Monday, June 2, 2014

Almost an out of bed for good…

 Monday was… You guessed it, another day in bed. I'm getting really irritable and cranky but I really try not to be. I think a couple more days in bed and I will be free again. Shawna came in for Karen because it was a holiday and the buses get here really late on the holidays, also she was moving and I figured she would enjoy an extra day to get everything unpacked and set up.I just watch TV most of the day and dozed on and off. Seth and Lexi came over to watch a movie with me but I can't remember what it was, we watch the first one a while ago.

Tuesday I was stuck in bed again but everything is looking so much better, I think it's discovered be a couple more days. The weather is really nice outside and I have all the windows and the blinds open but it sure would be nice to be out there cruising around with my pup. Rosa came to feed Robby and I and flipped me on my side for a while, looking better.

Wednesday… More of the same. It is well enough for me to get up tomorrow for a couple of hours, I'm so excited! Seth came over and we were trying to teach Robby to whisper.

Thursday was an awesome day. Robby and I have been so restless and ready to get up and get out of here and today was the day. The weather was perfect as we cruised through the lagoon, up to Bay St., Park and along Westcliff Drive. My friend Alex texted me and said that she was by the Dream Inn so I went down and we cruised to the lighthouse Museum, unfortunately my batteries were almost dead so I had to cruise home but we got to visit for a while and it was great to see her. I will see her again on Saturday for the Derby girls bout. I cruised home and just sat in my room for a while waiting for Teresa, cruised outside every once in a while because I just couldn't believe that it was actually up in my chair and just because I could. Teresa came in for me to bed and we just personal care. She brought me my favorite dinner from Charlie Hong Kong and sectioned it out for my diet, it was so good. She made a frittata with mushrooms and prosciutto, she gave me a sample and it tasted pretty awesome.

Friday I was stuck in bed again. Daniel came out with a new battery tester, it took a couple of hours but he found nothing. The day before I only got 5 miles out of my chair, that is ridiculous and almost not worth getting up for. Omar came by and brought me a garbage can that he made for me, it is so cool. Shauna came by to feed Robby and I. She brought some homemade potstickers that she made and they were awesome, I love potstickers.
Saturday was an awesome day. Our decided I was going to get up and run Robby around, we both really needed it. My cousin Kelly texted me and asked me if I would like to do something. I told her I would love to go to the Woof to Woof in Scotts Valley. A friend that I met a while back who has a CCI dog said that she was going and her friend who just graduated has a CCI dog, I told her I would love to go but I didn't have anybody to drive me. Kelly and I ended up going and it was so great to see Allison and her service dog Jim, Her husband Tim and her son… and meet Lisa and her service dog legacy. We have a nice visit and took some pictures and hopefully we can get together again soon. Kelley and I stopped off at a Mexican place in Scotts Valley and had some killer tacos. It was so nice to be out and I hated to come home and for the day to end. Shawna came by and put me to bed, sewed some draw sheets for me and took in some of my tank tops… I like the really long but they were all way too wide.

Sunday was another awesome day. I can't even express how great it is to be out of bed and out into the world again, the weather was perfect also. Shawna invited Kelly and I to the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum. I know there's beautiful places like this all over Santa Cruz but I don't how to find them. One of Shauna's clients lives right up by there so we drove the van to their house and walked, it is literally right across the street from their house and it is so gorgeous. We cruised around for a couple of hours and then came back and Kelly had a tick on her, I never thought about that. She freaked out a little, call Tom to come and take it off and then took a very long hot shower. When Teresa came in I had her check me over for tikcs also. Robby takes a pill once a month for ticks and he was clean also. We did some personal care and I FINALLY got to take a nice long hot bath, it felt so great I didn't want to get out but I was getting all pruney.

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betty said...

That was a pretty area to walk around, except for the ticks. That Woof to Woof looked fun too! I hope there will be more days out of bed than in over the next few weeks, Tammie, especially since summer is rapidly descending upon us.