Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunshine and rain are in the forecast this week, I love them both…

Mondays an excellent day. Karen came in and we did some personal care, it only took two hours… I'm still just so excited about that. She got me dressed and I was out of here for a long day, the sun was out and it was beautiful. When it's raining I don't usually go through the lagoon because its really muddy and wet. We cruised down to the end of the wharf and back, down to the end of the boardwalk and back, down to the end of the wharf and back again and it was so beautiful I decided to cruise down Westcliff Drive and I was so glad that I did because it was just gorgeous. I got my Google Glass and my leg bag emptier so I don't need to come back home until it's time for my caregiver to come in. Rosa came in and put me to bed and brought me some killer wings and chili beans that her boyfriend made, he is such a good cook.


 Tuesday was a pretty good day. Lisa came in and got me up and took me to my appointment with Dr. Jett. Dr. Jett is a spinal cord injury Dr. I found when I first moved here, I saw her every year for a while and then for some reason just lost contact but it was great to see her… It has been six years. She always has such great advice and she's just so helpful. After the appointment we went to Hanger prosthetics to drop off the front part of my hard brace so that Tom can redo it and put stronger Velcro. Then we went over to A Brighter World downtown to pick up my shirts that Jeremy tie-dyed for me, I couldn't wait to get home and look at them… He is so creative. We came back home and Omar was working away, is leaving tomorrow to Mexico for five weeks to work on his house. He installed my Blu-ray CD player and switch the TV's in the living room and the spare bedroom… I will miss him but it will go by fast. Lisa and I went through the stuff in the spare bedroom that we brought back from storage, cleaned up the closet and cleaned out a couple of junk drawers in my room. My house is back to normal and ready for my brother from Georgia to visit. Rosa came in and put me to bed and make chicken enchiladas and rice, it was delicious!.

Wednesday was a really awesome day! I love it when the weather is nice and I can get a bunch of errands down without somebody to drive me around. Karen came in and got me up and I cruised over to A Brighter World to thank Jeremy for all of the awesome shirts that he dyed for me, he said he had two shirts left and asked me what would I like on them so I asked him if he could do a lighthouse and some waves… He said he never done a lighthouse before but he would try it and he said for sure he could do the waves so I'm excited to see what he does. Robby and I cruised over to the Civic Center to see if the Derby Girl season tickets were on sale yet, they go on sale the 1st of February. Then we cruised down to Palo Alto medical clinic to drop off some paperwork from Dr. Owens to fill out for me for LTD. We cruised back with an hour to spare before Rosa comes in, we went 7.3 miles today.

Thursday was a very productive day. Karen came in and got me up and Robby and I headed downtown for my appointment with my psychologist, I have a lot to say so what went by fast. We cruised up and down downtown and then over to the Wharf and back before I had to be here for my appointment with Kay to get my hair touched up and my face waxed. Rosa came in and put me to bed and got me something to eat and I sent her home, I hope it wasn't rude but I just wanted to be alone. My little brother, Dave, is coming to visit next Monday and he's going to stay until the following Sunday… I'm so excited!

Friday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and we did some personal care and shower and it was raining so I decided to just stay in bed, good thing I did because it rained all day. Theresa came in and fed Robby and I and gave Robby a shower. My aunt brought Luanna and Malia for a sleepover at my moms, they love to come over and visit.

Saturday was a very disappointing day.  Cindy came in and fed Robby and I and zapped my face with the silk and go laser gun. It was supposed to rain from 11 AM until 4 PM so I decided to stay in bed, the sun was out most of the day. My aunt came over and brought me a bagel, I have had one for a long time and it was delicious. I like the onion bagel with cream cheese, tomato and capers.  Theresa came in and fed Robby and I and we did a mud mask, it really feels good to have time to do all of this extra stuff at night. The girls and my aunt stayed up at my moms again and watch TV.

Sunday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, it felt great except we ran out of hot water. My aunt came over and the girls were going to hang out upstairs so I asked them if they would like to go over to the lagoon for a while, it's better to get them out and get some exercise. They are so cool to hang out with and so funny, they get along so great. I took a bunch of pictures and we cruised through the lagoon and then up to the playground and they had fun. We came back and I took Robby for a cruise over to the wharf. When we got there the wharf was closed off and they were stringing up caution tape around the pillars of the wharf so I was going to cruise on over to the boardwalk but I could hear music and I saw people salsa dancing so I stopped to watch, I forgot they had salsa dancing on Sundays between the wharf and the Boardwalk. I wanted to stay longer but I needed to get home by 4 PM because that's when my caregiver was coming in. Theresa came in and put me to bed and fed Robby and I and we did a micro-dermabrasion treatment on my face. My brother texted my mom and I to let us know that he was getting on the plane at 5:30 PM and he would be here at midnight or 1 AM, I'm sure I will still be awake.

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betty said...

Glad your brother was able to come to visit, Tammie :) I bet you will miss Omar when he is gone, but I bet he is glad to be working on his house :) Sound be nice in Mexico this time of year :)