Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Will I get to venture outside of these walls this week…

 Monday was a pretty crazy day stuck in bed. I try to offload from my pressure sore as much as possible one of them just doesn't seem like it's getting better although it's not getting worse so that's a plus. Teresa and I got into a little argument with Heather, the lady that cooks for me. She keeps making a bunch of the same stuff and dropping it off. For instance… I have three servings of pork, three servings of fish in a big tub of quinoa. It just seems to be the same thing all the time and I was trying to explain to her that it would be nice to have variety and she turned it all around and blamed me and said I needed to find somebody else. Rosa came in and gave me a really nice bed Bath so I don't feel as bad but I still want to get out of this bed. I have been able to catch up on a lot of my TiVo shows.

Tuesday was yet again another day wasted in bed, I feel like a very frustrated pancake. On my side twice a day for a couple of hours and then back to the computer laying flat, I am using some muscles that I have been used for a long time so that's good.  Omar came by and built a gate at the bottom of my ramp, I have wanted one there for a while so that we can go out on the porch and not get distracted and try to run away. Rosa came in and we do some personal care and I got a really nice bed Bath and got my hair washed, that made me feel so much better. I've been using my CPAP machine every night but I'm starting to get a pimple right underneath my nose is very painful to wear that thing. I've been trying to put alcohol pad on it to dry it out and I think it's about dried out now.

Wednesday was just more of the same. Susan came in to give me a massage because my body is so tired of being in bed, it felt great. Every day my pressure sores looking better but it's just so frustrating to have to stay in bed all his time, I realize it could and has been worse but it's just never fun. Rosa came in to get Robby and I something to eat and turn me on my side for a couple of hours.

Thursday… In bed again. Lisa came in and turned me on my side and to lobby for a nice long jog, it makes me feel good that Robby got to get out and get some exercise… Lisa said that he smiled the whole way. They came back and we went through some stuff that her and Teresa found in the garage for me to go through to either keep or donate. It is going to be really nice when I do get up because everything will be organized. Teresa came in and cooked a bunch of stuff for me to eat throughout the week, I knew she was a really good cook but this is so exciting. She brought some turkey tacos that were awesome. It's nice to have her help me out because she understands my diet. We did some personal care and I didn't get to have a nice long hot bath again.

 Friday Lisa came in and we scanned a bunch of pictures that her aunt Teresa found in the garage, it was nice because it felt like we were getting something done. I'm so close to getting out of this bed and I can't wait. Shawna came in and flipped me on my side again and then gave me a nice bed Bath. I'm so upset that I missed the first concert of the year, it was smash mouth. I tried to open the windows to see if I could hear it from my room but of course not.

Saturday was another day in bed, I'm getting so close to getting out of his bed and back into life and I can't wait. Lisa took Robby for a jog as I laid on my side, Robby looks so happy to get outside and she sleeps really good throughout the night. In order for Medicare to pay for my CPAP machine I have to wear it at least four hours every night. It took me a while to get used to and then I had a huge pimple under my nose so it was really painful for a couple of nights. Last night I wore it from 8:30 PM until about 6 AM this morning, I think I even slept a little bit. I find myself watching the clock to see when I can take it off and not sleeping. I have my appointment next week with the sleep doctor so we will see if it's doing any good, I can't tell.

Sunday was just another day. Everything is looking better and I think by Tuesday I will be able to get up and get out of here, you can even believe how excited I am. Lisa came in and took Robby for a little jog while I laid on my side. We got a bunch more pictures scanned. Teresa came in and we did some personal care and guess what? I got a nice long hot bath, it felt great and I never wanted to get out. It turned out to be a great day.

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betty said...

Interesting to look at all the pictures, Tammie. I'm sure that is a big project to do. That was sad about Heather; she always seemed to make such good food for you with a great variety. Sorry you missed Smashmouth too; I bet it was a great concert. Hope you can get to the next one and get released from being in bed every day!