Sunday, June 8, 2014

 Monday was a little cooler but still a great day, any day outside is better than being stuck in bed. I got up and took Robby on our forgotten regular cruise through the lagoon, down Westcliff Drive to the surf Museum, to the end of the wharf and back into the end of the boardwalk and back. Robby looked so happy to be cruising along and it was just great to be outside. I came home and rested for a bit and Rosie came to put me to bed.

Tuesday was another amazing day, up and out again and so happy. We went on our regular cruise but had to come back at 2 PM because they were delivering my suction machine. They say it takes about two hours for them to explain it but I think she was out of here within the half hour. Rosa came in and put me to bed, she did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath… I sure miss those baths when I couldn't take them.

I ended up staying in bed on Wednesday because Jack from numobility came in to take my chair for a spin to see how many miles you can get out of my battery. He was gone for a couple of hours and came back and said he went 7 miles but he thought he could've gone more, I think they're really trying to tell me that I just need to deal with what I have. Even 7 miles is hardly worth getting out, it's only a couple of hours of cruising around. It takes my caregiver three hours to get me up so I can cruise around for three hours and then come home and wait for six hours for my caregiver to show up?? That is not okay and as far as quality of life goes it sucks! I didn't have Rosa come in because I didn't get up and I hope that's not a huge mistake. I didn't go on my side in the morning and I was unable to do it in the evening, I'm so worried I'm going to be sorry.

Thursday I got up and out of here but it probably should've stayed in bed, it was a big mistake to not turn on my side on Wednesday because the pressure sores are back and now looks like I'll be stuck in bed until at least Tuesday, I'm so tired of this. Lisa came in because Karen went to Mexico for 10 days. It is going to suck to stay in bed but it's going to be nice to have Teresa and Lisa cleanout the rest of my garage and possibly some of the conference here in the house over the weekend. I just love it when everything is organized. Teresa came in on Thursday night and is in personal care but of course I'm back to no bath again until my pressure sores close up again. So frustrating…

Friday was another day stuck in bed. Teresa was going to take Omar and I to the succulent gardens in Moss Landing to get some plans for the front yard, I love going to the succulent gardens. Shauna came in and put me on my side for a while while she took Robby for a walk. The rest of the day I just watched TiVo and movies, I've been wanting to watch the Butler for a while so was my perfect opportunity. Very good movie but very frustrating. Teresa, Alex and I were going to go out to eat at Surfrider's Café and then go to the meet and greet at outfit this to meet the Derby girls, I was so excited. I hope they do it again sometime when I can get up and go.

Saturday… Another day of laying on my side in bed. Lisa came in to put me on my side and then Teresa came to help her finish cleaning the garage, it looks so good. I just love the one my house/closet is organized and clean. Shawna came in to suit me back out, I can only sit with my head up 10°, so I can at least control the TV and the heating/air-conditioning.

Sunday was a good day although I was still stuck in bed. Lisa came in to turn me on my site for a while and when she went back outside she came back in with my little praying mantis cocoon cage and they were crawling over inside, they finally hatched. They are so cute! She spread them around the yard and I can't wait to get up and see them, hopefully there will still be here by then. Teresa came in and we did some personal care but still no bath, man I miss those nice long hot baths.

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betty said...

How cute, Tammie, with the preying mantis! Must be fun to see them hatch! So sorry you are stuck in bed though; I can imagine that has to be terribly boring especially if you want to be out and about enjoying this beautiful weather we've been having.