Monday, July 2, 2012

Another great week…

 Monday was such a great day. I took Robby for cruise through the lagoon and we were on our way to the wharf when Heather texted me to meet her for lunch and a movie, she wanted to take me for my birthday. We decided on a restaurant downtown, I think it's kind of Indian/Persian. They put pomegranate seeds on everything. Teresa and I had groupons so we had been there before and it was awesome. They didn't let us down this time either. Heather had mentioned that it was my birthday so they brought this really awesome dessert and the guy put a candle in it and lit it and wished me a happy birthday, I thought that was so sweet. After lunch we went over to the nickelodeon theater, they have a lot of independent films there and I love that place. We saw a movie called moonrise kingdom, it was an odd movie but very good… we both enjoyed it a lot. I took Robby for a cruise down to the wharf and back then it was time to go to bed and just reflect on such a great day. For  breakfast I had a poached egg and English muffin, for lunch I had Pomegranate eggplant, saffron basmati rice, chard, caramelized onions, qurut yogurt and for dinner I had sockeye salmon, chard and grilled eggplant.

 Tuesday was a little warmer than yesterday and not as windy, it's supposed to get warmer as the week goes on. Robby and I went for a cruise through the lagoon and then down to the wharf and into my appointment to get my manicure/pedicure, it's right up the hill from the wharf. I got Lavender put on this, it looks kind of iridescent. After that we cruise down through the boardwalk, back down to the wharf and then home. We rested for a bit and then practice some commands and then I went to bed. The 4th season of breaking bad is finally on so I'm enjoying that before season 5 starts July 15th, I really love that show. Heather came over and cook some more wonderful food, it smelled so good in here. For breakfast I had a poached egg, English muffin and hash browns. For lunch I had a smoothly and for dinner I had a stuffed chicken breasts in green beans.

Wednesday was kind of a bummer of a day, it finally got to be over 70° outside and I was stuck in bed. We did get a lot done and I watched a couple of really good movies, Chronicle which I didn't really know why I started watching but it turned out to be a really good movie and I'm glad I did. I also woke up about 2 o'clock in the morning and couldn't sleep so I decided to watch we bought a zoo, what a really cute movie. If I watch horror movies this month I get $10 back  although I can't remember if this is 3 or 4. I actually like watching movies on pay-per-view but I really want to learn to be more relaxed going to the movies by myself. Heather came over and I'm unsure what she was cooking but it smelled awesome. For breakfast I had a poached egg and hash brown and for dinner I had sockeye salmon, roasted brussels sprouts and spinach. I didn't have brussels sprouts for a while and I really missed them so I'm glad they are back.
Thursday I got up and took Robby for a really long cruise. As we were cruising towards the lagoon we ran into Alex and Jack, it was really nice to see them… I haven't seen them for a really long time. When we were cruising through the Depot Park we ran into Andrew, he works for the parks and recreation department and is my neighbor… they live in a purple house around the corner that we use for a marker to tell everyone where to turn left at our street. When we got back Teresa took us to see Dr. Hurray, he gave me a derma graft on my pressure sore and we had to keep it wrapped up for a week so I couldn't see if it was getting better or worse… I like it better when I can look at it every day and see the progress or lack thereof. It looked really great, it's amazing how much better it can look after just a week. He did another derma graft and he is going to do another one week from Monday, he is on vacation next week.  We came home and Seth came over to roll the bottle full of pennies I had in my garage, he decided that was going to take too long so he had his grandpa take them up to Safeway to put them in the counting machine. I just realized that I was saving those pennies to put on a round piece of glass I have outside for a table I saw it on Pinterest and wanted to try it… I guess I will start saving them again. He is such a neat kid. For breakfast I had a poached egg and hash brown, for lunch I had a smoothie and for dinner I had pad Thai noodles with garlic tofu.
I LOVE having company, I love having people come and visit me and feel comfortable and at home but for some reason I always get really nervous. I don’t know if it’s because I think that I have to entertain them and they are not going to have a good time or what. I was explaining this to my brother in a private message and it just dawned on me that I am nervous when I have company and I never even realized it. I’m the same way about leaving my house. I love cruising around Santa Cruz and having something to do but for some reason my mind is always on getting back home, I don’t know why that is either. It’s getting easier and I’m starting to enjoy it more and more. When my cousin and her husband came here last year I wanted to do a lot of things with them and we did do a lot of fun stuff, I don’t know why we didn’t do more because we can. This year I have a list of everything that I want to do and I’m really excited about getting out there and doing it. I can’t believe I am finally growing up, I think it’s because I always had somebody to tell me what to do so left on my own I don’t know what to do. Now that I realize it I can really work on it. I had a couple of childhood friends come to visit me, one stayed here for a couple of nights and the other one stayed with her family close by. I really had such a good time with them and I didn’t want it to end.
 Friday was such a nice day. I always love  being able to sleep in on Fridays but I think that's going to end at least for the summer while Tom and Kelly are here. The massage therapist is going to start coming on Monday evenings instead of Friday mornings, I think that's going to work out much better.  Seth texted me as I was getting into my chair to see if I wanted to go to the park, I told him I would text him after I got  ready and see if you still at the park and he was. I cruised down there and hung out with him for a while until it was time to come home and feed Robby, my aunt was here so she fed Robby and then I left him here. Seth and I went up to Safeway to get me some salami, for some reason when I ordered my groceries I ordered nonfat or low-fat salami and it was really gross. We came back and dropped off the salami and headed over to the concert, tonight was Blue Oyster Cult. I don't like to bring Robby to the concerts because they're always really crowded and I don't want him or anybody else to get hurt. The concert was really good, this is the 3rd concert this summer and the 1st one that I got to go to. We left the concert a little early and came back to the park for a little bit and then came home. After I went to bed Seth came over and watched Storage Wars with me. Again I was really sleepy while going to bed but wide awake a couple hours later. For breakfast I had a poached egg in between English muffin. For a snack I had really really awful salami and braided, marinated mozzarella cheese and for dinner  I had tilapia, chard  and the tamale.
 I was looking back over my blog and I either didn't see or missed the post about James Durbin sending me an autographed CD, I was so excited when I got it I can't believe I didn't post it… maybe I just missed it somehow so I am going to do it again. Robby's sisters team, Christy Rozelle, called Rozi's best friend is James Durbin's cousin. When she found out that he was from Santa Cruz Christy asked me if I knew him and if I would like to have an autographed CD, are you kidding me?? She really pulled through and I got one, I am so proud of it and I want everyone to see. He is such an awesome guy and you can't help but love him.
 Saturday was such an awesome day. Robby and I went on our regular long cruise… twice! Every once in a while I run into this guy named Christoph and we chat for a while. He's always on his bike and he lives in the apartments by the lagoon, I love to hear his stories. He told me today that he is going to turn 80 soon, he looks really young. Probably because he's always out riding his bike.  The first time was around 10 AM and I was thinking how lucky we were because there wasn't a lot of people around, I even ran into a couple of people who said the same thing. We went on another cruise around 2 PM and you could not even see the sand on the beach, it was almost solid umbrellas. We decided not to go back down to the wharf's so we went to that Lagoon Park and crews to round up on top for a while looking for yard sales. When I got to the parking lot I was going too fast and didn't see the little snake in front of me, I just didn't have time to stop or swerve. I turned around to see if I did any damage to it and I did, I felt so bad. All I could do was just sit there and stare, I didn't know what to do… do I try to run it over again and kill it… was it suffering? I don't know anything about snakes. A couple of little boys came by on their bike so I told them about it, one of them knew the type of snake just by looking at it so I figured they would be the best to handle it so I went on my way but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I just hate to harm anything. While we were at the lagoon we practiced shaking hands and rolling, I swear I have such a smart and talented dog… thank you James and CCI. For breakfast I had a poached egg and English muffin, for lunch a smoothie and for dinner I had tilapia, mustard chicken, brussels sprouts and spinach.
Sunday turned out to be a really long day for personal care but I did get a nice LONG hot bath. That's about it.

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How cool Tammie to get an autograph CD from James Durbin! Very special indeed! Good you got to go to the concert with Blue Oyster Cult too! I hope you and your family have a great Fourth!