Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like summer… FINALLY!

 Monday was a nice relaxing day. I was just really tired in the morning, I couldn't keep my eyes open so I just decided to stay in bed. My uncle came over to visit for a while and then came back because he lost his hat, he is always losing his hat… maybe we need to staple it to his head? Heather came over and cooked a bunch of stuff so my house smells amazing. My aunt came over and brought some radishes and some carrots from her garden so Heather made me a little salad, it's so nice to have fresh vegetables. For breakfast I had oatmeal with cinnamon, bananas, blueberries, walnuts and almonds. For lunch I had some salami and marinated mozzarella cheese and for dinner I had some pork ribs, salmon, asparagus and a salad. Tomorrow is going to be my last day of no coffee in the morning and I can't wait, I miss coffee so much. There hasn't been much of a noticeable change so hopefully it's not anything I eat for breakfast because I love my breakfast. I will e-mail my lifestyle manager tomorrow morning and see what's next, what else is she going to make me stop eating that I love? I'm kidding, I want to know what's wrong with me more than anybody so I will do anything to find out.

Tuesday was a really beautiful day, it got to be 70° outside… perfect weather as far as I'm concerned. I went to sunshine Villa and got a manicure and pedicure, that always makes you feel great. It was getting frustrating  because the nail on my texting finger was getting too long. I came back and Karen and I went to Palace arts to get a graduation card for Teresa. We stopped by bunnies on the way back to see what they had for my back porch, they had some coral looking stuff… I will go back. My uncle was here when Teresa got here  so they moved everything around on the back porch, I like it much better like this. It's starting to look like barbecue season and I want to make sure everything is ready and looks good. We cleaned up the barbecue and hose down the barbecue cover yesterday. We uncovered all the furniture and pledged everything. We have to figure out where to put everything, hang up my fishing net with all my nautical souvenirs, find some plants that we can put out there that are hard to kill and get some more air plants for my Terrarium's and barnacles, we also put some of the air plants in some sea shells that we found… that looks awesome. I will have to take some pictures when we finish. The lifestyle manager then I went to suggested that I take magnesium to help me sleep at night and to help my body absorb a lot of the supplements that I take, it's only been about a half an hour and I'm really feeling groggy… I hope it helps me sleep. For breakfast today I had oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon, walnuts and almonds.  I had a pineapple smoothie for lunch and mustard chicken, asparagus and spinach for dinner.

Wednesday was another gorgeous day, the weather was perfect. Unfortunately I didn't get up until 1 PM Robby and I made the most of it. We cruised through the lagoon and hung out with the baby goats for a while, they are halfway done. We cruise down to the end of the wharf and back and then through the boardwalk and back, it's good practice for Robby to leave people alone and for me to ask people to leave Robby alone.  More and more people are recognizing me from the article about Robby been attacked, I had no idea but it's awesome. I went downtown yesterday with Karen and as we were walking by these 2 young girls one of them said “that's Robby”, everybody seems to know Robby. I ran into Donna, she is a security officer at the Boardwalk and she always makes sure that Robby has water, he really needed some today. I haven't seen her for a while so I was hoping that she still work there. She said that she got in trouble for being too friendly with people, I have never heard that being a problem? She is who she is and I love who she is. I forgot again to go to the Farmer's market, they have one here every Wednesday and every Wednesday I forget to go. We cruised home and practiced some of Robby's commands, he is so good. Teresa came and put me to bed. For breakfast I had a garlic sausage and some breakfast crackers, blueberry, that I saw in a commercial and they looked good… they were really good. I had some salami and cheese in the afternoon and for dinner I had some salmon, asparagus and spinach.

Thursday was another awesome day. Robby and I went on our regular cruise around Santa Cruz, everybody must be out of school because everything was super crowded. The Coconut Grove, where Heather works, posted a Los Gatos high school graduation party and I could see a lot of groups of kids with the same T-shirt on. When we got back Teresa called and said she was coming by early so we could make a couple of stops before the doctor. We went to Digs Garden center and I got some more air plants and a bunch of really good ideas, they have the most amazing displays. Then we went to Walgreens and before we knew it was time to go to the doctor. Everything went great, Dr. Hurray says another month and I'll be totally healed. It is so cute… him and Robby have this little tradition. During my appointment Robby lazy in the corner patiently and when the appointment is over Dr. Hurray pulls a chair into the hallway and I release Robby and they spend a couple of minutes saying hello. Dr. Hurray has 3 or 4 Labs and really loves dogs and I think Robby knows, dogs are such a great judge of character. For breakfast I had a package of breakfast crackers and some coffee, I had a smoothie for lunch and for dinner I had tilapia with lemon and capers, asparagus and spinach.

Friday was a pretty relaxed day. My massage therapist couldn't make it because her son got an earache in the middle of the night, poor thing. So I got to sleep  in until 10 AM… that never happens and it was wonderful. The guy from Roto-Rooter came to fix my sink but he ordered the wrong part, he looked at the name of the sink instead of the name of the faucet… we will try again next week. Last night right after my mom came down and took Robby out I looked up and there was a HUGE spider on the ceiling, I always say that their huge but this time I wasn't lying. I called my mom and she said she would come down after she went to the bathroom, of course this is when it decided to move and it walked right over me… I was just waiting for it to descend on me. I had one hand covering my face that the other hand on the switch to turn on the ceiling fan hoping it would blow him away. My mom came down and got him,  1st she pissed him off and then she got him… I hate when people piss them off and then can't find them because I know they will be looking for me later. Tonight Lee and Claudia, my uncle and aunt and my mom and I are going to play cribbage… I hope I win. For breakfast I had pineapple, mango, blueberries and bananas and tapioca pudding. For lunch I had a salami and marinated mozzarella cheese wrap. Heather came over and cooked and boy did it smell wonderful.

Saturday was a really good day. I got a nice long hot bath, got dressed and  Karen and I went to Teresa's graduation from nursing school at Cabrillo College. It was such an awesome ceremony and nice to meet the people that she went to school with that I heard so much about, some of them I have met but it was nice to meet the rest. Dr. Owens and Teresa's boyfriend Jess went up on stage and pinned Teresa, it was so sweet. We visited for a while afterward and then my uncle came and picked us up, he also dropped us off.  we talked my uncle into stopping off at Togo's on the way back so we could get something to eat. I have a bunch of skirts and dresses that I keep wanting to wear during the summer but I keep putting it off, I found a lady that sews so she cut them up the back and sewed around the holes where we put my chest strap through so it doesn't show. I wore one of the skirts today and it worked out great, I will definitely wear them more often. For breakfast I had pineapple, mango, blueberries, a banana and some tapioca pudding. For lunch I had a brownie and for dinner I had a tuna and avocado wrap and some chetos.

Sunday was a pretty relaxed day, I decided to stay in bed. I know that it's canopy really crowded around here because everybody wants to come over the hill and because today the Santa Cruz pride. I wanted to go check it out but they decided to have it downtown this year and I just know it's going to be standing room only. My nephew got me addicted to the series breaking bad so I have been watching a lot.

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That corgi :) said...

Congrats to Theresa on her graduation!! Nice picture of the two of you Tammie!! Always like to read what is cooking in your neck of the woods; always delicious food!! School got out here last Friday so I'm sure all the tourist places will start filling up. I know our weather has been starting to get a little nicer too; can't believe it is June already!