Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas came and went so fast…

Monday was another day of staying in bed and wouldn't you know it was beautiful outside, while the sun was out anyway… I'm sure was still really really cold. Susan came by and gave me an awesome massage and then Teresa came by and we did some personal care, she was going to give me a bath but I still wasn't feeling very good and although about probably would've made me feel better I just feel like doing it. Last time I was sick Dr. Owens gave me this really killer cough syrup so I tried it again and ran out after two nights. I called in to see if I can get some more but I guess they didn't refill it before they closed, that stuff really knocked me out all day and if I'm going to be sick I would rather just sleep it off. The rest of the day I just relaxed and watched TV. My new Bose sound system was supposed to get here today but of course it didn't, and open gets here tomorrow while Teresa is here.

Tuesday was Christmas, I decided to stay in bed because I figured it would be cold and rainy outside… it was cold but the sun was out. Teresa came over and cooked an awesome meal for my mom and I. Roasted game ahead with lemon and Rosemary, roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and lemon, leek mashed potatoes and stuffing… needless to say it was amazing. She also made some butternut squash soup that we have for breakfast. I thought that was so cool that she came over on Christmas I made us so happy, she is the most thoughtful person I have ever met. I was still not feeling very great but my mom went over to my uncle and aunts and play cribbage… I slept.

Wednesday I was still not feeling very good so after we did personal-care Teresa was going to give me a bath and take me up to the doctors. My doctor is on vacation and since Teresa used to work for my doctor all we usually have to do is tell her what I need and she fills the prescription but since she wasn't there the doctor filling in for her said I needed to come to the office and be examined. By the time I was done with my bath I was feeling even worse so I decided it's not worth the 2 hours to get dressed, go to the doctor's office in the cold and freezing weather and 2 hours to get undressed and back into bed. Hopefully by tomorrow I will fill better. Rosa came by and fixed me up with NyQuil and  and mentholated ointment, it really helped a lot. She put some underneath my nose and put some on a towel and put it in the dryer, I'm going to have to remember that.

Thursday was a really great day. Susan came in the morning and gave me a really nice massage. Teresa came and we did some personal care while she put my new home theater system together and set it up, it didn't quite work so we had to call my brother David who fixed it almost immediately… he does that. We were so excited about the home theater system working that we didn't realize the remote and all the other functions were not working so we called him back and of course he fixed it instantly. I have such awesome group around me. Heather came over and cooked an amazing meal for Teresa and I… lobster, asparagus, portobello mushrooms and fingerling potatoes, needless to say we all ended up in a awesome food coma. Everyone went home and I watched Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, it was a really good movie and a nice relaxing way to end a great day.

Friday was a really cold day. My plan was to get up and take Robby for a really long cruise, he really needed it, but that didn't happen. It was 40° outside and I'm just getting over a cold so I just couldn't do it. Teresa stayed and got a lot of stuff done so that felt good, my room is starting to get really cluttered and messy again. It's so nice to have my home theater system working again. I just relaxed all day and watched Teresa work. She took Robby up to Bayview elementary school and he ran around in the soccer field for a while so I feel better, it would have been even nicer if there was another dog up there to play with but he got some exercise and I'm sure release some tension. Tomorrow I will take him for a long cruise although it's probably not going to be any warmer. I called my aunt to tell her that Heather got the  prime rib roast for dinner Saturday night and she asked if we wanted to play cribbage so I said sure. Right before they came over to play Stanley, Janet and Corinne showed up so we all played cribbage until Robert and David showed up and they played also.

Saturday the weather wasn't too bad. I got up early and headed up to the Dominican medical foundation clinic, Dr. Owens was working today. My sore throat was almost gone but now the sinuses on the left half of my face hurt and my head was pounding, I am tired of this and I want something serious to get rid of it. They open at 10 AM and I was there a little bit after that but ended up waiting until about 1 PM, I went there a couple of weeks ago and I didn't even have to wait 5 min. so I thought I might get lucky again. When I came back everybody was pretty much just waking up and they had already eaten, my brother fixed me breakfast, and we unwrapped the rest of our Christmas presents. We hung out for a while and then went across the street to eat dinner. Besides the prime rib roast that Heather got and seasoned for us, which was awesome by the way, we had twice baked potatoes, asparagus and cauliflower. We came over here to play cards for a while and my aunt made this awesome dessert, it was bread pudding made out of Costco's killer cinnamon bread. I am really going to have to go back on my diet Monday, I'm afraid to weigh myself.
Sunday was a really great day. I don't know where my aunt gets these recipes but she made 2 more killer breakfast recipes. One had sausage, eggs and cheese… it was a casserole and man was it awesome. The other one was another cinnamon bread dish… also awesome. I start my diet again tomorrow. Robert, Corinne and I went to the movies to see Les Miserables… I have always wanted to see it but never did and I really liked it. The 1st movie in a long time that I didn't fall asleep for at least 10 min. in, Robert and Corinne loved it also. We got home and visited a little more and then Rosa came to put me to bed and my family went home. What a great weekend!

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That corgi :) said...

Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling very well, Tammie. Seems to be that time of year with lots of sicknesses. Hope you are all better very soon!! As always, so much yummy food you have pictures of! All look so delicious!

I hope 2013 is a great year for you and yours! Happy New Year!