Sunday, December 23, 2012

I believe the rain is finally here…

 Monday was a great day. It's really nice to stay inside and in bed when it's raining all day. Susan came and gave me a really nice massage, that always feels great. Karen came in early to clean out the outdated stuff from my secret…shhhh… snack cupboard. I've been trying to eat some of the nuts every night to raise my good cholesterol. We did some personal care and Karen hung up some really cool blanket lights in the hallway. I got to rest for a while and then my brother logged into my computer and fixed a couple things and downloaded a program to publish my website.

Tuesday wasn't a very good day and it was really cold and windy, the kind of day I wish I could just stay in bed.  For some reason the last couple of days I have just been really bloated and there's nothing I can do about it. My barely fit around my stomach and when we got it cinched up my stomach was bulging out over the top. I got up and went outside to see how cold it actually was and I could hear water shooting up the side of the house, something froze and broke. I cruised across the street to see if my uncle was home because he would know what to do but of course he wasn't.  Karen was here but it looked like you had to walk right in the middle of where the water was shooting up to turn off the water so of course nobody wanted to do that.  Karen got a stick and tried to do it that way but that wasn't working either, I didn't know what to do. I was about ready to call Vicente when I noticed a truck pulling up in front of the house, it was Otis. It is always so nice to see Otis but boy was I glad to see him right then, of course he jumped right in the middle of the water and turned it off… my hero. I had an appointment to get a manicure and pedicure so I rushed over there in the freezing cold. Samantha did a really cool design that she saw on Pinterest, all red with a Santa belt buckle on the middle finger. When I got out of there I think it was even colder and windier so I rushed home where Teresa had my electric drill plugged in and ready to warm me up.  Heather was in here cooking so of course it smelled wonderful. Teresa put me to bed and I just relaxed the rest of the evening, it was so nice to be warm and tucked in bed.
 Wednesday was just too cold. I was still really bloated so I decided to stop drinking coffee for a couple days and see if that's what's wrong, I really love my coffee. Personal care took longer than we expected so I ended up not getting up which didn't break my heart at all but I feel bad for Robby. I have a couple of errands that I needed to run so it's nice to be able to duck inside somewhere warm while we are cruising around but I just had to make phone calls instead. Today was Sonia's last day but I texted her and told her that she didn't have to come in because I was already in bed, there's not really much to do when I don't get up. I had some mustard chicken, some kale and some mashed potatoes and Karen took off for her vacation.  Karen brought me some new slippers and some awesome peppermint cookies for Christmas, I was hoping to try my slippers on today but I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow, they look really warm. It will be nice to just rest for the rest of the day and evening. Vicente came by and put the part in my dishwasher so hopefully now it works, everybody will be so thrilled. Sonia came by to get her last check and say goodbye, I'm going to miss that girl. She got 2 other jobs so she is going to be very busy. One already started and the other one starts the day after Christmas.

Thursday turned out to be a really great day. Teresa got me up and we had to be at Stanford at 11 AM for my post exercise program data gathering and final testing. I'm definitely going to keep up the exercises because it's great to see the progress that I have made, everybody doing the testing was also impressed. We didn't have time to eat so I grabbed a breakfast croissant and Theresa grabbed a breakfast sandwich and we put hashbrowns on them, they were so good. Of course there was a delay on Highway 17 so we got there about 10 min. late but we called her and told her. The testing took about 4 hours and the stick these little wires in my arm to test how all my muscles are doing the work. After that Teresa and I went Ramen House Ryowa for lunch… well dinner I guess. The food was AWESOME, we are definitely going back there. We were full and happy and as we drove by Los Gatos on 17 we could see the lights in the park from the Fantasy of Lights display at Vasona park so we decided to go check it out, I haven't been there for probably 20 years. They have a really beautiful display in the park and you turn on your radio and listen to beautiful music as you're cruising through it. We came home and Teresa put me to bed.

Friday was a wonderful day. Heather had some tickets for the Monterey Bay aquarium so she invited Teresa and I to go with her. When we started out it was raining but by the time we got to Monterey this on was trying to come out and it was beautiful. When we went to the bird habitat room a man came rushing over and said “you can't come in here with the dog, I need to call security”. I was really startled and didn't know what to do so I just left, both Teresa and Heather offered to watch Robby while I went in and checked it out but I kind of wanted everybody to go in side just left. As we were leaving the security guard came up to me and said “I'm really sorry about the volunteer, they want to do such a good job that sometimes they get a little overzealous”. He said that they just want a security guard in case the dog is not a real CCI dog, of course I don't want any dogs to attack the birds. He opened the door for us, walked through with us and let us out at the other end without incident. Robby didn't really pay that much attention to anything there except one penguin who looked like he was trying really hard to get out, Robby and him came nose to nose a couple of times and we got a pretty good picture but there was a guy there like a perfect picture. I wish he would have offered to send it to me or something because I was perfect. We looked at practically everything on every floor of the Monterey Bay aquarium and then we went to go find a place to eat. One of Heather's favorite restaurants was Paradiso Trattoria so we decided to eat there and nobody was disappointed. Everybody was so nice, we had a gorgeous view and they offered to give Robby some water. We got some abalone appetizers that were amazing, actually the whole meal was amazing. I got salmon stuffed with lobster and spinach, mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. Teresa got seafood risotto and Heather got seafood paella. We came back exhausted but had a really great day. Thank you Heather!!

Saturday was really wet and really cold. I got up and running really needed to get out and get some exercise so we did. I didn't go anywhere near the lagoon because I'm sure it was was a muddy mess. We cruised around  depot park a couple of times and then decided to brave it and just head on over to the wharf, the nice thing is that there wasn't a lot of people around… I'm sure they're all downtown or at the mall doing their last-minute Christmas shopping. It's still hard for me to believe that Christmas is just a couple days away. Last night I could feel something in my throat and now my throat is really sore and my head  is stuffed up, I've been so good about staying away from cold and flu's but I think I'm about to give you… maybe it was that flu shot I got? We got back home and we were soaked so we hung around for a while and dried off and Dave called and said my van is finished, he called me yesterday and said that the installer forgot to put the new woofers in my van when they did the installation. Robby and I cruised over there and it was really nice until we got there and it started pouring. Teresa met us there and she showed us a few tricks to run the new system and we headed home to go to bed, I was freezing. It was all wrapped up with my electric throw and keeping warm, it felt great. My aunt and uncle came over to put together my mom's desk and set up her new computer, you got to be about 8 o'clock so I assume that we weren't going to play cards and then my uncle came down to set everything up. Out of $5 and only ended up with one and I was so exhausted I couldn't keep my eyes open, I fell asleep right after I just woke up a little while ago, it's 5:30 AM… that felt great. Teresa made some fried noodles and kimchi out of the leftovers from the Ramen noodle place, it was so good.

Sunday I really didn't feel good at all so I decided to just stay in bed, it was cold and rainy all day anyway. Adriana came over for a while and said Robby and I and did a few things around here and then went home, she was probably glad to get off early. I took some codeine cough syrup and pretty much slept all day long. My hand came over and helped my mom set up the rest of her computer. It was a nice relaxing day.

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