Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back to rain again…

 Monday was another relaxing day. When Karen came in this morning she said it was sprinkling so we looked at the weather and it was supposed to rain until 3 PM, my evening caregiver comes in at 4 PM so I decided I might as well just stay in bed and make the best of it. My aunt had some carrots, radishes and let us from her garden so she brought it over and Heather Pickeled the radishes and carrot's, they take about 8 hours so I will give them a try tomorrow. The rest of my day and probably the rest of my night is filled with watching more of the series breaking bad, it's getting really good. I looked it up last night and I think there are only 4 seasons and I am in the middle of number 3,   I don't know what I'm going to do when it's over. I just start another series show. For breakfast I had chorizo, egg and cheese burrito… those things are really addicting. For dinner I had some chicken salad that Heather made.

Tuesday was a beautiful day. I got up and got dressed and Otis was working in the yard so I got to talk to him for a little bit, he is about the sweetest man I have ever met. I have a small pond in my driveway and everything around it has overgrown so much that you can't see it anymore, you can however hear it and I think that's what's important. When we went to Dig's garden store last week I saw a water fountain that was about 4 feet tall and so it got me  thinking how well that might work instead of the pond. I asked Otis what he thought and if she would be willing to help me and he said yes. I had already looked at a bunch of fountains so I showed him the pictures. Teresa got here and we found one that I liked so I ordered it… Happy Birthday to me from me. Robby and I cruised through the lagoon to see where the goats were at, cruised through the soccer Park, up over the bridge above the wharf, to the end of the work and back, through the boardwalk and back, back down to the end of the wharf and back end home… it was getting really warm out and Robby was getting tired. Teresa came by and put me to bed. For breakfast I had a chorizo, egg and cheese burrito… I could really get used to that. For dinner I had BBQ ribs that Teresa brought over, we bury and kale salad that Theresa brought over also and vegetable medley that Heather made.

Wednesday was a super long personal-care day, I had a headache and I was so exhausted and we weren't even done.  Kimberly, She worked for me for a while as a personal care attendant and a massage therapist, brought by some medical equipment that they were looking for a good home for. She works on a ranch and the couple that she works for  had a mother that lived with them that passed away, they had a bunch of really great stuff that somebody can use. Teresa worked at Dominican rehab here in Santa Cruz for a while as part of her nursing program and said she knew of a couple of people that went  home from the hospital without some equipment and unable to buy some, it always feels good to see that kind of stuff go to somebody who really needs it. Teresa finally came and took over for Karen at 4 PM… Karen got here at 7 AM. I finally got a nice long hot bath and went back to bed. I got an e-mail from Vikki, a dog trainer from Los Gatos that I met shortly after Robby got attacked this last time. She is on a mission to stop off leash dogs in Los Gatos and was so frustrated when she heard about what happened to Robby and how everybody ignored us. I got so frustrated and defeated that I was just about to give up until she got a hold of me. She has contacted pretty much everyone involved and is ready to make it a big deal, which it is, to everyone involved. I am so excited  and I admire this lady so much, she really knows all the great avenues to take. We have been trying to catch up with each other on the telephone and we finally did, we have been corresponding through e-mail and it was really nice to talk to her finally.

Thursday turned out to be a really great day. Teresa took Robby and I to the Valley fair Mall in Santa Clara to meet James from CCI to get Robby recertified. It was especially nice to see James, he trained Robby and Robby was his 1st train… he did a fantastic job and I was so happy to show James how well Robby was doing. I was of course really nervous because I wanted everything to go perfectly. I wanted to impress them so much at CCI that I think I think of them as judges instead of as on going friends friends always there and willing to help with advice. I have had a couple of issues with Robby that I have had to get a hold of somebody at CCI and they are always extremely nice and extremely helpful. We stopped in Scotts Valley on the way home and got Robby some food, Scotts Valley is the closest place to get it. We also stopped at a clothing store because Teresa had a groupon and she got a sweatshirt, a really beautiful shirt, and a Santa Cruz sticker that I think she said she got to cover up a dent. We stopped at a nursery because she also had a group on there, I love looking at everything in  a nursery. We came home and she put me to bed. For breakfast I had a chorizo, egg, cheese and avocado burrito and for dinner I had some blackened salmon, wheat berries with Kale and chard.

 Friday was a really great day, the weather was perfect and Robby and I got to cruise around a lot.  Susan is on vacation so I got to get up and out of this bed, It was so nice to get out on a Friday. Soon the concerts will start  and I will get up later, I can't wait. We were to go through the lagoon but they were loading up the goats, it was sad to see them go. We cruised through the wharf and when I went to take a drink of tea nothing came out so I raced back home to have Teresa fix it, luckily I caught her before she left. My aunt came over to borrow my camera on my phone and she took some pictures of the foundation under her house where a guy ran into it and cracked it. My uncle said that he would take me to Costco but we were running late so he said he would take me tomorrow. Robby and I went cruising around through the boardwalk, to the end of the wharf and back and then came home and rested and then practice some commands.  My uncle and aunt, Lee and Claudia and my mom and I played cribbage, my mom was like partner and we won a dollar. It really is a small world. I finally got to talk to Vikki on the phone and I found out she heard about Robby from a friend of hers that was getting her hair done at the same place where I get mine done. For breakfast I had chorizo, egg and cheese tacos… I ran out of wraps. For dinner I had mustard chicken, spinach with garlic, zucchini and mushroom medley and some pickled carrots, radishes and onions from my aunts garden.

Saturday was another beautiful day. After I got up my uncle came over to take me to Costco, I needed to go so bad. I got everything I needed and came back   and Teresa was still here straightening up the patio and planting tomatoes so she put everything away. Robby and I were getting ready to take off for a cruise when Seth came over to see if we wanted to go to the school so he could throw the ball around for Robby, what a great idea. We went to the high school across the street and there was nobody there so we ran around for a while  and Seth found some sandals and a bunch of different kind of balls. We took them back and then decided to go to Bayview elementary school to see if he could find some more balls there. He took off for a while and I was kind of getting worried and then I saw him coming around the corner with an empty water bottle filled with roses, he picked them for his grandma… I'm assuming. He wanted to rush them home before all the petals fell off so we came back home, he really is a sweet kid and I have fun hanging out with him. My new fountain came in today and Teresa put it together, it is as beautiful as I imagined. For breakfast I had  a chorizo, egg and cheese burrito. For dinner I had blackened salmon, chicken, spinach and pickled carrots, radishes and onion.

Sunday turned out to be a really hot day, 87°. Robby and I were invited to a barbecue at Dr. Owens at 2 o'clock. My personal camera took a very long time and I didn't even get into the bathtub until around 2 o'clock so needless to say I not only didn't get to go but I had to stay in bed another day. I kept telling myself that I'm better off because it's way too hot outside but it doesn't help. Heather came over and made up some garlic butter for some garlic bread we are making tomorrow to have with our lasagna. For breakfast I had chorizo, egg and cheese burrito and for dinner I had some chicken Castroville, blackened salmon and some spinach.

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That corgi :) said...

Glad to hear Robby did well with the CCI people. I've never had pickled radishes, I bet they were good! Enjoy the concerts you get to go to this year Tammie!