Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

 Monday was a pretty good day. I got a really nice massage, I think Susan stayed here about a half hour longer, and boy did it feel great. My neck and shoulders have been really sore and so she did a lot of deep tissue massage and I just didn't want to get up and go out in the cold after that, I was really sore. I stayed in bed and slept on and off and finished my last minute shopping for Christmas, actually Teresa did my last minute shopping for me.

Monday was a pretty good day, the goodness it went by fast. I'm getting a little anxious from staying in bed but I know would be way worse if I got up and out… It's just too cold. Omar came over and fixed the decorations in my front yard, half of the front yard didm't light up. He said the breaker popped off and wouldn't stay on so he plugged everything in the front porch, hopefully that doesn't pop breaker, and he will fix it when he can go to the store and get stuff to fix it with. He also hung up some pictures in my bathroom in the mirror that I bought, I never really wanted to mirror in my bathroom but it just looks lost without it and I found one with abalone shells on it and who could pass up that?. It looks really good now. I bought a cabinet a week or two ago and I think I'm finally done with my bathroom, I love the way it looks. I got to rest the rest of the afternoon and watch trading places, that's kind of Christmas movie? I love Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and Eddie Murphy.

Wednesday was Christmas and what a beautiful day. Unfortunately I didn't get up again and I'm getting a little restless, I can't wait to get up and out of here tomorrow morning.  Robby got and handed me most of my presents so I could open them, he is such a helpful guy. My aunt made these two awesome casseroles, I am so sorry that I didn't get a picture of them. One was big and sausage and the other was raisin French toast… They were both amazing. Teresa and I did some personal care and it took a lot longer than we anticipated so I didn't get to take my nice long hot bath so I'll do that in the morning. My uncle and aunt, Tom Kelly and Dolores, Rich, Lexi, Seth, Luana and Melia came over for an awesome turkey dinner with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted brussels sprouts, cranberries and pumpkin pie. I really need to make a New Year's resolution to quit eating so much food but it's so good I can't help myself. Everybody was so tired we didn't even get to play cribbage.

Thursday was such a great day. I got up and my aunt, Tom and Kelly, D, Luana and Melia and I decided to go over to the bageleryto get a bagel and a beverage. I got a bagel with half egg salad and half cream cheese and hot chocolate, we haven't done that for really long time. We decided to cruise down to the end of Westcliff Drive and check out the monarch butterflies, I had heard that there were just millions and millions of them. We got down there just as it got warm enough for them to all start releasing from the branches and it was beautiful, the little girls loved it. We checked out the little museum and then came on home, I had an interview at 2 PM. Of course I got home and she was late so we checked the email and she didn't realize I lived in Santa Cruz and I was too far for her so she canceled the interview. Robby and I cruised down to cost plus and met Teresa there to see what kind of after Christmas sale they had. I wasn't feeling very good, either from sitting directly in the sun at the bagel place or like I was coming down with something… I'm hoping it was from overexposure to sun. Rosa came by and put me to bed and gave me some NyQuil and I slept the rest of the evening.

Friday was a pretty good day, a little colder than it has been. I still wasn't feeling very good so I met Teresa down at Walgreens to get some stuff for colds, it's very expensive to be sick. We got everything that I should need so I'm ready. I cruised Robby around through the lagoon, down to the end of the wharf and back and I was exhausted and cold so I decided to head home. Luckily Adela and her sister were just finishing up claiming so I just went into my room and turn the heater way up. Rosa came to put me to bed and I was feeling a little bit better but I took some NyQuil anyway and it knocked me out but only unfortunately for about an hour.

Saturday I felt miserable, I thought it was going to go without getting sick. Teresa came over and doing some personal care and gave me a nice long hot bath, I really needed that. Omar came by and put up my sea glass chandelier in the sun tube in the hallway, it looks amazing. I don't know how she stayed so long because I was really cranky and I would just left me alone, Teresa has so much patience she is going to be an awesome nurse. My brother Stanley and his family came from Modesto to spend Saturday night. We decided to order pizza, I haven't had pizza for a long time and it tasted so good. It gave me a choice for one of them so I ordered sausage and pineapple, my very favorite. My uncle and aunt and Tom's mom D came over and we played cribbage, I don't remember who was my partner or if I won or lost because I was so miserable. Luckily I had some awesome syrup left over from last year, that stuff cures everything.

Sunday I decided to get up and go to the walk-in clinic, I rolled in, because I heard Dr. Owens was working. My mom had an appointment on Friday and Dr. Owens said if I couldn't make it in that she would come to my house on Sunday night, do I have the best doctor in the world or what?? I'm glad that I went in because she gave me some antibiotics, some nose spray and some more of that awesome cough syrup. She said I had a sinus infection and a tonsil infection, that makes me nervous because I still have tonsils… Obviously. I know that you are the more painful it is to have them taken out, why can't it be something somewhere where I won't be able to feel it? I came back and we had a really nice dinner with family, ham, asparagus, macaroni and cheese, Jell-O salad and rolls. Rosa came and took me to bed and again we played cribbage, I love playing cribbage. Janet was my partner and I think we won two a three dollars. The weather was awesome today.

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betty said...

Sorry you are sick, Tammie; I hope the meds kick in soon and you start to feel better! It did seem like you had a nice Christmas though! I bet seeing those butterflies was a magnificient sight! Happy New Year!