Monday, February 20, 2012

Starting out...

We started out Saturday about 11 o'clock and drove all the way to Bakersfield California. We found a little restaurant called the macaroni grill and had a great dinner before we went to the motel. I had a really long night because I think I was way to hot but we are really learning as we're going along. The brought us a foldaway cot but actually it worked out well. I think somebody needs to go around to hotels and explain to them exactly what a wheelchair accessible person needs, I don't know why somebody hasn't already.

Sunday we drove to Santa Ana, that is where Karen's parents live. When we got there she had homemade tacos ready for us, they were awesome. We visited for a while, what a great family she has, they made us feel so welcome. It was getting late so we went to find our hotel. This time we had an awesome hotel, they call it a Suite and Is properly named, it was sweet. Karen stayed at her parents house so she could visit so it was just Kelly and I. The fold out couch work perfectly for me and Kelly got the bedroom. I think I was out before Karen even left and I slept all night long until she came back at 6 AM the next morning. This is definitely a great hotel and we will be back.

Monday Karen's family invited us back over for breakfast, how awesome is that? Karen's mom make us some really killer enchiladas. We stayed and visited for a while but then had to go.

We headed over to Needles and stayed the night there. We wanted to get a good nights rest before we met my uncle Ronnie and aunt Patty in Kingman Arizona. We found a little diner next to the hotel called juicy's and it was really good. Kelly and I split a BLT wrap and some onion rings and Karen had a chicken sandwich.

We left Needles and drove to Flagstaff and over to my uncles house. He was the only one there but it was nice to be able to spend some time with him, his house is beautiful. Eric and Jill came over with the baby and we went out to get something to eat. We went to the Cracker Barrel and had a really nice dinner. We decided that we better get back to the hotel so we talked about meeting them for breakfast. We had a really nice breakfast with Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Patty, unfortunately Aunt Patty had to go to work so she had to leave early. After breakfast uncle Ronnie took us to a dog park to give Robbie a chance to burn off some energy. It didn't turn out really well because a couple of the dogs tried to attack him so he ended up leaving.

We drove to the Grand Canyon and found our hotel and then went to see the Grand Canyon, it was so beautiful but cold. We got a lots of pictures and then went to the lot of pictures and a couple of shirts from the gift shop. We came back to the motel and found a really nice place, the food was awesome. We found another gift shop and bought a couple more shirts. We went up to our room and turned on the heater to make it nice and warm. After about an hour or so it still was not warm and the heater was blowing cold air so we called down to the lobby and they said they would send up a maintenance guy. They did and he poked around a little bit and said he turned off the cold and hoped wasn't going to get too hot. After about another half an hour computer was still blowing out cold air so we called into the lobby again and again they said they would send a maintenance we waited for about half an hour and then decided to go ahead and put me to bed, it was getting late and very tired. I then decided to text Kelly, Kelly knows how to take care of things like that. She went down to the lobby and apparently they told her she could not see a manager because she was doing paperwork Kelly said "are you kidding me, Paperwork is more important than somebody upstairs freezing". She explained to her that I was a quadriplegic and did not have a thermostat to control my temperature so I needed the heat. She finally got to talk to the manager and got a standing heater and a couple of bellhops to help her up. They said if you needed another heater to just come down and they would give you one but when we called they said they had one heater but they needed down there to keep them warm. Kelly explain to them again but if I get too cold I could go into a coma and that would not be good for them, they were not going to give up their heater. We started staying at the best Western because there was a commercial on TV about him if you stay three nights you get the fourth night free, that's not actually what happens. What happens is you get a voucher so that you can use it at a different time. We are definitely going to be changing hotels and never staying in the best western again.

We left the Grand Canyon and drove to Gallup New Mexico. On the way I was looking on yelp and found a nice little out-of-the-way taco place. The tacos were AWESOME. We really got lucky there. We decided to try the Hampton Inn and we were so glad that we did. The room was the best one that we have had so far and the staff was
so friendly and helpful. They had a really nice layout for breakfast, I had oatmeal, fruit and English muffin.
I decided to take Robbie down and run him around the parking lot for a little bit and it's a good thing that I did because right after I got out of the elevator downstairs it broke so now they're having to carry all the luggage downstairs. Practically everybody at the hotel helped us carry our luggage out, everybody is so nice. I guess we didn't think about the altitude and what a difference it would make in everything.When I got out of my chair I turned around and looked at my cushion and it had filled up with air. We are all dried up and sneezing.

We drove pretty much all day and ended up in Santa Fe New Mexico, I love the buildings and all the little shops downtown. We found a little Mexican restaurant and the food was awesome.

From Santa Fe we drove all the way to Amarillo Texas. We got here too late for their evening buffet, they have morning and evening buffets here. It's a really nice hotel. We ended up going to Famous Dave's barbecue which is right next door and we're really disappointed. The pulled pork and broccoli was very salty, so salty that Karen and I just threw it away. The corn, mashed potatoes and muffin was great. We had a really late night with personal care so we called downstairs and they gave us till 1 PM to get out.

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