Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eagerly awaiting Tom, Kelly and Bailey…

 Monday I got up and took Robbie for a nice long cruise before my appointment with Dr. Hurray. This is going to be my last derma graft because the lady's insurance only allows for 8, I am fortunate enough to get what's left over from her derma graft. Apparently it cost about $15,000 for 8. The good news is that everything looks great. We're still trying to figure out how to get the incident from the surveillance camera on a disk, Karen figured out how to find it and she e-mailed me a copy that is really hard to see who the guy is  that knocked over the light on my fence. You can see in the video that he hit it pretty hard and straight on with his fist so you know he is hurting. The guy that installed the system e-mail me the manual today and I will figure it out. We went to Charlie Hong Kong's, I love that place. It is pretty much a ritual now after we see Dr. Hurray. We came home and met my hopefully new caregiver Chris Ma Lyn, not sure yet how to spell it but she got the name because she was born on Christmas. I think she's going to work out great, she was not at all shy and wanted to try everything herself with no hope… that is a good sign. I hear she's also really good at cooking Filipino food, a definite plus. We got a room all cleaned up and ready for Tom, Kelly and Bailey… they will be here on Wednesday evening. It seems like such a long wait and it is finally here, we are going to have so much fun this summer. For breakfast I had a poached egg, English muffin mentioned in Castroville and for dinner I had pad Thai noodles with garlic tofu.

Tuesday was a beautiful day, nice and warm. Robbie and I took a really long cruise before it was time to go to Dr. Hurray's. I got the last of my derma graft's and everything looks like it's healing really well so I am excited, it has been a long time coming. After we left the doctors office Teresa and I both needed to have some blood drawn so we went to the lab and got that over with. Then we went up to the burger.and got Kobe sliders and tater tots, they were awesome. We came back home and Teresa put me to bed and then finished cleaning up the room and getting it all freshened up for Tom and Kelly. My uncle brought the neighbor lady over to see the video of the kid punching my lamppost, she manages the apartment complex that they were visiting. For breakfast I had the rest of my pad Thai noodles with garlic tofu with a poached egg on top and for dinner I had Kobe sliders and tater tots.
 Wednesday I got up and took Robbie for a really long cruise, the weather was really beautiful. I cruised around pretty much all day and then went to bed.  Tom, Kelly and Bailey got here at about 10 PM and it was so great to see them. My uncle made hamburgers for everyone, he makes the best hamburgers ever… even ones or eating at 10 PM at night. We visited for a long time but we were also exhausted and especially Tom and Kelly. For breakfast I had  a poached egg and English muffin for dinner I had chicken adobo and corn… and of course half of a late-night hamburger.
Thursday I got up and Tom, Kelly and I went to one of our favorite breakfast places called the roadhouse in. Kelly and I had wheat berries with braised greens and poached eggs and Tom had an omelette with taters and toast,  we have never been unhappy when we have eaten there. After that we cruised over and parked at the Depot Park, Tom saw a guy with a T-shirt that had just a tire bolted to a bike rack and it said “welcome to Santa Cruz”. He wanted to get one for his friend and the guy told him where he got them but they were all out so we cruise down the wharf and stopped at a couple of the stores down there. We came back home and hung out for a while. My aunt came over looking for Tom Kelly because she hadn't seen them yet so when they got back they went and hung out with her for a while. Seth came over to hang out and then my uncle brought over a big pepperoni pizza. Heather had left some spinach here so Kelly cooked spinach and put it on the pizza so of course I had to try it, it was pretty good. Everybody was still pretty tired so we all went to bed pretty early. I was trying not to sleep because I had to do an FMRI for the tendon transfer surgery that I had done, they're still doing the research at Stanford that I am all too happy to participate the next day and I wanted to be tired because I am pretty claustrophobic.
Friday Kelly got up early and took Robbie for a long cruise  because it sounded like we were going to be at Stanford pretty much all day. It's a new building but we didn't have a lot of trouble finding it just a lot of trouble trying to find a place to park. They had to transfer me to this table and then they had to put this block and a bunch of pillows all around my head so I couldn't move while I was moving my arm. They were trying to see how the brain works  with the arm movements and the pinch grip. Luckily they gave me a couple of lorazepam  or else I think I would have totally freaked out with that square thing on my head plus being in the MRI machine. We got it done and they said I didn't exactly how they wanted but I was pretty much useful for the rest of the day so I came home and went to bed, I will be glad when this feeling is over. There isn't much to eat over there centuries of brought us a couple of sandwiches from Safeway, they were really good, and some chips. I came home and went to bed and pretty much slept the rest of the night away. I'm glad that part of it is over but I'll probably have to do it again after the exercise program.

Saturday was a really long day So I just ended up staying in bed. My brother, Corinne and a friend of hers came down the night before to spend the night and the day. My brother always cooks breakfast in the morning and usually dinner that night, he is such a great cook. For breakfast he made scrambled eggs, bacon and toast and for dinner he made pot roast, red potatoes, mushrooms and baby carrots. Teresa and I stopped at a little fruit and vegetable stand in Palo Alto on the way back from Stanford yesterday and among other things bought some fresh strawberries, they were so good we couldn't stop eating them in the parking lot so we went back and got more. Kelly made some homemade biscuits for strawberry shortcake, it was so yummy.

Sunday I got up and visited with everyone for a little while and then Tom and I  took Robbie out for cruise. I didn't realize how nervous I still was about seeing a dog off leash until we saw one on the path on Bay Street. I kind of froze and Tom stepped in front of us in a guy on a bicycle said “don't worry he won't hurt you” Tom said “we heard that before, right before our dog got attacked” the guy said in an annoyed voice “I know my dog” and Tom said “well we don't”, I love how he thinks of things to say so quickly… usually I think of the right thing to say about 10 min. later.  I keep seeing these really beautiful vines with these gorgeous flowers on them and I was always curious what they were so I had Tom grabbed a couple selected ask around. Teresa gave me a bath and just as we were getting out  of the bathtub the sling slip down to my knee so we decided to just put me back to bed and wash my hair in the bed. That's when the lift decided to break, the guy had already been out twice to the tune of $300 and it's not fixed yet??  Needless to say we are both very upset. Unfortunately it broke on the bathroom side so now we have to figure out how to get me into bed on the bedroom side. We laid me down on the floor and straightened out the sling and then move the bed into the bathroom, thank God the hallway is wide enough for the bed to go through it, and put me in the bed and drove the bed back out into the bedroom. I immediately called the guy and told him that I had an appointment that next morning and I had no way to get out of bed into my chair. After all the weight  was out of the lift it worked fine and we were able to put the left back on the bedroom side so I don't have to worry about how to get up tomorrow. After I was back in my bed in my room it all seemed to be so funny and we couldn't stop laughing and making jokes about it, sometimes you just got a laugh? For breakfast I had poached eggs, wheat toast, chicken adobo and bacon. I thought my brother had left already so Teresa made me breakfast  but I couldn't pass up the bacon. For dinner I had some wheat pasta with artichoke hearts, chicken and pesto that Teresa made the night before… it was so good   I had two helpings. I also has some chicken adobo, spinach and pistachio bark.

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That corgi :) said...

I like how Tom took charge about the dog that was off leash. I'm so tired of dogs off leash and the owners saying "we're friendly" and assuming other dogs are friendly too. Last week at the park we had such an occurence and when I said "we're not friendly" they said "oh...." and started to put their dogs back on their leashes, but the dogs still managed to get close to Koda which caused a lot of growling and snarling between them. I just wanted to take the stick I carry and hit them, but of course I wouldn't do that unless Koda was really in serious danger. I wish all owners would be respectful of leash laws.

Alway enjoy what you are eating, it always sounds delicious!