Sunday, January 13, 2013

I hope it's warmer this week…

Monday was an okay day. Karen and Teresa came in to take down the Christmas decorations, the house always looks really empty after the holidays. Susan came in to give me a massage. I was mentioning on Facebook that I wanted to find some redwood rounds or some redwood stumps for my porch and she said that they have a bunch of fallen redwoods on their property and she would ask her husband if he would cut some for me, I was so excited! I have always loved redwood trees. Karen stayed to do some personal care and Rosa came in to give me a bath but there was some weird green dental floss looking string and unit out of my SP tube site so we decided we better wait, Teresa will be here tomorrow. One time I have this weird bump on my elbow and I thought maybe it was from rubbing on my chair and it got infected, one of my caregivers was poking at it and this little metal arrow looking thing popped out. I took pictures of it and send to Dr. Hentz, he did tendon transfer surgery on my arms a couple of years before. She said it was a suture anchor that they missed, kind of freaky but no harm. The rest of the evening I just relaxed and watched Dr. Phil. Heather came over and made some killer crab and corn chowder.

Tuesday was such a great day. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get up because once again personal-care took along time. I was supposed to go to Claudia's shop and get a manicure/pedicure but I didn't get up in time. The weather was gorgeous. Robby and I cruised through the lagoon and up past the Light House and back, I didn't want to come back because the weather was so gorgeous but it was time for Teresa to come and put me to bed. My aunt came over with Luanna and Melia, they are just cuter every time I see them. They got a couple of stick unicorns from the Happy Dragon, I LOVE that place. My uncle introduced me to it and I love going there, always such great stuff and great bargains. I went to bed and found me a Gumby costume for next Halloween and looked up how to diet Robby orange so he can be pokey, I can't wait until next Halloween.

Wednesday I just decided to take a bath and go back to bed, it's just so cold outside sometimes I just can't do it. I just got over being sick and there's a nasty flu going around and I don't want to catch it. It was nice to take a really nice long hot bath, that always relaxes me. I watched some TV and played on the computer. Heather came over and cooked a bunch of stuff, it smelled so amazing in here I wasn't sure what to eat 1st so I went with fish, roasted brussels sprouts and spinach. She also made some mustard chicken, one of my all-time favorites. And cooked some sausages and I know some wheat berries the rest I can't remember but everything she makes is just so delicious. Lee and Claudia, my uncle and aunt and my mom and I played cribbage tonight, I won a dollar. My uncle came in with his new motorcycle jacket and shoes that he got at the cancer store. I think the jacket and shoes were worth a couple hundred dollars and begot them for $20 each, I really miss going to the store AND it's right down the street from the Happy Dragon so usually make a day out of it.

Thursday was really cold but we went on a nice long cruise anyway. Through the lagoon, past the surfers Museum, down to the end of the wharf and back and home. I have an appointment at 2 PM with Hanger prosthetics to get new braces made for my feet/legs and the trimmed down my back brace. I will be back in normal shoes/boots had no time. We stopped at Charlie Hong Kong's on the way back and got our usual and brought it home to eat, I try to make myself only eat half and save the other half for breakfast with kimchi. Teresa Put me to bed and I watched TV for the rest of the evening.

Friday was a nice relaxing day. The sun came out but it was really cold, I'm glad I stayed inside and in bed. Susan came over and gave me a nice relaxing massage, I think I was falling asleep when she left. Karen came in with a picture of my front fence and was kind of worried, somebody wrote in the Frost “I love Tammie” She thought that maybe I had a stalker. It turns out Susan wrote it so we all felt better. Karen did some personal care and I got to relax and watch American horror story: Asylum, I love that show. Lexi came over, I haven't seen her for a long time. We visited for a while and she watched some of the show with me, it was really nice because I having been able to hang out with her for a long time. My aunt came over and said that they were making hamburgers, my aunt and uncle make the best hamburgers so of course I couldn't turn it down. They also made fried potatoes and broccoli, I passed on the broccoli stuffed myself miserably with the hamburger and potatoes. Lexi says that she hasn't seen Chasing Mavericks yet, I can't believe that. I got these little bun makers on Amazon and they are really cool and easy to put on, they also make your hair wavy.

Saturday was a really exciting day although I ended up staying in bed. Adriana was about an hour and a half late and by the time I had given up on her and have my mom feed Robby she showed up. Vicente came by to take the outside Christmas decorations down, everything looks so bare now. Bob came by and brought my new furniture, he does such a fantastic job… everything looks gorgeous and matches what I already have. His wife came by to take some measurements to make some questions for the bench seat and some pillows for the back.

Sunday was another relaxing day in bed although I'm getting really tired of staying in bed, it's just too cold to go outside. This morning my sinuses were hurting and there's a nasty flu going around so for now I need to stay where it's warm and dry, except for the humidifier. Adriana came in and took Robby for a cruise to the lagoon, I always feel better when Robby gets a little bit of exercise. My uncle and aunt came over and we all played cards, I lost a dollar. I watched a movie called Pitch Perfect, actually I think I watched maybe half of it and I couldn't take it anymore. I started to watch the latest Step Up but that it didn't even get that far. I started watching a series called Nashville and I really like that. When it's cold outside sometimes it's just nice to stay inside and watch movies.

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That corgi :) said...

Wise idea Tammie to stay in bed and warm; it is supposed to heat up a bit down here after Wednesday, but its been COLD here too! You are right, the flu is a bad one this year so better safe than sorry!

I too never like how the house looks after the decorations come down.