Sunday, February 26, 2012

Half way...

Our next stop was Oklahoma City. We decided to stop at Chili's because it was right across the street. While we were getting our food at Chili's we saw a fire truck pull up across the street at our hotel, kind of scary. Then we saw an ambulance show up and take somebody away. I ended up having a pretty miserable night. I'm always afraid that I'm going to be too cold at night so I make sure my blanket is on high and it's hot in the room, most of the time I'm okay but last night I got really hot. The TV was really loud so I was afraid if I called Karen she wouldn't hear me and if she didn't hear me I would just have a panic attack. When morning finally did we had a really nice breakfast, they had an omelette bar and they were awesome, I had a spinach, mushroom and bacon one.

We left Alabama and ended up driving to Fort Smith Arkansas.The town was really old and kind of looked like a ghost town but it was very interesting, the old buildings and the paintings on the walls and buildings were really cool. It didn't look like there was a lot of civilization in Fort Smith but there sure were a lot of cemeteries and places that made headstones. We cruised around downtown for a while But all we saw was a bunch of Sonics, KFC's and Taco Bell so we decided to try Chili's again. I had another really bad, sleepless night. I am really not used to not being able to control the environment so the last couple of nights I have been really warm, I don't know if it's worse to be warm or cold. We got up really early and we were actually ready to go by 10 AM. I think our next stop is Memphis where we are going to stay for a couple of days and enjoy.
When I looked out the window in the morningit was really nice sunny and no wind at all so I decided to take long before nice long one. As soon and we got outside the wind kicked up and the sun went away but we had a nice long cruise anyway, he will be ready for our four hour drive. I will never forget when we were in Santa Fe I saw one of the sprinklers in the hotel bedroom and there was actually a sign
By it with a hangerwith a slash through it, that means somebody actually tried to hang something on it… Unbelievable. I wish I would have gotten a picture.

We left Arkansas headed towards Memphis Tennessee. We decided to stop about halfway and have lunch, usually we wait until we get there and have dinner and then we are way to stuff to do anything. We found a place called The Whole Hog and it was the best barbecue place I have ever been, we all had pulled pork and it was awesome.

We drove to Memphis Tennessee and found an embassy suites, they are always really nice.
We decided to stay in Memphis for a couple of night so we could give ourselves a little rest. It was really nice here. We went downtown to Beale Street and cruise around and then we ate lunch at a really nice barbecue place, went downtown and had our picture taken with the copper statue of Elvis Pressley and then went on to Graceland. By the time we got to Graceland unfortunately it was close but we did get to take some pictures.
The weather is starting to get warmer and that is really nice. I can go out in the morning and run Robbie around the hotel parking lot several times while the girls are packing everything up.

Our next destination was Birmingham Alabama. We decided to try a Hyatt hotel and it is very nice. We ordered room service because we got in a little bit late and didn't really see anything around and we really work in the mood to stop anywhere. Tomorrow we are going to be in Newnan Georgia. We are going to stay there a couple of nights just so we can see my brother David and his family, I am really excited about that. The next day we will be on our way to Florida and it will be so nice to see Tom and Bailey.
I can't believe how well everything is going on this trip. I had a lot of worries but I tried not to think about them,I feel so safe with Kelly and Karen and I'm glad we decided to do it and I will definitely not hesitate to do it again.
It was late so we decided to try room service for the first time on our trip and It was really good, we all had hamburgers, sun chips and a salad and the salad was actually fresh and really greens. I slept really good and we are only about 2 1/2 hours away from Newnan Georgia. The weather was really nice outside so Robby and o went on a nice long cruise around the buildings.

Got a full tour of Newnan Georgia, ended up in the projects because we went to Hampton Place instead of Hampton way, got a detour because of a huge accident but we finally found it… It's a beautiful place.
My brother David came by on Friday night and brought some pizza. His wife Anna Maria, his daughter Deziree & John Patrick came by too, the pizza was really good and it was great to see them. They visited for a while but David had to work the next day so they went home. The next night we met back here again and had pulled pork sandwiches, they were really good. It is really nice to be able to see them every day, we hardly ever get to see Anna Maria, Deziree and John Patrick so that was especially nice. Sunday David had off so we went over to their place and Anna Maria made homemade lasagna, manicotti, Italian sausages and a salad. Everything was awesome.We ate until we thought we were going to pop and then we had to have a little more . We had a really nice visit, although it's always too short.

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