Monday, February 6, 2012

What a great week…

Monday was a busy and cold day. I had an appointment with Andrei from Dominican rehab and Jack and Eric from ATG rehab at Dominican rehab. When we left here the sun was shining and it was nice and warm. We ordered the new laterals for my chair. I was going to cruise Robby back but it was just too cold, the sun was gone and the clouds were out so Teresa gave us a ride back. I wanted to take Robby for a nice long cruise but the sun never came back out and it was too cold, luckily Otis and his 3 dogs were here so I just let Robby run around the yard with them for a while. After he rested I put on his vest and we practiced ignoring the dogs. Robby has been paying way too much attention to dogs in public so we are working on that, she did really well. Robby and I cruised up to Dr. Owens office and I got my Depo-Provera and my flu shot. I almost didn’t go because it was cold and it looked like it was going to rain but we did it anyway and I’m glad I did even though by the time I got home I was freezing.

Tuesday was a really great day. I got up and met with Phil, the guy who is working on my back porch. He put up some dragonfly string lights that I had in my closet. We also talked about putting up some more lights, a heating lamp and he’s going to hang some pictures in my bedroom. Everything is definitely going to be done by the time Tom and Kelly get here next summer, I can’t wait for them to see it and I can’t wait to have our 1st barbecue out there. I took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon, to the end of the wharf and back and through the boardwalk and back. I saw our friend Jimbo with the guitar and the maracas on his feet, he is always so nice and friendly. They came back and went to bed and had a killer salad that Teresa made with spinach, bacon, hard-boiled eggs and bacon. I’ve been trying to eat a little bowl of salad every day. Teresa and Jess have one every day so it’s easier for her to bring me a little every day then to make a big salad just for me, most of it goes to waste. The last couple of nights my mom has even getting them and let them. Tomorrow she’s going to make a wheat Berry salad that my cousin Kelly had in her blog, it was so good. I started watching a Joan and Melissa Rivers reality show, it’s pretty funny.

Wednesday was a nice relaxing day, I’m glad I didn’t get up because it looked really cold outside. After we did my personal care I got a nice long hot bath and went back to bed. Visiting nurse was coming and there wasn’t going to be time to get out and cruise around with Robby anyway. Each time the visiting nurse comes we figure out some kind of new foot apparatus to put on my feet because everything seems to make red marks in one place or another, I think we decided I should go back to hangar prosthetics and see if they can come up with something. We found a way to prop me up a little bit on my side to give my bottom a rest, hopefully that’s one problem I won’t have to deal with anymore.

Just been to the gym. They've got a new machine in. Could only use it for half an hour, as I started to feel sick. It's great though. It provides me with everything I need - KitKats, Mars Bars, Snickers, Potato Crisps, the lot.."

Thursday was such a great day. The visiting nurse came by in the morning and everything looked great, all the redness was almost gone and now we know what we need to do. I got up and took Robby for a nice long cruise through the lagoon, to the end of the wharf and back, through the boardwalk, down the river, through town and back. My chair seemed like it was struggling a little bit going up hills and it sounds louder so I came home and called ATG rehab to check on the motors for my chair. Teresa came by and made one of my cousin Kelly’s salads, it had wheat berries, arugula, beets and I don’t remember what else but it was AWESOME, I just love having salads every day. Cassie came over and we watched Jersey shore.

Friday as usual was a great day even though I didn’t get up. I got my hour and a half massage, did my personal care and took a nice long hot bath as soon as the morning caregiver left the evening caregiver came in but we got a lot done and I don’t have to really do anything tomorrow except get up and go play with the puppy, I hope it’s nice tomorrow. It seemed like nobody wanted to play cribbage but that’s okay because I really didn’t get any time to myself today anyway. I think I’ll watch a movie and just relax. My uncle came over about 6:45 PM to see if anybody was going to play but he had just gotten home from working out on the hill and he was covered with fiberglass from the installation, he looked really tired anyway. He is helping my cousin, Rich, put in a new bathroom and they have been working really hard every day.

Saturday was such an awesome day. I was up and out of here by 11:30 AM and it just kept getting warmer. The wharf and the boardwalk were packed with people and by the time I got to the river it was so hot I had to turn around and come back and take off my braces in my thick boots. I want to go back out again but it was already 2 PM and time for my afternoon caregiver so I just went to bed, ate dinner, relaxed and watched TV. I hope Sunday is just as nice so I can get an earlier start and enjoy the day.

Sunday ended up being a long and frustrating day. It was supposed to be really nice outside so I wanted to get everything done and get up, it was such a nice day yesterday but I feel I got cheated because I wasn’t out very long. Today would have been perfect because everybody is at home watching the Super Bowl… everybody but me. My afternoon caregiver texted me 1st thing in the morning and asked me if I was going to watch the Super Bowl, she was supposed to come in at 2 PM. This told me one of 2 things, one she thought maybe she was going to come here and watch it, I don’t do sports, or 2 that she didn’t want to come in at all because she wanted to stay home and watched again so I told her to just stay home. I was supposed to get up and go to the movies with Heather but as you can guess that did not happen. I got to rest him and watch movies so it’s all worth it, I might even order a pizza later… I can at least eat Super Bowl food if I’m not going to watch the Super Bowl?

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