Sunday, June 22, 2014

This is the week I gain my freedom back…

 Monday was a day of anticipation, luckily it went by fast. Hopefully my last day stuck in bed for a very long time. Everything looks great and I can't wait to get out of here tomorrow. Susan came in to give me a nice long massage and Karen came back to work. She had a great time on her vacation and she looked rested. Rosa came in and got me something to eat, Teresa made blue cheese stuffed hamburger, tater tots, cauliflower mashed potatoes and zucchini… It was awesome. Rosa came in and put me on my side and cleaned out both of the kits, I have one for the morning caregivers and one for the evening caregivers. I like to wipe everything down bleach at least once a week.

Tuesday was an amazing day. Everything looked good so I got to get up and cruise around a little. Unfortunately my morning caregiver forgot to fasten my seatbelt and when I got over to the lagoon and I ran over it and broke it, or it just came undone.  I didn't want to drive my chair because I didn't want to run over it anymore so I just sat there and called my caregiver to come and rescue me, Lisa jogged over and save the day. By that time it was after 11 AM and Robby had an appointment with Dr. Dave at the vet so we cruised over there. They told me at the door that they just had an emergency so would be a couple more minutes than I expected. Dr. Dave came in and told me that a pitbull attacked a blind, that was the emergency… Poor thing was probably scared to death. It's always so nice to see Dr. Dave and he examined Robby and said that he had an ear infection, big surprise. He also had like clogged pores in his feet, Dr. Dave said something like pimples. He gave me some antihistamines to give to Robby and some ointment to put in his ears and on his feet. Lisa came and picked us up in the parking lot and we went to Costco, I haven't been there for a while so I needed a lot of stuff. Rosa Came in and we did some personal care and I got a nice long hot bath, it is so good to be back in my routine.

Wednesday was my birthday. I got to take Robby for a nice long cruise through the lagoon, down Westcliff Drive and I got a text from my cousin Kelly saying that her, her husband and Bailey wanted to take me out to lunch… How cool is that? We were going to go to this little place called the picnic basket but they didn't have their umbrellas out front so we went across the street to the ideal restaurant. Kelley and I split a guacamole burger and fries and Tom had fish and chips, while we were eating a gentleman came up to ask if he could have a bite but he then got offended because Tom touched up the fish before he gave it to him. I came home and rested for a bit and looked at my Facebook page and a bunch of people, old friends and new, wished me a happy birthday… What a great feeling. Rosa came in and put me to bed. Lee and Claudia came over and we played cribbage, we haven't played for a while and it was so much fun and great to see them again. Claudia was my partner and everybody broke even. It was really a great day!

Thursday was another beautiful day in Santa Cruz. I got up and took Robby for a really long cruise and then I came back and I had an appointment with the sleep doctor. I told him that I haven't really noticed any big change except it does make me take deeper breaths. I told him I'm just getting used to having something on my face when I sleep and he said that's okay, it takes people a while to get used to. That made me feel better. After my appointment we stopped by Charlie Hong Kong's to bring home for dinner, man I miss that place… It was so good. I ate half of it for dinner and the other half for breakfast with a poached egg on top. Teresa and Shauna came over and we did some personal care and I have a nice long hot bath.

Friday was another awesome day. I wanted to get up late so I could stay up late for the concert and I think it worked out really well. Karen came in at 10 AM and I was up by 2 PM. I took Robby for our regular cruise and came back for a while to charge my chair. Tom and I went over to the boardwalk to see the concert on the beach, it was Greg Kihn and it was a great concert. I came home and Shauna was here sewing, she's making me some draw sheets. She put me to bed and Stanley, Janet and Corinne came over to spend the night. Stanley and Janet are going to celebrate their anniversary while Corrine stays with us, Lexi is also going to stay here so it should be fun. Shawna put me to bed and that's all I remember.

Saturday was a lot of fun. I got up and went over to the Woodie's on the wharf with Tom and Kelly. I think we got over there before it was too crowded but it was still crowded. I took my Google glass and it seemed like every time I would go to take a picture somebody would walk in front of me, actually I got a lot of really good pictures and it was fun. We kept walking by these people who had plates full of fish tacos so we finally asked one of them and went and got some of our own. They were blackened fish tacos and they were AWESOME. We cruised around for a while and although it wasn't hot it was really muggy summer after we made the rounds we decided to come back and saw Tom in Kelly's friend Jim so I went on home and Tom and Kelly went back to hang out with Him. They cruised home and took a couple pictures of some new features in my yard. Omar made a binge for the front yard and we took out some old bushy hedge type plants and put in these really cool ones that I love. Lisa put some more of the rocks that Cisssy painted around the yard and it's really starting to look nice. I rested for a while and then Shauna came to put me to bed. Teresa's neighbor couldn't go to the dirty girls and we couldn't find somebody else so she just took Shawna, she's been saying that she wanted to go and it was last-minute but we talked her into it, hopefully she had a good time.

Sunday had decided to stay in bed, one of the pressure sores that I have is almost gone but not quite. One day it looks like it's almost gone and then the next day is really red and irritated so maybe I just need a couple more days to stay off of it and hopefully I will be back to normal. Teresa came and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, that almost makes staying in bed worth it.

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betty said...

Happy belated birthday, Tammie! Sounds like you had a great day, especially since you weren't stuck in bed! Those pictures from the Wharf Woodies were fun to see. I'm glad you had a chance to get up and out and enjoy some of the pleasant weather as well as the concert. Those fish tacos do look good!