everybody that I see and see what the majority thinks. On the way home I sent you to cruise through Arana Gulch, is so beautiful there. I saw a trail that had some really beautiful trees so I went down to takes pictures of them and ran into the same problem I did yesterday… I was uncomfortable going any further with my chair as unstable as it is, I can't wait until my chair is finally what is supposed to be… Think that will ever happen?? We cruised back down towards home and decided to head down to the wharf, it was such a beautiful day I just didn't want to go home. We cruised down to the end and back and then cruised down to the end of the boardwalk and back, it's always so nice once everybody is back to work/school and Santa Cruz is not so crowded. We cruised on home and rested for a bit and then Rosa came in and put me to bed, we did some personal care and I got to take a bath. Not as nice as I wanted because the Jets were not working on my tub again, I need to remember to call somebody tomorrow. It bath without jets is always better than no bath at all. We went 10.6 miles today.

Wednesday was a very boring but productive day. The Jets on my bathtub keep going out and they went out again, Omar just doesn't know what to do so I called the company that Cassidy works for and they came right out. They were both very nice and very helpful, they fixed the leak that goes under the house from the tub and flushed out my water heater. They also gave me a bag of really cool gifts, a magnet, a spatula, a rubber jar opener and a pizza cutter. I will definitely be using them again because everybody was so nice. I wanted to take Robby for a little cruise before Leslie got here but that didn't really happen… I wanted to take him through the lagoon but on my way I ran into a gentleman that had a black lab so I talked to him for a while and then ran into Robert, I ran into Robert all over the place. He is also a quadriplegic and I think he lives in the apartments in front of the lagoon, I always enjoy talking to Robert. I looked at the time and I only had 20 minutes so I headed back through the lagoon.  As I was cruising over to the lagoon I noticed that my Google Glass was shut off, I took a bunch of pictures on Tuesday and sometimes when the battery gets low it shuts off… I'm really glad I wasn't going any further than the lagoon. Leslie was late but she got the rest of my files in order, that is a huge relief. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I just watched TV until it fell asleep. Both Rosa and my mom noticed that Penny was not on the back porch and she had been missing all day, she just wandered over here and adopted us so I figured she just wandered back where she came from. She really never wanders very far from the back porch.

Thursday was a pretty good day! When Karen came in she said Penny was not on the front porch but she could hear her, I immediately thought of the guys working on the Jacuzzi tub because they have to open the access door that goes under the house. Karen opened the access door and called her but she didn't answer so we decided to leave the door open and see if she wanders out. She went to go put some food by the door and there she was on the back porch all covered with cobwebs. I went to see Carol, my psychologist, and we had a really nice session. I think she's really helping me a lot! Mostly validating that my feelings about everything are okay and if people get mad at me and won't talk to me because I make a decision that they don't like it's okay… My chair is running great, I'm able to go between eight and 10 1/2 miles a day and Robby is slimming down… It feels great to just cruise around and not have to worry about my chair suddenly stopping or running out of battery. After my session with Carol I cruised around downtown for a while and then cruised up to Dr. Owen's office to get a prescription and then over to Safeway to get it filled and pick up another prescription. My lorazepam, for anxiety, has to be picked up at the doctor's office and I have to take it over there… This is new but what are you going to do? We cruised over to Westcliff Drive, down to the end of the wharf and back and then home. The weather was so beautiful and it's nice to be able to cruise around for an extra hour, Rosa comes in at 5 PM now. She put me to bed, we get some personal care and I got to take a bath… Without jets but it's still a bath so I'm not complaining. I noticed that I am sleeping a lot be since I got my CPAP machine, I fall asleep almost immediately after it's on and sleep pretty much through the night. I still wake up about four or 5 AM but I feel great.

Friday was an okay day. I decided to stay in bed and on my side because my chair is been really uncomfortable lately, the backrest is sliding all over the place and it's very uncomfortable. I couldn't figure out why my neck and back were sore all the time and I didn't even think about it being my back rest because it's brand-new and supposed to be better, it's just rotating around a little bit but that's all it takes. Susan came in to give me a massage and said that my neck and shoulders were really tight. I emailed Todd from Numotion and Andrei from Dominican rehab and a setting up an appointment or week from Monday… I'm going to try to stay out of my chair as much as I can but I have appointments every day but Friday next week. I'll get up on Monday and Tuesday and it's very uncomfortable I will just cancel the rest of the week's appointments. I'll be so glad when this chair is put together so I can enjoy every single day I left my life. Teresa came in and fed Robby and I and I just relaxed and watched TV for the rest of the evening.

Saturday was a pretty exciting day! Omar, Lisa and I went down to the furniture store to pick out my new sofa bed and chase lounge. I like the one I have in the living room, it was my mom's and is really nice, but the sofa bed is really uncomfortable and its leather so I can treat my quilts on it… Is that a weird reason?? I went down there with my favorite throw pillows, the valances from my living room and a paint sample of the trim. I went down there thinking light gray would be a good color but ended up with a green, I thought it looked really nice and of course the lady that was helping, Omar and Lisa thought it looked really nice also. I always hate making decisions like that because I always get negative comments but I decided I'm just going to get what I like and if nobody else likes it then I will have to live with that. I decided to just cruise back without me so we can cruise through Arena Gulch and it was so beautiful. I decided to do some offloading, maybe I should only do it when I'm with someone but I couldn't help myself… it was so beautiful! On the way back I thought about cruising to San Luis Reservoir Park and check out Earth day but I thought I better come home and rest for a while before the Derby girls bout, I miss the one last month and I didn't want to miss this one. We came home and rested for a bit and then Teresa came and unfortunately I decided to leave Robby at home, I would like to take it one day just to see if he goes okay… Maybe next month. We went to our new favorite Thai place for dinner and I had seafood pho, I thought it was really good but next time I won't get seafood. We also split in order of egg rolls that were awesome. When we got to the bout we sat where we usually sit and a guy came up and asked me to move because he thought I was unsafe there, a lady came up later and gave us her and apologized and told us to call her and let her know where we want to sit… She said we can sit wherever we want. I kind of liked where we were because we can look down and see the whole track. I also think it would be really safe place for Robby to be, he could lay down behind me. As usual the bout was exciting and fun. It was also a little sad, the whole night was in memory of a gentleman in transition to a lady named Casper who committed suicide because of bulling. I came home and found the story online and it was awful. Teresa put me to bed, but my snorkel on, we call my CPAP my snorkel, and I went right to sleep. 

                                          This is the sofa bed/Chaise lounge...

 The green is the color of the sofa bed/Couch... it's not as dark as it looks. Across the back is the valance I have in my living room, underneath it is my favorite pillows, it comes with two throat pillows… two green and two are the Cream color...

Sunday I decided once again to stay in bed and it's a good thing I did because the sun didn't even come out and it was cold, we have such a weird weather here but I still love it… if it's going to be cold I wish you would just rain. Lisa came in and put me on my side so I can rest my butt for a while. Teresa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a bath, I am ready for a busy week…


betty said...

It sounded like last week was a good week Tammie! I liked all the pictures of benches you shared here :) I think what you got for your new furniture is nice and you should get what you want, don't worry what others might think about it; you are the one that is paying for it, so it should be what your tastes are :)

It is good too that you are getting out for those long cruises with Robbie; I bet he enjoys it and it is healthy for him if he is slimming down!


susie said...

I like your tie dyed leggings.

Good idea to take a pic of furniture, and ask people's opinions.

Also liked the paintings of wine on the half walls (or whatever you call those things.)

That's a lot of mileage for you and your pup.