Sunday, December 9, 2012

Finally my new chair is here…

 Monday was a pretty good day, I thought it was going to rain but it was pretty nice outside. Susan came by in the morning to give me a massage, it always feels so great. Karen came in at 10 AM and filed down Robby's toenails for me, the other day she was getting something that I dropped and I could feel it is really sharp toenails on my chest so it was time.  We didn't have very much personal care to do so I had the afternoon to relax. Rosa came in and since I was already in bed there really wasn't a lot to do so I told her to just walk around and check out the house and familiarize herself with everything. She was in the garage for a while and came back and said that she rearranged everything, that is so awesome. I need somebody around here to straighten and organize everything and it looks like she loves doing that. She said she wanted to battle the pantry cupboards next, I don't think they have been organized for at least a year.

Tuesday was an awesome day, a day after waiting for for a long time… I finally got my new chair. I am excited to get a new chair but I've had the other one for 5 years and I know where everything is and it's a different driving system so often go slow for a couple of days but I knew eventually I will love it, Roger loves his. It not only has tiedown holes attached to it for the van and the bus but it also has headlights and tail lights, turn signals and even hazard lights. It was Teresa's birthday so I hated to drag her along with me but she said she didn't mind. I have a coupon from living social for a restaurant called Pearl of the ocean, the food was excellent and the people in there were so nice.  I had kale with coconut, eggplant with bell peppers, rice and nan dipped in what tasted like butter and garlic.  I was so bummed when I realized that we forgot to take pictures, I always try to take pictures when we go out…next time I will remember. There was an older lady sitting at the table next to us and she came over to peak at Robby, I think her daughter since she was like 90 years old. I wasn't paying attention but I saw her come back out of the corner of my eye and she was giving Robby something to eat, I didn't even have time to yell and I was kind of afraid to yell at her but I explained to her that he doesn't get anything except his dog food and she felt really bad… I feel bad for making her feel bad. We came home and Teresa put me to bed and she straightened up and did a bunch of stuff around here, my house is going to be so organized between Teresa and Rosa… I am in heaven. Vicente also came by this morning and did a bunch of projects that I needed to have done, it is so nice to have him around because it seems like he can do anything and he just sees something and does it. It's really starting to look like Christmas around here and I can't believe how lucky and happy I am.

 Wednesday didn't turn out to be such a good day. I got up because Lisa from Stanford was coming by to see my progress on the exercise study, I was so happy that she was impressed. I know I have noticed a big difference since I started doing the exercises so I was excited for her to see the difference. My stomach was really bloated and making a lot of really loud noises and it really was uncomfortable so I just had Karen put me back to bed up. I did get to take Robby for a short cruise before it started raining. After I went back to bed it basically rained or sprinkle the rest of the day so I don't feel so bad. I was going over my checklist of what I would need to have a perfect life and I think I am just about there. A beautiful home in Santa Cruz, a brand-new van, a brand-new chair, an awesome service dog, awesome friends and family, a great chef to cook for me and an exercise program that's making me stronger… basically a perfect life. Rosie came in at about 4:30 PM and took care of Robby, took him to go to the bathroom and fed him and then took care of me. I love the way she just buzzes around and find stuff to do, she is awesome and there's another lucky thing in my life… awesome caregiver's. My uncle and aunt, Lee and Claudia and my mom and I played cribbage, I think we played 3 or 4 games and everybody broke even. My uncle brought over his famous popcorn, he makes the best popcorn ever, and some artichoke and jalapeno dip with Ritz crackers… I swear if I hung out with these people more I wouldn't be able to fit my new chair anymore but they are all fun to have around. I watched Dr. Phil and thought about how nice it would be to sleep, I haven't been able to sleep lately except in the morning when Karen is getting dressed. I wonder if it's because she rolls me on my side and it's so comfortable, when I'm in my chair in my bed I am always on my back. Of course Robby never has any problems sleeping and I hear the snores and the yelping to prove it.

 Thursday was a pretty good day. Susan couldn't make it for my massage so I decided to just stay in bed anyway and sleep it, Karen came in at 9 AM and got me something to the and the rest of the day was pretty much personal care.  Melissa came by and painted my Windows for Christmas, she does such a beautiful job. Karen went around and took pictures of everything that we haven't taken pictures of yet. Teresa came by at 3 PM to wax Karen and I and then she shaved me and then I got a really nice long hot bath, that is a great day. Heather made this really awesome chicken stuffed with prosciutto and cheese with a cream sauce, it was really good, I had that with some wheat berries and greens, mushrooms and some Apple Pear pie.

 Friday turned out to be a really great day. I got up and cruised through the lagoon and up Westcliff with Robby. The weather was just gorgeous and the ocean was so beautiful, I watched a lady paddle board across the ocean in the sun… what a great feeling that must be. As I was passing by the surf Museum I heard a bird, it didn't sound like a regular wild bird and I mentioned it to a guy that I was talking to and he agreed. We looked up and saw white and brown cockatiel just screaming, he must've gotten away and I'm sure he was really scared. He flew from the lighthouse Museum across the street to the trees and the poor little guy was still in the same place screaming when I came back by… I wish I could've done something for him. As I was coming back down the hill I went across the street and all of a sudden my chair was just barely moving. A car stopped to let me go through the crosswalk and I had to turn around and go back, it would've taken me too long to cross the street. I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my chair, pushing buttons and turning it off and on when the couple came by and asked me if I needed help. I was really frustrated and I just told him that my chair was hardly moving so the guy stood in the street and stop traffic so I could cross, some people are so sweet. I made it halfway across to the island and thanked him and they went on their way.  All of a sudden the chair started moving like it's supposed to start finish crossing the street and started to cross the wooden bridge and I could hear something dragging in the back of the chair, it sounded like plastic. Whatever it was I didn't want to ruin it so I was going to text Teresa and have her come and rescue me when a guy came by on his bike and asked me if I needed help.  He could hear something dragging but couldn't tell what it was, another guy stopped and figured it out and snap something back on the chair. The 1st time I take my chair out and this is what happens?? I'm starting to lose faith. I made the rest of the way home with no more problems and Teresa gave me something to eat and put me to bed, I was ready for bed. This new chair uses a whole set of new muscles, that plus new exercises that Lisa brought me to do yesterday… my arms were exhausted.

Saturday turned out to be a lot colder than I expected. I got up and got dressed with the help of Sonia, I'm really going to miss her but I'm so glad that she got a good job. I can't believe that people are complaining about the Christmas train making too much noise. I don't remember seeing it before but I saw it today and it was so cool. They tried to cross the street and my chair slowed way down again so luckily I went back to the sidewalk and as I looked down the tracks there was the train, I'm not sure I would've made it across the tracks with my chair going so slow. As the train passed I saw all the gorgeous lights and decorations and it just makes you smile. As it went by of course everybody waved at Robby and I noticed that snow was coming out from the sides of the train, how cool is that?? You just can't be in a bad mood after seeing the Christmas train and all the kids waving at you. I cruised back home because it was just too cold, we had a nice cruise through the lagoon, the wharf and the boardwalk. Rosa came by and put me to bed and then my uncle and aunt came over to play cards with my mom and I, my mom and I were partners… let's say we had fun, that's what it's all about right?

Sunday turned out to be such a beautiful day. We had some friends coming to visit from San Jose, they live in the same mobile home park that we used to live in. It was really great to see them and they are always so nice to be around. We visited for a while and ordered pizza, I can't remember the last time I had pizza and it was awesome. There's a local place here called Woodstock Pizza and I think they have the best pizza around. I used my gift card that I got from Jerry's family, that was such a sweet thing to do.  Rosa came over to give me a bath and put me to bed, it sure felt great AND I get to sleep in tomorrow and get a massage.


That corgi :) said...

All wonderful pictures of your decorations Tammie!! Definitely festive in your neck of the woods! How neat too that you can look at your life and say it is perfect; lots of us haven't quite gotten there yet! Glad your new chair arrived; sounds like a good one too with what it can do!


Anonymous said...

I was reading your blog,cause I stumbbled upon it through a childhood friend of mine John Gleason, Anyway I couldn't stop reading it,,Your so strong like john,even more!,,very inspireing,,your story should be told. I grew up with John, so as I was growing(we), I overlooked his handycap, as he did, we were just friends as everyone else was.
It wasn't untill our teens did I start to see all the opsticales he faced everyday, But over came them, cause "he was used to it", he taught me nver to take things for granted,everyday is a gift.
You have that same great additude, and as I read, your disablity came later inlife then his,,your amazingly a strong women!,,
God Bless you!
Just had to say something, I'm not very good with words!
I'll continue to read your story,as you continue to write your life in words!


Chippertue said...

Hi Larry, thank you so much for all of your kind words. John definitely has a great friend.
I had the pleasure of meeting John a couple of years ago and he is so full of life and so fun to be around, he just keeps you laughing all the time. Take care and enjoy your life.