Sunday, July 8, 2012

The concerts have started the weather is beautiful…

 Monday was a pretty good day. My uncle, Claudia and I were supposed to go to Los Gatos and go shopping by my uncle is still not feeling very well  so we decided to do it another day. Robby and I went for our regular long cruise and over at the Depot Park we ran into Seth. He said that his sisters were inside at their tumbling class so I peeked in the door to say hello and they all came running over, I didn't mean to disturb the class. I said hello to them and then told them I better go so they can get back to their tumbling. I ran into Samantha, she does my hair and nails, over by the arcade at the Boardwalk and I got to meet her kids. I ran into Donna again, the security officer at the Boardwalk, but we didn't get to talk very much because she was on her radio. My left broke last night after I got out of the bathtub, thank goodness it wasn't before I took a bath… it always happens on a Sunday evening. I left Bill a message and he called me back and said he would be over. It took him a really long time to figure out what was wrong but he finally did, it's amazing how much you miss something like that when it doesn't work. Heather came over and cook some vegetables for me. Otis was here so I talked to him for a little bit. He brought 4 of his dogs, he fosters a lot of dogs, so I thought that would be great if Robby could play with them for a while but none of them really play.  One of them is a cattle dog and just wants to heard Robby around the yard, the Australian Shepherd is only interested in the tennis ball, the little one is too little to play and the chocolate lab just kept trying to mount Robby so Robby just ended up crawling underneath the van and not having a good time so I just put him back in the house. Susan came over to give me a massage, it has been over a month since I have had one. She usually does it on Friday mornings but I thought the evenings would be better so will try that for a while.
 Tuesday was a pretty great day. Angie was bringing her mom, Terri, her son Parker and the twins piper and Phoebe over the hill to have sushi for Terry's birthday. They asked me if I could join them but I have an appointment to get my hair dyed back to it's original color, no more blonde. It would've really been nice to join them because it's been a while since I've really been able to sit down and talk to them, what a busy life they have. They finished eating just as I got done with my hair appointment so I met them back here and we did get to visit for a while. We're going to see them again on Sunday,  the twins turned a year old… time really goes by so fast and they have been through so much in just a year. Heather came by and cooked a bunch of stuff and of course smelled wonderful in here. Teresa came to put me to bed but we had an interview for a new caregiver 1st, she never showed up. I was kind of sad because her resume looked pretty good. Teresa put me to bed and in the cribbage game came over, Lee was my partner and we lost $6… but we had fun. I didn't have breakfast because my hair appointment was early, for lunch I had some mustard chicken and yellow beets and for dinner I had chicken adobo, kale and beets.
Wednesday was the 4th July. I knew it was going to be extremely crowded around here and it was overcast and foggy. Karen, my morning caregiver showed up in shorts and said that it was already really hot in San Jose and everybody was on their way over here where it was cooler.  I decided to stay in bed, relax and watch movies. Heather came over and cook a few things and brought me some beautiful flowers, they look just like fireworks, that she got at the farmers market… I can't even imagine how crowded the Farmer's market was. I had a lot of company in and out all day so I didn't miss too much. I was invited to a barbecue and I'm sorry that I missed it but we will definitely make sure there are others.  Even though we are not supposed to have fireworks here in Santa Cruz I hear them going off, and got Robby is not freaked out at them. For breakfast I had a chorizo, egg and cheese burrito and for dinner I had fish, I can't remember the name of it but it was awesome, spinach and yellow beets.
 Thursday was another really long day spent in bed,  luckily the weather was yucky and cold outside. I slept on and off throughout the day. I have a couple of things that I ordered that needed to be returned from Amazon so I was glad to get those set off, just in time too. I had to let one of my caregivers go today, I was really sad because she is so very sweet. I hired her assuming that she have a lot of experience because her brother is a quadriplegic, it sounds like she doesn't do much care and help him a lot. My body is getting old and I think I need somebody with a lot of nursing experience in case something goes wrong. For breakfast I had a poached egg and English muffin, for dinner I had Ono, I think my new favorite kind of fish, spinach and yellow beets.
Friday I got to sleep in, I love sleeping in. I got my personal care done and got up just in time to take Robbie for cruise for a couple of hours before bringing him back here so I could go to the concert, I don't like to take him to the concerts because it is so crowded and there are a lot of intoxicated and just very careful people. The concert was the tubes, they always put on a really good concert. I found the perfect seat but then as it got closer to the concert the sun went down and it was getting colder so I went out to the front of the building to sit in the sun, that felt really good for a while but then I got to warm so I went back to the boardwalk to find a place to listen to the concert but then it got too cold so I went back out to the front of the building, I can still hear the music and was a great concert. I came home and went to bed and then got something to eat, I wish I could figure out a way to eat before but I haven't yet. Next week Tom and Kelly will be here and it's a concert that they want to go to I won't have that problem.

Saturday I'm still not feeling really good so I decided to stay in bed again, it got really bad this afternoon and now I'm feeling a little better so hopefully just one more day of relaxing and staying in bed and I will feel better. I'm supposed to go to a little kids birthday party tomorrow and I never know if I should just tell them I don't feel good and stay home or go and be miserable, they have always been really good friends and I hate to let anybody down. I guess I will just see how I feel in the morning. It's always such a big deal about how I'm going to get there anyway. Nobody wants to drive this big huge event that I have.  My aunt won't drive it, my uncle will drive it but doesn't like to and because he doesn't like to he always tries to talk my mom into driving it and she WON'T drive it. Teresa is just about the only one that will drive it without any complaining. Tom and Kelly will drive it so it's nice to be able to go anywhere between July and October. Apparently some drunk guy walked by out front and smacked the light post right off the top of my fence. Luckily there was a lady and some kids out there that knew where he lived, he smacked it right off the top and then drove off. I have surveillance cameras all around my house  that loop just in case something like this happens but of course I never figured out how to work them, I guess I do that 1st thing tomorrow. It happened around 7:30 PM and the police got here about 9:45 PM, I'm sure that the guy is long gone by now. I only hope we can get the cameras working to see if we haven't on film. I'm really tired of these people around here trying to trash my fence, this is the 2nd time somebody hit that light. For breakfast I had scrambled eggs with garlic sausage and cheese and an English muffin, for lunch I had smoothly and for dinner I had chicken adobo and Kale.
  Sunday I was supposed to go to a family friends birthday party for their little girl twins, they just turned a year old and they have already been through so much in you would just never know it… they are always so happy and giggling. My uncle came over and he sounded awful, said he wasn't feeling very well and neither was his wife so they were going to go. I ended up just staying in bed and resting and watching the 3 ice age movies, I just love those movies. Heather came by and brought me some tacos from the little place down the street, their food is really good. She got herself to L Pastore tacos and me two  pulled pork tacos, she accidentally gave me one of hers and they were both awesome. Teresa brought Robbie back all based in smelling fresh, she took him for the day so they could run around on the beach and then get a bath. For breakfast I had a poached egg, English muffin and Ono fish, I have a fruit smoothie for lunch and tacos for dinner.

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That corgi :) said...

Glad to hear Tammie that Robby doesn't mind the fireworks; Koda is a bit scared of them so we stayed in this past Fourth and didn't go out to see them in person. Sounds all in all it was a good week for you last week!