Sunday, January 27, 2013

Awesome weather...

Monday Susan still wasn't feeling very well so I probably won't see her until next Monday, she is going on vacation this Thursday. Karen came in and we did some personal care and I just decided to stay in bed all day anyway, the day went by fast but it really did feel good. Rosa came by to give me a bath but I was so comfortable I didn't want to move so were going to do it tomorrow, I can't believe I turned down a bath but I just wanted to relax.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. As soon as I acknowledge how great the weather is of course it starts cooling down. I went up to Sunshine Villa to get a Manicure/PedicureAnd thought the weather was going to heat up a little bit because it was supposed to be 70° today, it wasn't 70° today. By the time I got out it was comfortable but not really warm. Rosa came early today to give me a bath and boy did it feel good. Susan was still not feeling very well so we thought it was better she can come over. I'm not going to see her until next Monday so I might be taking a lot of hot baths. Of course by the time I got to bed and set up I already have one of my fingernails chewed off, I HATE when they get an even and I just can't stop myself. The bath was awesome and I just relaxed the rest of the night. I forgot that tomorrow they're going to come and change out my DirecTV box so everything that I have TiVoed will be gone so I better get cracking, this time I was smart and copy down all of the shows that I TiVo… thanks Karen. I'm sitting here and I looked on the front porch and noticed a bunch of flashing red lights, that's never good. My mom said there was a cop car, an ambulance and a fire truck at the end of the street. There is a super steep hill and people just insist on riding their bikes down the hill and I would say a quarter of them never make it, but doesn't seem to be anything that anybody can do about it and it breaks my heart to watch it happen week after week. Vicente came by and put the light post in my yard, I had one at the end of my driveway on each post and somebody came along and slugged it right off so I decided to put it in my yard where hopefully nobody can get at it. I think it looks really good and I can't wait to decorate next Christmas.

Wednesday it started to get cold again, so much for our awesome weather. The cable guy came at 8 o'clock to change out the receiver in my room for one that can record more and has more space. In order to do that she had to configure each one in the house, I have 5 of them, and it took him 2 hours so Wednesday was pretty much a wash as far as getting up and getting out BUT at least I got my new receiver. For some reason I just couldn't stay awake and pretty much slept the whole day. Rosa came in at 4 PM and fed me and I just wanted to go back to sleep, we were supposed to play cards at 7 PM and I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to stay awake but I did. Not only did I stay awake but I made $6 with my mom as my partner. I figured since I slept all day that I wouldn't sleep at night but I slept all night also, that is awesome and almost never happens.

Thursday personal-care took a lot longer than we thought and I think it rained all day long so another day in bed, both Robby and I are getting really stir crazy.  Tomorrow we are definitely out of here early.  And I had a big event so she brought me over some enchiladas for dinner, I can't wait to break into those.  She also brought over some Spanish rice and some coleslaw.  I am so lucky to have Heather around to cook for me, she is awesome.

Friday was a great day. I got up and took Robby for an extra long cruise. I had an appointment and I was going to cruise down there with Robby but he was pretty tired, sometimes I forget what a great workout running alongside the chair is for Robby. We went to Hanger and got my new braces, these ones are much more streamlined and shorter, I can't wait to start wearing my real shoes and boots. Teresa and I decided to go to CafĂ© Cruz for lunch, I had been there once before and wanted to try the calamari sandwich but I was unable to so that's what I thought about all day… of course we were at the wrong time and it wasn't on the menu. I got a steak sandwich on garlic bread and Caesar salad, it was awesome. Teresa got a hamburger and fries and her hamburger also looked awesome… definitely a place to go back to. We came home and Teresa worked really hard around here to make it look nice for my family, I need to make a schedule so that everything starts getting done again. I went to bed and relaxed for a while. It was a good day!

Saturday was both a good and a bad day. It was a bad day because I ended up staying in bed and was so beautiful outside, I kept getting really bad chills and then you could see some kind of white cloudy stuff come out of my bladder… I don't know if it's just some sort of bladder sluf, bladder stones or something else. It was a good day because my little brother Dave flew in from Georgia to stay until Thursday. We always have so much fun but the time goes by way too fast. I sent Rosa home because I know she had a house full of family that she had to leave and I didn't want to stop visiting with my brother. My uncle Dick came over and we ordered pizza and honey barbecued wings and just sat around and visited, it was so nice. As everybody was getting ready to go to bed the electricity went off, this time for about a half an hour. Thank goodness I have a generator for my room.

Sunday was a really great day. My high school friend Lisa and her daughter Tiffany came by to visit for a while. All during high school Lisa had a crush on David and I think the feeling was mutual but nothing ever happened, I think her crush is renewed after seeing him again and she said also her daughter has a crush on him. He is so funny, caring and just an all-around great guy to be around. After Lisa and Tiffany left we went over to my aunt and uncles to have spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. It was Luana's birthday and everybody had such a great time. I used to never appreciate kids very much but I sure like being around them now, they're just so funny. I came back and Rosa put me to bed. I'm so glad that somebody talked me into writing something down every day because I love going back and reminiscing every once in a while, without the blogger probably wouldn't remember anything.

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That corgi :) said...

It is good to go back and read what you have been doing, Tammie. I know I like to do that because as I get older, I forget some of the things so re-reading them helps bring them alive again so to speak. I hope you have a great visit with your brother! Sounds like you have a great relationship with him!