Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More company, more fun…

Monday was a really great day. Lisa came in and got me up and the whole Costa gang went to Henry Cowell national Redwood Park, I love that place! We met Angies long time friend Sunny and her four kids, actually three and one on the way, to hike around and visit for a while… The weather was perfect and the company was great. Peter and Terri drove me back home and then went to meet Angie and the kids to have their taxes done. Lisa was still here so she drove me to Trader Joe's to get some more of their yogurt, I love this stuff, some more fruit and some more granola and then over to pet smart to return most of the stuff I got for the puppy. We came back home and I rested for a bit, I was going to take Robby for a cruise but he's been limping so we're going to take it easy for a couple of days. Rosa came in and put me to bed and that's all I remember, I was out. Wait… I do remember my mom coming in with the phone and Robert and Mackenzie wanted to let us know that they were engaged and getting married in July… I definitely remember that! I'm so excited!! Of course Robert is awesome but Mackenzie is super sweet and so great for him. Yay!!

 Tuesday was such a perfect day. Karen came in and got me up and Terri, Peter, Angie, Phoebe and Piper and I took off for the Monterey Bay aquarium… I love that place so much. It was a nice drive chatting with Terri and we found it really good parking place but most of all the weather was gorgeous. The aquarium was more crowded than I thought it would be but still one of my favorite places to go and it was so nice to share their last day here and have fun. Parker has always been so comfortable and sweet to me by the girls have always been a little standoffish but by the end of their stay here they really opened up, they are all just such awesome kids… Angie and Peter are really great parents. Everybody have fun and then we came home and they had to leave, it was really great to see them but the time went by way too fast. I so regret I didn't spend more time with them when they lived in Los Gatos, they are such good long time friends stuck with me through everything throughout the years. They said they probably won't be back but I hope that's not true. I rested for a bit and then Karen and Rosa came in, Karen was going to show Rosa our new personal care routine, of course she loved it because it didn't take nearly as long. Karen went home and Rosa gave me a nice long hot bath and again I was out before she left.

Wednesday was an okay day. I decided to stay in bed and see if Karen can help me out was some stuff that needed to be done, our plan was to get as much done as we can and whatever we needed help with we could ask my brother David… He wakes up at 2 PM. It seemed like every project that we had could not be completed because they needed to order something first, very frustrating! At least I got the parts ordered and we can try again next week. Karen found some mystery meat in the freezer, no label or anything, so we decided to throw it in the crockpot with some beer and garlic and see what happens. I think it was beef and it made some super delicious tacos, now I wish I knew what it was so I could get some more. I didn't have Rosa come in because I didn't get up so I just rested and watch TV the rest of the evening.

Thursday was a really good day. Karen came in and got me up and Robby and I cruised around a little bit before my appointment with Carol, my psychologist. As I was cruising downtown I saw this cute little rainbow nightlight with nature sounds that I thought would be perfect for Cooper, his first birthday is at the end of this month. His mom is Cassidy and his dad is John. Cassidy was my first caregiver when I moved here to Santa Cruz, she lived across the street and she was my caregiver or about five years. I am so excited that they still include me, we don't see each other that much anymore but we keep in touch when it counts. After my appointment with Carol we cruised over to the Civic Auditorium and I bought another ticket for the Derby Girls, Cindy is going to take me and we asked her mom Rosa to join us… I'm so excited! We cruised down to the wharf, down to the boardwalk and then home.  I want to cruise around a little bit longer but I looked down in my chair was almost dead, thankfully I made it home. Kay came in to touch up my hair and give me a haircut. Rosie came in to put me to bed, do some personal care and give me a nice long hot bath. I was out before she left.

Friday was a pretty good day. Susan came in to give me a massage, it has been a couple of weeks and I am really sore so it felt great. I really wanted to stay in bed because I'm so relaxed but I decided to get up anyway and I'm glad I didn't, it was a little cold but I was all bundled up and comfortable. Robby and I cruised over to the wharf, they are still installing this huge pipe the length of the wharf… It seems to be taking a really long time. I came back home and talk to Nick for a while, he contacted me because he is doing research on support groups all over the world. He is from Scotland and he said he went back and even did some research about there, I can't wait to meet with him and hear what he has learned. He was to meet with Roger and I next week. It was really too late to go out cruising around again so I just waited for Theresa to come and put me to bed. They all love the puppy but she said it won't stop screaming, it wants to be held all the time. I told her that the vet told me that you have to keep her down and let her screen until she figures out that you're not going to pick her up just because she's screaming… I hope it works for them. I had some more of that mystery taco meat and the salad, I think it was even better the second day. Theresa brought me some Girl Scout cookies, I love Girl Scout cookies. I had some with coffee and they were excellent! The rest of the evening I just read a bunch of really interesting information online, Nick sent me a couple of links.

Saturday was a really great day. Cindy came in and got me up and Robby and I went for a cruise down Westcliff Drive and back, to the end of the wharf and back and over to the boardwalk to check out the clam chowder cook-off, there were so many people there I couldn't even get through the boardwalk so I decided to just turn around and come back home. The traffic was ridiculous! I rested for a bit and talk to my mom, she came down so I asked her to be Robby and check my blood sugar, my caregiver wasn't coming in until 9 PM because I was going to see the Santa Cruz Derby season opening game, I'm so excited! I rested for a bit and then Corrine and her boyfriend Nathan came in so I invited them to come along, I'm so excited about the Derby Girls but I have to try and remember that everybody is not as into them as I am. They said they would like to go so we loaded up in the van and waited for Rosa and Cindy. I don't know why but I decided to leave Robby at home, next time he's going. I keep my money and credit card in a wallet in Robby's vest so needless to say when I went to buy the two extra tickets I didn't have any money and they don't take American Express… I also have a MasterCard but for some reason it didn't work, how embarrassing. I ran into Aki and got to chat with her for a bit, she is such a sweet and caring lady… I miss her and her family living across the street. It was a great bout and I think everyone enjoyed it. We came home and got my wallet and Corrine and Nathan went to get burgers From Surfrider's Café, I Always Get The Derby Girls Sliders that have gorgonzola cheese and bacon bits… I also got french fries. Theresa came in and put me to bed, I thought I was all wound up but I fell right to sleep.

Sunday was another great day. Cindy came in and got me up and I got to go out to breakfast at Zachary's with Corinne and Nathan. Of course Zachary's was crowded so I waited outside while they went to the music store. While I was waiting I heard a voice say "wow, I don't think I have ever seen you sitting still… You're usually buzzing around" I looked up and saw a guy that I see cruising around Santa Cruz almost every day, he usually hangs out on the wharf playing his guitar and singing… He is so animated and such a happy man he always makes me smile. We finally got to introduce ourselves, his name is Baba. It was really nice to have an actual conversation with him. Corinne and Nathan were tired after breakfast and came back here to take a nap and decided they were too tired to go anywhere. Theresa came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, I went back to bed so relaxed and just watch TV rest of the evening.

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betty said...

You had a great week, Tammie! So many fun activities and always good to spend time with family and friends!! I think it would be fun to see the Derby Girls; at least once; always enjoy trying new things :)