Monday, February 1, 2016

Both brothers visiting this week…

Monday was a good day. Karen came in and got me up my brother David and I spent most of the day talking about what we were going to do about my security and home automation system, David said since I already AT&T's cell phone, home phone and cable package to look into them because he had heard that they have the security of home automation system. I looked online and sure enough they do, I called and we both talked to the guy for a while and the next thing you know I was signed. The guy said the earliest appointment was February 2nd, David is leaving this Friday so we asked them is there any way they can get some money out before it even have to leave, of course he said that he would pull all of his favors and get somebody out sooner… Of course he said that he's a salesman. We went ahead with it anyway, I would feel so much better if David could be here but I know I can do. Rosen was off so Karen came in to put me to bed and my mom, David and I ordered pizza and hung out and talked for a while.

Tuesday was a busy day. Lisa came in and got me up and took me to my eye doctor for my yearly checkup, everything went pretty good but she had to put those yellow drops in my eyes to dilate my eyes… I''m sure glad I only have to do this once a year. While my mom, David and I were messaging each other the subject of ice cream sundae's came up so we stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up ingredients to make them. As we were getting out of the van a man walked up and said hello and asked if he could give Robby and organic dog treat, and you looked familiar but I didn't recognize who was until after I left of course… I see him when Robby and I are cruising through the park on Bay Street with his dog Reno. We cruised into Trader Joe's and I heard somebody say "Tammie!" I could see a figure in the distance and even though I couldn't see very well I recognized her… It was Kimberly! She was a caregiver and a massage therapist that worked for me for a while but then moved away, she ended up moving back and I followed her on Facebook… It was so great to see her. She said she would message me and we can get together and catch up, I hope she does. We found the ice cream sundae section and got chocolate, French vanilla and coconut strawberry ice cream… I can't have Dairy for a while. We also got chocolate and caramel syrup, pralines, peanut butter cups and pecans. After we left the store I realized we forgot whipping cream. We cruised over to Office Depot to pick up a USB Wi-Fi stick that David needed and decided to go into world market to look for Sundae bowls… They had a lot of really cute bowls but not what we were looking for. We cruised home and I rested for a bit and Lisa helped me straighten out and get rid of some more stuff in the garage, it's looking really good. Karen came in to put me to bed, Dr. Owens was coming over for one of those yearly female appointments, I'm so glad that she comes to my house because trying to do an examination in an office is such a hassle. I love Dr. Owens! My mom, David and I decided to order Chinese food and of course as sound as he finished eating Stanley came in to spend some time with us… What a great feeling! We visited for a while and then everybody drifted off to sleep.

 Wednesday was a great day. Karen came in and we did the personal care and shower in record time, I think an hour and a half. She got me up and dressed and Stanley, David and I went to Zachary's for breakfast, our favorite place to go for breakfast. After breakfast we cruised over to drop off a couple more shirts with Jeremy at A Brighter World to get tie-dyed. We cruised over to cold Stone creamery and got some chocolate dipped waffle bowls for Sundae's and then came home. Rosie came in and put me to bed and we had leftover Chinese food and hung out and visited while we ate ice cream Sundae's.

Thursday was another great day. Karen came in and got me up and Stanley made a killer breakfast. I took Robby for a really long cruise down Westcliff Drive and back, I didn't want to come back because it was so beautiful. The sun was reflecting off of the ocean and the waves were gorgeous and slamming on the rocks. I went down to the end of the wharf and back and then home, we cruised 6 miles. My brothers made lobster tacos and filet mignon tacos… And artichokes. They were mouthwatering delicious! Rosa came in and put me to bed and I watched TV until I drifted off.

Friday was just an okay day. David got up at 3 AM to head to the airport to go home, it just goes by too darn fast. I looked up the weather and it was supposed to rain from 9 AM until 6 PM… It didn't and I was stuck in bed all day. Karen came in and we did some personal care but I didn't get to take a bath because they were coming to replace my water heater, it had been leaking for a while and a water wasn't staying very long. It's been over eight years so I guess it's time. I have them look at my moms and hers needed to be replaced also, they replaced mine today because they had one in stock but my mom will have to wait until the end of next week… I hope this solves the problems that she has been having. Lisa came in and did some more organizing in the garage, I wish I could have been out there but she does such a great job. Theresa came in and fed Robby and I and I just relaxed the rest of the evening. I'm kind of glad I didn't go out cruising around because sinkholes are popping up everywhere in Santa Cruz, one collapsed the sidewalk along the ocean where Robby and I cruised yesterday… Kind of scary! Stanley decided to stay for a couple more days.

 Saturday was a pretty good day.  Cindy came in and got me up and  Stanley made another killer breakfast, mushroom omelette, lobster and bacon wrapped filet. Robby and I cruised through downtown and over to the World Market, I love that place! They always have such really cool stuff there. I was kind of looking for some curtains for my room, I got one over there to give Melissa some privacy while taking a bath in my bathtub… There is no door to my bathroom. I like the curtain so much I wanted to find three more and change the ones in my bedroom but I didn't see them, if I remember right they were in a clearance barrel… I will keep looking or get something else.  we cruised across the parking lot to Ross to see if we can find anything there, I found a really cool pair of shoes but I didn't get them. We cruised back home and rested for a bit and Theresa came in to put me to bed, she did the flash and go on my legs… It's supposed to stop hair growth. She also shaved my legs so we will see.

Sunday was a great day. Cindy came in and got me up and I took Robby for a short cruise before my friends Chuck and Terri came over for a visit, they were my neighbors and I got back in touch with from when I lived in a mobile home park in San Jose. They just adore Robby and Robby is also very fond of them. We visited for a while and Theresa came in to put me to bed, we did the micro dermabrasion on my face and I watch TV for the rest of the evening. I hope all of this stuff helps.

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betty said...

Those tacos looked delicious, Tammie! I bet they tasted even more scrumptious!! Sounded like a nice week with your brothers visiting. I think that is wise if you are going to get a home security system to go with the company that you have your other services through. Glad to hear you had some nice weather days too; we had about 3-4 inches of snow yesterday; before the snow there was a thunder and lightening storm that dumped a big shower of water! Very unusual!