Sunday, January 12, 2014

I wish the weather would make up its mind, we really do need the rain…

Monday was a great day. Susan came in early to give me my massage so I could get up a little earlier since I haven't been up all weekend. She brought me some homemade almond Rocha, my favorite. I got up and took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon, down Westcliff Drive to the second dog park, to the end of the wharf and back and home. When I started out it started getting warmer but by the end of our cruise it was getting cold again. I came home and Kelly texted me and said she was out in the yard shooting some persimmons side turn the heater up and went over to hang out with her for a while. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I watch TV with Seth for a while.

Tuesday was a really short day as far as being in the chair. We did some personal care in the morning, that slowed us down. I got up and took Robby for a short cruise through the lagoon, partway down Westcliff Drive, to the wharf and back. Tuesday I have my chiropractic appointment. I always get a little frustrated because it's in the middle of the afternoon and I have to take off my brace,  I am pretty uncomfortable in my chair after I take off my brace. I think I was just cranky because I was stuck in bed all weekend and Monday and Tuesday were slow getting up so I didn't get to cruise around with Robby as much as I wanted. I wanted to hold off on going to the chiropractor for a while but after I got there she made me feel a lot better so it was worth it. We stopped at Charlie Hong Kong's and I got my usual, that always makes me feel better too. Teresa put me to bed and I think I fell asleep before she left.

Wednesday was a pretty good day although that was a little cold. Dunton And Jim came to fix my door… Finally. I took Karen to surf riders CafĂ© for lunch, her birthday was Saturday. I have the Gorgonzola and bacon bits sliders with onion rings and Karen had a Reuben sandwich with garlic Parmesan fries, everything there is so delicious that it was worth ruining my New Year's resolution… Not that I really thought I was going to keep it anyway. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I had some greens and golden beets. My uncle and Dee came over and my mom came downstairs and we played cribbage, our last time as Dee is going home in the morning. Unfortunately she was sick most of her visit but she looks like she's feeling better now so that's good. My mom was my partner and we won five dollars, I love it when we win.

Thursday was a good day. I took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon, down to the wharf and back. Seth and I went to the movie theater to see paranormal activity, the marked ones. It was really good, I don't think it was as good as the first three but it was different. I came back home and rested for a bit and then took Robby for another cruise, same route. I came back and rested for a bit before Teresa got here to put me to bed, do some personal care, give me a nice long hot bath and put me to bed again. The great ending to a good day.

Friday was a really busy day. I think I left my house three times and got over to the lagoon and then had to come back because somebody called me or I forgot something. I finally made it down to the lagoon, past the lighthouse Museum and back, on my way back I noticed that my chair battery was getting really low. I guess since I went through the Lagoon three times by battery wasn't as charged as a usually is when I only go to the lagoon once, I have to remember that. They zeroed out the mileage on my chair and I'll check it tomorrow, maybe my batteries just aren't getting as charged or lasting as long as they should.  We had Adelas sister come over to interview follow morning weekends, I really hope it works out.  While I was out cruising around Theresa and Karen put most of the decorations away inside, it's going to look so bear without everything. I came back and rested for a bit and then Jess, Teresa, Alex, Robby and I went to the Roadhouse Restaurant for dinner. The last time I went I had a ribeye with grilled vegetables and fingerling potatoes and it was awesome so I decided to have it again and it was just as awesome. I had a groupon for $90 for four people, I love groupons. We came back here and visit for a while and then Teresa but me to bed and went home for the evening.

Saturday was a pretty good day, kind of cold but at least I was up and out of here. We were supposed to train a new girl but I wasn't feeling good at all, I'm so tired of stomach problems, so we rescheduled. We got everything taken care of but there just wasn't time to get up so I spent another day in bed. Rosa came in and gave me a nice long hot bath and hopefully I'm ready for next week, it's supposed to be in the 70s.

Sunday was a pretty good day. I woke up about 11 AM, it is so nice to sleep in. My mom bought me some coffee and toast and then I think I went back to sleep for a while. I have been keeping my bedroom door closed because the rest of the house is so cold and it does keep it warm in here. I slept off and on all day and then watched a couple of movies from LMN, I used to love that channel because there's no commercials, just movies day and night. For dinner I had mustard chicken, stuffed bell pepper, spinach and egg plant. It's nice to get over the holiday eating and get back on the schedule of food that is good for me, I just can't eat that bad stuff like I used to.

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betty said...

How fun with the groupon, Tammie. Sounded like a great deal! We are scheduled to have temps in the 80s tomorrow; seems strange in January, doesn't it?