Sunday, January 6, 2013

The beginning of a new year…

Monday was a really good day. I got to sleep in till 8 AM, a whole hour but it felt great. Susan came and gave me a nice relaxing massage. Karen came back from vacation, it was great to have her back. She came in early to give Robby a bath and cut his toenails. Personal care took about 4 1/2 hours, Karen was still here when Rosa came in. Rosa gave me a nice long hot bath and I just went back to bed to relax for the evening, glad I was in downtown or on the boardwalk because I heard it was CRAZY down there.

Tuesday was an awesome 1st day of the new year. I got up and took Robby for a really long cruise, we both needed it. I was just going to go down past the lighthouse to the 2nd doggie beach and I heard somebody from across the street calling my name… it was Risa. She called me a couple of weeks ago and I meant to call or e-mail her back and I forgot, it is always so great to see her. She said she had Robby's grandma, Pugent (I probably spelled that wrong) and 2 other puppies that she was babysitting. I thought it would be really awesome to get a picture of all the puppies with the ocean in the background so I decided to cruise all the way down to natural Bridges speech, I think we figure that's about 7 miles from here. I got down there and looked around but I didn't see them so we headed back thinking we would run into them on the way but we didn't. It was starting to get cold in my hand kept slipping off the joystick so I tried to get home as fast as possible. I ran into my aunt and uncle on the way home and they asked if we wanted to play cribbage tonight and I said of course. Teresa waxed my face and put me to bed when they came over and we played cribbage, my mom was my partner and we didn't do so good… we'll get them next time.

Wednesday was just another perfect day. Robby and I cruised through the lagoon, past the lighthouse and back, to the end of the wharf and back and through the boardwalk and back. Of course stopping several times to lay back and just watch the ocean, it looks so beautiful but is so dangerous. I often think about how tragic it would be if I just had one little slip and ended up at the bottom, nothing and no one could save me. I still get a little scared going to close but it's so beautiful I can't help myself. I didn't want to come back home but it was time to go to bed. I think I had a panic attack because as soon as I got into bed I started sweating and freezing at the same time, I hate that because I don't know what to do. Break out the blow dryer and dry my shirt and take a Xanax, it seemed to work. I wish I knew what caused them but I  thank God I have a pill to cure them.
Thursday was another spectacular day. Robby and I cruised through the lagoon and down past the lighthouse. It was a little cooler than yesterday but I still love laying back in my chair by the lighthouse Museum, watching the waves crash on the rocks and listening to the seals. I ran into Kristof, he just turned 80 and he rides his bike all the way down to natural Bridge's speech and back pretty much every day. On the way back I ran into Melanie, she works for mosquito abatement. I ran into her couple of years ago at the lagoon and I asked her about getting some mosquito fish for my pond and every once in a while she delivers it to my house, she is so sweet. It usually doesn't take very long before the raccoons figure out I have them and tear my pond up and eat them but I'm sure they eat some of the larvae. I came back home and Teresa brought over noodles from Charlie Hong Kong, my new favorite is pad Thai noodles with garlic tofu and problems… we always get a side of steamed vegetables also. I went to bed and rested for the rest of the night and watched Ted, it was pretty funny.

Friday was a really long day but we made a lot of progress. Susan came over and gave me a massage and then Teresa came to do personal care, shave and give me a nice long hot bath. It looks like my room hadn't been cleaned for a while so she cleaned it really good and it looked great. What movie should I watch tonight? Now that I got my bones home stereo system back up again I am dying to watch movies, it sounds fabulous.

Saturday was a good day although it was really cold. I got up and Adriana took me over to Costco, I can't believe I finally found somebody who likes to go to Costco as much as I do. I came back and I was going to run Robby around for a little while but it was just too cold. My aunt came over and wanted to watch a movie so her, my mom and I watched Hope Springs. I watched it the other day and really liked it a lot but I pay more attention to the movie when I watch it with other people, otherwise I'm on the computer at the same time and I miss a lot. We all liked it very much. Rosa came over and put me to bed and I just tried to warm up and relax for the rest of the evening. I swear if it's cold and raining tomorrow I'm not getting up.

Sunday it was really really cold so I decided to just stay in bed, I wouldn't have made it outside very long anyway. As it turned out I wish I would have gotten up because Robby ran out of food and I could have gone with Adriana to Scotts Valley to get him some more, that's the closest place we have found to get it… Robby and I both like to go for a ride. Last night I was really really really cold but today I have the air conditioner and the overhead fan turned on day long. I was going to lay in bed and watched movies all day but I ended up just sleeping, I guess now I can watch the movies tonight? I want our warm weather back again, I miss the days when I can take off in the morning and not come back until it's time to go to bed… just cruise around Santa Cruz all day.

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That corgi :) said...

I know, Tammie; I'm hoping for warmer weather again too; seems cooler this winter than last. Does seem like you had a good week; glad you were able to get out and take Robby for that nice long walk; I'm sure he enjoyed it!