Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting back to the old routine…

Monday was a really long day. I planned on getting Up but personal care just took too long and by the time I would have gotten up it would have been time to go back to bed. Luckily Otis came by to do the yard and had his three dogs with him so Robbie got to play in the yard practically all day, he is exhausted. I had to call Roto-Rooter out again to fix the sinks in the to downstairs extra bathrooms, I don't think I should be having problems this soon? Angie came by with her son Parker and her two daughters, the twins Piper and Phoebe. I don't know how she does it, she was juggling three kids and still carried on a conversation with my mom and I… makes me glad I only have one dog.

Tuesday it pretty much rained all day so no long cruise for us. For some reason I wasn't feeling really great, I hope I'm not getting sick. We have tried just about everything for my nighttime heel lift boots, everything seems to make a red mark from rubbing, so we decided to try… I know you're going to laugh… bubblewrap. I think it's making me really warm but there is not a mark on my leg from rubbing, it has been 3 nights. Tonight we tried leaving my feet uncovered and tomorrow I think were going to try to figure out how to put my bed fan back on the bed, that I can turn on and off with my computer… thank you David. I have an appointment at Dominican rehab with Andrei and Eric to install my new lateral on the right side, I think it's going to work out great. I also inquired about using the electronic stimulation bicycle there for a while to see if it would work in my home, I hope it does. On the way home we stopped at Charlie Hong Kong's and I got some pad Thai noodles with garlic tofu, as usual it was awesome. I met this lady online who has Robby's sister, she is a really nice lady. It turns out that she grew up with James Durbin's cousin. I told her that I wanted to go see him in the record store downtown but for some reason I couldn't get up that day. She told me that she would have him sign a CD for me. She just message me and asked for my address because he is going to send me something, I'm so excited I know I won't be able to sleep now.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. We called the plumber back again and he finally figured out what was wrong with the water heater, the return valve needed to be replaced because it kept putting cold water back in… something like that. I had another appointment with my podiatrist and everything is looking great, we told him about the bubblewrap and his reaction was just like everyone else's… 1st he raised his eyebrows and then he thought about it and said “that makes sense as long as it's not too warm”. While we were there we saw some seamless diabetic socks, I'm always having a problem with the seams making marks across my toes, so I came home and found some on Amazon. We stopped at pizza my heart and split a salad and a fig, bacon, feta cheese and fresh sage pizza… it was amazing. I came home and took a nice long hot bath and went to bed happy for such a wonderful day. Tomorrow and Friday we're supposed to have thunderstorms.

Thursday turned out to be a great day even though there were supposed to be thunderstorms, there wasn't… it was beautiful and warm. I took Robby and left here early so we could cruise around before the weather started getting nasty. We took our regular cruise and then came back and practiced a couple of our commands and then it was so nice we went for another cruise and then hung out in the driveway for a while. A couple of days ago when Karen came into work she said I was acting really weird and just seem to be out of it and we couldn't figure out what it was. Tonight Teresa gave me some sleepy time she, all-natural, and I started feeling a little weird. We looked at the box and you're not supposed to take it with any kind of something inhibitors… I take 600 mg a night of Gabapentin for nerve pain, again it's all natural and it won't hurt me but it just makes me feel weird and I don't like it. Unfortunately I drink most of it before we looked at the box and didn't drink anymore after. Luckily I get to sleep in in the morning and hopefully I will be fine by the time Susan gets here for my massage. I was sleeping really good until the loud thunder woke me up at 2 AM.

Friday it was so nice outside I'm kind of sorry I didn't get up. I had my massage and we did personal care so I wouldn't have had time to do anything before I had to go back to bed in time to play cards anyway. Heather came over and cooked and made a bunch of really wonderful stuff. My uncle made some turkey noodle soup from the left over turkey from Easter and were going to have some tonight before we play cards, I hope it brings me good luck. Supposedly we just had a small earthquake, 3.5, in Aromas California… wherever that is. I didn't feel anything. Lee and Claudia brought Lee's sister with them to play cribbage, it was really nice to see her again. My uncle and aunt made some turkey noodle soup and it was awesome, my aunt made a salad and they brought over some really good sourdough bread… I got to find out where they get that bread. The was my partner and we did pretty good, we lost a couple of dollars but then got it back plus 1.

Saturday was a really nice day also. I have an appointment to get my taxes done, yes I always wait until the last minute and I really couldn't have waited any longer because the 15th is not only the deadline but a Sunday. After I had my taxes done I went out to lunch with Heather, she had been telling me about this really great Greek restaurant called Vasili's and it was really great, I could only eat half of whatever was there. Robby and I cruised down some back streets and we almost made the mistake of going down to the wharf/Boardwalk, I forgot it was the last few days of spring break and it was packed… I could see it from the bridge above as we went by. I came home for a while and was going to go cruising again with Robby and Heather came over so we just hung out for a while.

Sunday it looks so nice outside and I really wanted to go to the Catch a Wave event on the beach by the Wharf, a guy that I went to high school with founded it and it's always so much fun to watch the kids with disabilities get to surf. Unfortunately I didn't make it out of my bed except to take a nice long hot bath. Dr. Owens also called to see if we can put together a puppy play date, that didn't happen either. At least tomorrow I will be able to get up early and get out of here with Robby, it should be a really nice day.

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That corgi :) said...

I like the pictures of the lightening, Tammie! Glad you had some nice weather days; this past weekend we had lots of rain/wind, today was nice though! I like the idea of bubble wrap, whatever works I think would be good. You actually had until April 17 to file taxes this year; I guess they don't count Sunday as a day to file if April 15 falls on it and then in Washington DC April 16 is Emancipation Day which is a holiday so that bumps taxes to be due April 17; I can attest to that because we are getting our taxes done tomorrow night :)