Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's going to start getting busy around here, I love it…

 Monday I wanted to make sure that I got everything done because on Tuesday Sherry, whom I have known since 5th grade, is going to stay here for a couple of days and I am so excited. Marica is going to come by on Wednesday and we're all going to go to breakfast, I think Marica I have known for a little bit longer. I met them both when I lived in the Santa Cruz mountains, Marica was one of my neighbors when I lived on Loma Prieta Ave. It is going to be great  to catch up with them, we keep in touch on Facebook but it's not the same. Heather came by and took Robby for a cruise so he doesn't get so wound up. Today is my birthday, I can't believe I am 51 years old. I remember when I thought 30 was old… that must make me ancient.  Lisa called me today from Stanford, she is the one who's doing the research and exercise program after the tendon transfer surgery. It has taken her a while to get another grant for some more research but she finally got one and called me to see if I wanted to participate, of course I do. It starts in July. For breakfast I had scrambled eggs and chorizo. I had some tea and a carrot cake cupcake for lunch.
 Tuesday was such a great day. After I got up I went into the bagelry with my  aunt and her 2 little granddaughters, they are so cute. We decided to cruise over to see what movies were playing and as I was crossing the street a lady smiled at me and said “hi Tammie” I said hello and nice to see you because she looked familiar but I didn't know from where. And then she said “Marica” and I looked at the other side of the street and there she was, my friend and neighbor that I grew up with. What an awesome surprise and what a small world. I knew she was going to be in town and we were supposed to have breakfast with her the next day. We went on downtown towards the theater and I heard somebody else say “hi Tammie” today must've been my lucky day. It was Michael, I haven't seen Michael for a long time. We didn't get a chance to stop and talk but it was great to see him. We checked out the movie theater and then came on home, the girls were cranky and needed A nap and so did I. Robby and I rested for a bit and then went for a cruise through the lagoon and back. We sat outside in the sun for a while and my friend Sheri came, she was going to stay with me for a couple of days. I met Sherry in 5th grade and we were fast friends through and after high school, we went to college together for a while and then I moved away and we lost touch for a while but thanks to Facebook we are in touch again. Teresa came by and took us to this awesome Thai food place. We came back and Teresa put me to bed at Sherry and I visited for a while. For breakfast  I had chicken Castroville and chard, for dinner I had pad Thai noodles with everything.
 Wednesday was a really great day. I got up and got dressed and left Robby here to take a bath while Sheri and I cruised down to Zachary's to meet Marica for breakfast. The food was really good but the company was awesome. We reminisced and looked at some pictures for a very long time, it brought back so many great memories. We were so lucky to be able to grow up in the Santa Cruz mountains. Marica had to get back to her family and it was really sad to see her go. Sheri and I cruised back to get Robby and then cruised through the lagoon, I was a little nervous but I drove my chair over the water part of the boardwalk because I wanted Sheri to see how gorgeous it was. We went down to the end of the wharf and back but then had to get home because Teresa was sick so Karen had to put me back to bed, Karen got me up this morning so I'm sure she was pretty tired.  I have been telling Sheri about the creepy puppet guy in Santa Cruz and she finally got to see him on the way home, she agreed that he was appropriately named.  Sheri and I watched a movie that was supposed to be funny, it wasn't funny. As usual people were coming in and out all day so  Sheri got to see a lot of familiar faces she used to say when we were growing up. For breakfast I had artichoke frittata, home fried potatoes and homemade bread… I don't know why we don't go there more often because I was always awesome. After I went to bed Heather came over and cooked Sheri and I a killer dinner of  barbecued pork ribs that practically fell off the bone, quinoa and a eggplant.

Thursday was a good day but it was said to see Sheri go,  we connected just as we did back in 5th through grade through high school grade like nothing had really changed. We have a lot of fun, laughed a lot and did a lot of reminiscing… it's amazing how great that can make you feel. Robby and I cruised around the lagoon and then down to the end of the boardwalk and back and then it was time to go see Dr. Hurray, he is such a nice man and he always makes you laugh even with a big hole in your leg. There was a gentleman there getting  derma graft so he asked if we could be there at the same time because they only send way too big of a piece. Apparently it's about $20,000 and I'm sure my insurance doesn't pay for it so I am so lucky to have this opportunity. We figured out that maybe the heel lift boots are not such a good idea because they are tight and her constant pressure so back to the drawing board. Teresa remembered that I had some donut shaped foam pads in the garage so we're trying those, they seem like they will be a really good idea but time will tell. He put the derma graft on my leg and we don't get to see what it looks like until next Wednesday, I am so excited to see how it's doing. We stopped at Charlie Hong Kong's, like we usually do on Thursdays, and not our fix of noodles. Came home and ate them and then went to bed. For breakfast I had a fruit smoothie, for dinner I had pad Thai noodles with garlic tofu.

Friday I got no massage again, Susan is still on vacation and probably having the time of her life… she deserves it. Personal care took a long time so I just wanted to take a nice long hot bath and go back to bed so I did.  I have been so tired and it was so nice to just lay in bed and watch TV and play on Facebook and Pinterest, I thought for a while that I had reached my maximum pin because I got a flight that said I did but I just tried it again and it worked. I have gotten so many really good ideas from that place in space. For breakfast I had a poached egg and garlic tofu over Pak Thai noodles and for dinner I had potstickers, eggplant and mustard chicken. Heather you are a genius.

Saturday the weather was really nice. Robby and I went for cruise through the lagoon, through the park and up the hill to the bridge overlooking the boardwalk, I like to do that so I can look down and see how crowded the wharf and boardwalk are. They were extremely crowded today so we just cruised around looking for yard sales. I saw a couple of them but I've always too embarrassed to go over and look, I don't know why. I'm looking for old picture frames to make a vertical succulent plant holder. I was outside talking to Otis and a guy drove up and walked up the driveway and asked me if I was Tammie, he had the most beautiful flowers I have seen. I forget what they're called but there Hawaiian and these were really big. It was a thank you from my friend Sheri. I have to say again how great it was to see her and we will definitely do it more often. For breakfast I had poached eggs, English muffin and avocado… my favorite breakfast. For dinner I had some tilapia, mustard chicken, mushrooms, egg plant, zucchini and carrots. I know it sounds like a lot but I use a small plate, one of those coffee cup plates.

Sunday was cold and windy outside so I opted to stay in bed and relax. I did get a nice hot bath and that always makes me feel better. Next week is going to be very busy so I just wanted a day to rest, catch up on my TiVo and I did watch a movie called Gone… it was pretty good. My mom came down looking really sad and said that she lost another one of her birds,  I think it's a pretty young one so it's hard to say what happened. It's always sad to lose an animal, they are just like family. The one shared a cage with him was really quiet for a long time and now he is singing like crazy, I think the other one chased him when he whistled. Queso, The one who passed… I called him “the cheese bird” was in the cage with Chip. Somebody found Chip and knew that we had birds and asked if we would take him. We had him for a couple of days and all of a sudden he started belting out these tunes… Addams family theme, leave it to beaver  theme, the halls of Montezuma and a couple others I can't remember. He is upstairs with selling like crazy now. Right after we got Chip he started pulling out all of his feathers, the vet  said because he missed his owner or a mate that was with him. For breakfast I had a fruit smoothie and for dinner I had sockeye salmon, mustard chicken, chard and quinoa.
  People born in June
This is Sue and Elaine, I worked with them for 10 years in Milpitas. Elaine was my boss, the best boss you could imagine… that's why I was there for 10 years I only left because I was in an automobile accident and had to.

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That corgi :) said...

How neat you could connect with your old friend, Tammie! I bet you did enjoy that time together!! It is hard to imagine we are getting old, isn't it? (I'm going to be 55 this year so not too many years ahead of you). Now 60 sounds young :)

enjoy the week ahead!