Monday, February 15, 2016

A busy week with family and out-of-town friends…

 Monday was a pretty good day, I didn't get to cruise around as much as I wanted but I got stuff done. Karen came in and we did some personal care, it ended up taking a little longer this time so I didn't get to take a bath but I got to take a shower. Karen got me dressed and up in my chair and Robby and I cruised over to H&R Block to get my taxes done, I'm so glad that is over with. I have some paperwork for long-term disability that my doctor was filling out and Karen happened to notice that it was due yesterday so I was scrambling to try and go pick it up, my mom ended up picking it up for me and we faxed it over and she will mail a copy off to them today. Robby and I did get to cruise through the lagoon twice but that's about all and it was such a beautiful day, actually pretty warm. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I was pretty tired and fell right to sleep.

Tuesday was a really good day, we got a lot done. Lisa came in and got beat up and she changed the curtains in my room, I love them! She straightened up the front bedroom, the AT&T guy left all of his empty boxes. She also boiled all of my wooden tables, the picnic table outside looked like it got warped and moldy but it cleaned up really nicely, what a huge relief. While Lisa was doing all that I took Robby for a cruise to the wharf, to the boardwalk and back. While I was there I saw some driftwood on the beach so I made a mental note and Lisa and I came back later to gather them up, I just love Driftwood. We came back and I rested for a bit and then Rosa came in and put me to bed while Lisa cleaned up the back porch and under the pergola. Claudia came by and her, my mom and I played three games of cribbage… I not only won all of the games but I skunked my mom and ended up winning seven dollars, we had fun and I love winning! I fell right to sleep.

Wednesday was a really great day. Karen came in and got beat up and while I took Robby for a cruise she made him some butternut squash, Apple and banana soup… It smelled really good. She is really getting to be quite the cook although she really doesn't like admitting it. She also finally got my echo working, I knew she could do it. She is really handy to have around, I think she could do almost anything. I headed off to the support group and I ran into Karen Trap and her little dog, so cute! She said she couldn't make it to the support group because she had physical therapy. When I got there Roger told me that a couple of other people called and said they would make it, there ended up being five people and we had a really good time and got to hear about Ken's experience in the hospital and in the iron lung. He said that he got back in touch with his nurse from 40 years ago, she contacted him on Facebook… That is so cool! He said all of the other people and nurses that he was in the hospital with had passed away but that they had a lot of fun even though they were in the hospital, the nurses made a lot of parties on them. Robby and I cruised back and rested until Rosa came in. Karen was going to come over and show her how to do the bowel program but Rosa remembered that it was lent and she needed to go to church. Corrine messaged me and said that she rescued a puppy from the pound and asked if she could bring it with her to visit, I could never turn down a visit from a puppy. She sent me pictures and it is adorable. Her and her dad are coming to visit tonight.

Thursday was a really great day. I got to meet the puppy and she was so adorable, she is a 10 week old miniature schnauzer… Gray and black. I asked Karen and my mom if they would be on board with helping me out with her and they said yes so Corinne and I went shopping at pet smart to get a puppy starter kit. We ran into Janice who helped me out with Robby last year, she has a schnauzer, and we thought we got everything… I knew I should have made a list. Rosa came in and put me to bed. The first night was pretty brutal, the puppy screamed for a couple of hours and then finally settle down until Corinne came in to check on her at 4 AM and then she started screaming again so Corinne to her and went back to bed.

Friday was another great day. Karen came in and got me up and fell in love with the puppy. It's nice to have a lot of help with the puppy is not always going to be like this, everybody is going to go home. Corinne and I went out to breakfast at Zachary's aod then back over to pet smart to get a couple more things and I made an appointment for Mitzi, that's what we decided to call her, to get the first round of her puppy shots. Of course everyone fell in love with her and she is very healthy and doesn't have fleas. Theresa came in and she was also very helpful and fell in love with Mitzi. Every time we put her in the puppy barrier she screamed for hours so everybody's first instinct is to pick her up and that is not helpful at all, she is driving Robby crazy.

Saturday was another good day.  Cindy came in and got me up and Corinne and I played with the puppy in the yard for a long time, she is so adorable. Stanley and Corinne had to  leave and I was waiting for friends from Washington come to stay for a while.  Peter, Terri, Angie, Parker, Phoebe and Piper… Charlie couldn't make it, he is married to Terri and built my house. they got here and we visited for a while and then went to Mobo's for sushi, when they lived in Los Gatos we went there a lot and I haven't been back there much since they moved away… I don't know why. We came back home and Theresa came in to put me to bed. After Theresa left the puppy not only started screaming but found out how to get over the barrier gate so my mom came down and got her, I'm starting to think that this is not really good timing because I can't have her screaming in keeping the company awake, Theresa said that she would take her so it's starting to look like that's what's going to happen. I couldn't sleep and I was crying all night thinking I'm going to have to get rid of Mitzi.

Sunday was a very sad day. I texted Theresa first thing in the morning and asked her when she could come and pick up Mitzi, she said she would be here in the afternoon. Peter, Angie and the kids went to Los Gatos for that day and Terri and I took off to go check out some fabric stores, we love fabric. Terri makes quilts, along with a lot of other stuff. she made me a couple of really gorgeous tiger/jungle quilts several years back and I still have them and love them. We came back and order food from upper crust pizza, Terri and I split a piece of lasagna… It was amazing. They also ordered garlic bread and salad, it was all really good and I'm so glad that we split a piece of lasagna because I probably would have eaten the whole thing and been really sorry. Karen came in and put me to bed, it was Theresa's birthday and she wanted the day off. We did some personal care and I got to take a shower, I was so exhausted from the night before and kept falling asleep. I visited with Terri and then Angie and Peter for a while and then fell right to sleep.

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betty said...

I hope it works out with the puppy, Tammie. Its like having a new baby; they do eventually grow and get easier to take care of. Son and his wife got a puppy last April that was a Jack Russell mix. He drove them crazy for a few months and they were thinking it wasn't going to work out, but then they were able to get into a house instead of an apartment and that made the world of difference in having a yard for him to run around in.

That soup sounds delicious! Last night I had a bowl of butternut squash soup; it was sooo tasty!