Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Monday it was a little warmer out, it seems like it's getting warmer every day. I got up and took Robby on our regular cruise, I didn't realize that the boardwalk had opened and I was wondering why it was so busy. When I was at the end of the boardwalk I remembered that I had someone coming over to change the battery on my alarm system anywhere from 2 to 3, it was 1:40 PM, I made it home in 20 min. Of course he didn't show up until 4 PM so we could have cruised around a little bit more but at least my house alarm is not going to go off at 1 o'clock in the morning anymore. I came home and Heather was cooking a bunch of really awesome looking food, her and I are both trying to eat healthier. I always love going to bed, turning my heater on and settling in to watch TV for the night.

Tuesday I had an appointment for manicure and a pedicure, it had been 6 weeks and my fingernails were getting so long that they were breaking off. One of them I chewed off on the trip because I couldn't text anymore, that just seems wrong but I did it. I cruise Robby around for a little while but everything was still really crowded, I forgot it was spring break. When we went to the boardwalk guess who was there? SpongeBob Square pants and Patrick, I wanted to get Robby's picture taken with them but the line was so long so we cruised down to the end of the boardwalk and I was going to do it on my way back through but they were gone… maybe we'll get them next time. It's good practice for Robby to ignore people. I came back and Karen put me to bed. She also got me up and cleaned the house while I was gone so I know she's exhausted tonight.

Wednesday was a really busy but nice day. The visiting nurse came after I had breakfast and then we did some personal care and then a nice long hot bath. After my bath my ceiling lift broke but luckily on the bedroom side and not on the bathroom side, in their way all we have to do is we all my bed underneath the lift and lower me down on the bed… it's not that hard it's just a pain when you're used to doing it so easily. After I got up I was still a little chilled from the bath so I sat outside in the sun for a while, it felt great except I forgot I was taking antibiotics so I shouldn't be doing it. They took Robby and went for a cruise and found myself leaning back in the sun again at the lagoon, stop it. I was going to go down to the end of the wharf but it was too cold so I just cruised through the boardwalk, I wanted to see if any more characters were there today… I didn't see any. They started to build the stage on the beach a couple of days ago and looks like they're almost finished, I think they announced the lineup for the concerts this month… they start in the middle of June. I came back because I had an appointment with Dr. Hurray, the podiatrist. Everyone in the office is so nice and he gave me another way to address my wounds because they are getting better, he said it will take about a month but they will be gone. I came back and Teresa put me to bed, she took me to my doctor's appointment. Mitch from Pacific shine came and washed my van today, it was so filthy and there were bugs were plastered all over the windshield… it's really nice to look through a clean van again.

Thursday turned out to be a great day. My uncle came over in the morning and asked me if I wanted to go to Cosco, I would never turn down a trip from Cosco. After we got back it was beautiful outside so I decided to take Robby on a nice long cruise. We went down through the lagoon and stopped to rest for a while in the sun and then we proceeded to the work all the way down to the end and back and then to the boardwalk. There was a lot going on after work. They had a battle of the bands so we got to sit there and listen to some really cool music. I finally found a place that I could see. I was right above the stairs and back a little bit and the nice thing was that there was a security guard their clearing everybody out from the stairs. It's amazing how people will just walk and stand in front of you, they had to go around me to stand in front of me… I don't get people. On the way back we ran into SpongeBob and Patrick again, this time they were just walking along 4 o'clock. When I was out on the Wharf there was a kid out there fishing and he reeled in at baby stingray, I have never seen one that close it was really cool. When it flipped over it looked like it had a little face smiling underneath, I'm sure he wasn't smiling with that look in his mouth but then the gym and put him back. I came back and sat in the sun for a little while because it felt so good and then I went to bed.

Friday was the same old Friday routine. Susan came over and gave me a nice long massage and then we did some personal care. Gabe came over to look at my van because when my uncle took me to Cosco the day before the check engine light came on again, when am I going to stop having problems with that thing. The visiting nurse came over and I release them from my care because my podiatrist wanted me to. My brother and my niece came down to stay for the weekend, the rest of their family will be here tomorrow. Lee and Claudia, my aunt and uncle and my mom and I played cribbage. We didn't do as good as we did last time but I only lost two dollars.

Saturday was such a beautiful day. I got up and took Robbie for really long cruise but I think everybody decided to come to Santa Cruz for Easter weekend, everywhere we went was just packed with people. I came back and Janea put me to bed and then cleaned up the back porch in the yard for Easter tomorrow, we're having an Easter egg hunt in my front yard and it looks like it's going to be nice enough to have Easter outside. We have about 15 people coming over and I can't wait to watch the kids do the Easter egg hunt. This is the 1st year that I haven't dyed Easter eggs or decorated my house, everything just happened too fast after getting back from my road trip. Janet and my 2 nephews came to visit and we decided to play a couple of games of cribbage, I started out with Corinne as my partner and we were kicking butt and then she got tired of playing and my brother Stanley was my partner, we also kicked butt.

Sunday was such a great day, it was Easter. We were going to have Easter Dinner at my uncle and aunts house across the street but it got moved over to hear, I can't believe I didn't decorate this year. We had an Easter egg hunt for my cousins to little girls and then one for the bigger kids, it is always so much fun to watch. I didn't get any pictures of the Easter egg hunt but I got some dinner. We had a really nice dinner and I missed out on playing cribbage before everybody left.

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That corgi :) said...

It sounds like you had a great Easter Tammie! You've been so busy with your cross country trip and all the excitement with that! I know I've been (sadly) busy with work and whatnot I've not been blogging like I used to but I have been reading bits and pieces of your adventures with your trip and it did seem like a good one!

I bet the egg hunt was fun for the little ones. Our church hid 1500 eggs today, lots of hard work but fun to see the kids search for them :)

It is getting nice warm weather, hard to imagine summer is just around the corner!