Sunday, April 29, 2012

What happened to our beautiful weather??

Monday didn't turn out to be such a great day but the weather wasn't the greatest so I was glad I didn't get up. Sunday evening my evening caregivers  brother was taken to the hospital, he is also a quadriplegic. He's in ICU and it doesn't look good but they don't know what's wrong with him yet, he's young and I really hope he pulls through. He has such a great family.  My personal care took a long time again but I'm glad it's over. Another day of just relaxing and staying in bed.

Tuesday was a really good day and the weather was nice but it was a little breezy. I took Robby upped sunshine Villa to get myself a manicure/pedicure, I picked a really dark cobalt blue and I love it. Teresa has a big test today and a big test tomorrow so clear and clean my bedroom and reorganized the shelf behind my TV and then put me back to bed when I was done. My Bose system keeps shutting off and my brother said it sounded like a heat thing, part of it is in a cupboard, so we took it out and put it up on the shelf so hopefully it will shut off anymore. Robby and I sat outside in the sun for a while until Karen was finished cleaning and then she put me to bed and went home. Heather came over and cooked, She brought me over some absolutely killer crab cocktail.

Wednesday I got my massage and my nice long hot bath. I had to stay in bed today anyway so I figured I might as well take advantage of it so I can get up on Friday, it's supposed to be really nice. I found out today  that my weekend evening attendant's brother has serotonin syndrome, it happens when the body gets too much serotonin. My massage therapist is also his massage therapist and says that he is in pretty bad shape, he is in a coma. I have been really sad all day and thinking about him, I hope he is going to be okay.

Thursday I had an appointment with Dr. Owens medical assistant  to get my depo shot. It was really nice so Robby and I cruised around the wharf and the Boardwalk for a while and then came home. I had an appointment with Dr. Hurray in the afternoon and then I just came home and went to bed. The sore on my heel just keeps looking better and will be gone in a couple of weeks, FINALLY.

Friday was my moms birthday and Teresa volunteered to make her a killer dinner. I ordered a honeybaked ham, that's what she wanted for Easter but we didn't get to order it in time. Teresa made some scallop potatoes and spinach au gratin and my uncle and aunt came over and we had a really nice dinner. I got my mom the jewelry cabinet for the back of her door, I think she really liked it. My little brother and his family sent her some dipped fortune cookies and they looked really good. Lee and Claudia, my aunt and uncle came over to play cribbage. My uncle got some carrot cake muffins and Claudia brought some peanut butter cookies, I think everybody ate a lot that day but it's only once a year? My uncle usually brings over some popcorn, he makes the best popcorn ever. I went $3 and Claudia was my partner.

Saturday my personal care took a long time so Karen didn't get to go home until 2 PM and then Teresa came in at 4 PM to give me a bath so I will be ready to just get up and go on Sunday, I'm going to a birthday party in Los Gatos.

It's only a wheelchair...
Do you see me as you pass my chair? I do exist, I am really there The wheels are my legs and they get me around Even if my feet never touch the ground I'm not as tall as you but I have my own view And my voice is as loud as yours too I hurt inside when people avoid looking at me I'm only disabled, not invisible you see My smile means the same as on any other face I can spread it around in any old place So how do you feel when you happen to look down? Do you see a man or a useless little clown? I can hear and see but I cannot walk If you look and listen you will know when I talk I am a friend that wears out tyres instead of shoes I can't dance but thats nothing to lose Look at me, I exist, I am really there After all Its only a wheelchair When you pass me by please don't stare down the street Try looking at me, I think we should meet Are you so scared of me, do you really not care? About this man who happens to sit in a chair. — with Eliecer El Chepe Silva and Fiends On Wheels.

Sunday was such a nice day. We went to Charlie and Terri's  for a birthday party, number 4, for Parker. It was really nice to see everyone, I got to see Angie and the kids briefly a week ago but other than that I haven't seen them for a long time. Charlie designed and built my house and I couldn't have asked for a better place to live. I used to hang out with Terri all the time and after she had Angie I hung out with all of them after school until my parents picked me up to go home. Those were really good times. It started to get really hot and everybody was leaving so we decided to leave also. Because the van was sitting in the sun and because it was so hot I thought I was going to roast and my mom nor my uncle could figure out how to turn on the air conditioning. I finally asked them to just pull over so I could take off my shirt, while we were taking off my shirt we figured it out and the van started cooling down really fast. Once I get overheated it's really hard and it takes a long time to cool me down. Robby got a really nice work out with their dog Mondo. I came home and Teresa put me to bed, I can't believe I didn't get any pictures AGAIN.

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That corgi :) said...

Happy belated birthday to your mom, Tammie! Sounds like she had a nice birthday party! And then another party the next day! Happy belated birthday to Parker! So sorry about your friend with serotonin syndrome :( I too hope he will be okay.

Our weather got all cloudy and gloomy too; suppose to stay like that all this week, May Gray they are calling it!

I do try to smile at everyone who is in a wheelchair or disabled in any way and try to say "hi" to them and try to comment on something, like "nice day", whatever. I'm sure it is hard when people avoid looking at you :(