Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years next…

Monday was a pretty good day, I'm feeling much better.I got my Monday morning massage and fell asleep during it, that's always a good sign. Rather than get out and out in the cold after a massage I decided to stay in bed. Karen came in and we did some personal care and I just rested for the rest of the afternoon. Rosa came in and gave me a bath, for some reason I just couldn't keep my eyes open but we did it anyway because I needed it. I think I fell asleep before she left and slept all through the night.

Tuesday was a little cold in the morning but it ended up being nice out. I took Robby for a cruise down Westcliff Drive to the lighthouse Museum, over to the wharf and then home. Teresa came by to take me to my chiropractor appointment but she stopped us at the back door and said not to come in if we are sick, she's a little tiny thing and probably get sick really easily. We were going to go to Trader Joe's and get me some more salads but it was way too crowded in the parking lot and I'm sure crowded inside, it was the one by the mall and it looks like everybody is out and about today. We stopped by the glass place to see if our glass for the top of the cabinet was in but it wasn't so we came on home. Teresa put me to bed and Kelly brought over some sausage, pork, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes… Tom makes it every year for New Year's and it is awesome.Kelly came over to watch a movie with me, we decided on The Family, after the movie started we both realized that we saw it together in the movie theater but we watched it anyway… It was a pretty good movie. Seth and I watched a movie but he can't remember what it was.

Wednesday turned out to be a wash, I just stayed in bed. It was New Year's Eve day and my morning caregiver wanted to come in at 9 AM but it was a little later so I decided to do some personal care and stay in bed. It was pretty restful and uneventful. I started watching a movie called starlight Junior but after I started watching it I realized I had already seen it, that's why it sounded so familiar. I started watching a movie called your next but Rosa was getting scared so I changed it to despicable me 2, Seth came over later so we watched the rest of it.

Thursday was a really good day. We were having company come over but they got sick and couldn't make it so I texted Kelly to see if she wanted to do something. We ended up going to mobos sushi, we haven't been there in a very long time, and then we went to see the movie Saving Mr. Banks, it was a really really good movie and both of us enjoyed it. During the movie I text of my afternoon caregiver to see how she felt because she wasn't feeling well a couple days before and she still wasn't feeling good so I texted Rosa to see if she could call me and put me to bed, she said yes. Kelly and I came back and visited for a while and then rose and put me to bed. Seth came down and watched a couple of shows with me. I haven't had my Google glass on for a while, I'll have to remember to take it tomorrow.

Friday was a pretty good day, a little cold and I got a late start because we had to do some personal care. Kelly and I were going to pack some salami, cheese and some bread and go to the redwoods and felt but I wasn't feeling good so that didn't happen. I want to get some driftwood pieces to plant some of my succulents and air plants in. I ended up taking Robby for cruise through the lagoon, almost to the end of Westcliff Drive, the end of the wharf and back and home. It started getting really cold so I was glad to get home. I tried my button for the front door several times and it didn't work, of course my back door is still not working… I think were going on three or four weeks now and it's getting very frustrating. I called my mom several times to see if she could come down and let me end but there was no answer, I found out later that she was driving and couldn't answer the phone. Finally the button worked and I got into my house but I couldn't turn on the heater because all the windows were open, I leave them open so the housekeepers don't get too warm. Eventually my mom came home and shut all the windows.

Saturday was a pretty good day, I decided to just stay in my room in bed with my door closed… I just felt like being alone. My mom or me down some coffee and an English muffin, it really tasted good.Omar came over and built a shelf underneath the stairs outside that go to my moms deck. The guys that deliver the water have them in a bunch of those plastic boxes and I always thought it looked really tacky, so did Omar so he suggested building a shelf and it looks great. I swear that I can do anything. My mom came down to feed Robby and give me something to eat, I decided to finish off the pork and mashed potatoes and have some greens. Jeff and Jim were going to come by next week and finally get the store fixed, it will be so nice to have my door back.

Sunday was an okay day, going a little crazy from staying in bed. I can't wait to get my massage and get up and out of here tomorrow, I'm sure Robby feels the same way. Every Saturday the lady comes to the door selling tamales and I always buy some, five dollars for six. I hardly ever eat them but I did have a pork tamale this morning, it was pretty good. Usually it's dry and doesn't have much meat in it but today was different. I heard a comment to the door earlier but there was nobody here so she came back. I also had some coffee and a green drink, I am stuffed.I'm trying to get into the series Revenge, I almost deleted it but I'm going to give it a try because I think Sean Hayes is somehow involved with the behind-the-scenes and I loved him and will and grace. Rosa came in to do some personal care and I got a nice long hot bath, I feel great. Heather some lamb with carrots and brussels sprouts. This is the third time that I have had lamb and I really like it, Heather has a lot and now I know why.

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betty said...

I've only had lamb a couple of times, I hear it is hard to cook so that's why I stay away from it, but I bet the way Heather makes it, it is delicious! I do like the shelf made for the water; looks really nice organized like that!