Monday, March 5, 2012

Almost there...

We left Georgia and drove to Gainesville Florida, five more hours and we are at Tom and Kelly's. About halfway we decided to stop and eat at IHOP, I had a chicken, spinach and mushroom crape. The hotel that we picked tonight was the Hilton, it is really nice. They only have a king size bed so they are bringing us a rollaway cot. We had one in one of our first couple of hotels and they are pretty nice and my mattress fits on there perfectly. We slept really good. Karen noticed that they had a check off list for breakfast items. You check off what you want and then put it outside the door by midnight and that's what they bring you for breakfast, pretty cool. I went for the bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and tomatoes and it was awesome. Karen went for the pancakes and said it
Was also awesome. We also had a big pot of coffee and some orange juice.
It was beautiful outside so I decided to take Robby for a really long cruise while the girls pack up everything. I a couple of abandoned parking lots and the sun was out it was a really nice breeze… I love Florida. We took off for the first half of the end of our road trip to Tom and Kelly's house. We stopped along the way and had some KFC, not as good as I remembered. When we got there it was so great to see Tom, he came running out and gave us a big hug and kiss… We felt so welcome. Tom and Kelly drove us over to our hotel. It is beautiful, we have ocean all around us. It's more like an apartment here we have a full kitchen and everything. There is a roll in shower and I cannot wait to try it. Outside you can see water and we have a drawbridge th├át goes up every once in a while soa big boat can go underneath it, it is so cool. I can't wait to get up and out and explore. I took a nice long hot shower, the shower in here has two shower heads and a sprayer and it was awesome. I just got up and of course it started raining. Kelly brought us over some homemade lasagna and some Starbucks coffee.
Karen and I decided to walk around and check out Fort Lauderdale, as soon as I got about a block away it started pouring… I guess the weather here is pretty unpredictable. We came back and Tom and Kelly took us for a little tour around and it is just beautiful here. Karen and I went to target and got a few things that we needed and then we went to dinner at this really cool fish place by the ocean. While we were eating it just started pouring rain, the rain here is weird because it goes sideways but it was beautiful to watch.

We decided that Thursday we would have to spend the day washing clothes, it has been two weeks so we all running out of clothes to wear. It was supposed to be nice but it looks like it's kind of cloudy. Even when it's cloudy and Wendy here it's pretty warm. Tom is getting the van fixed, changing the oil and stuff that we need to take it back and Robbie has an appointment to get a bath and his toenails trimmed at 1 PM. After we dropped Robby off to get a bath we went over to Tom and Kelly's to hang out for a little while. Karen and Kelly took our clothes over to the laundromat, we had about six loads. Tom took me for a little tour of the lagoon and dog park and then across the street we found some iguanas and some really cool birds. After we washed all of our clothes we hung them around the yard in Tom and Kelly's house to dry, I can't believe I never put my clothes in the dryer...I hope they're dry by morning. Tom and Kelly took us out to this really nice restaurant called The Brick House. The food was awesome. After that we went back to the house and hung out for a while until they called and said that Robbie was ready. Apparently Robbie found a buddy at the groomers and they were having such a good time that they just wanted to let them play, Robby really needed it being cooped up in the van so much. We were really torn between staying here another day and heading back to Georgia in time to spend the day with my brother on his day off. We didn't get much time to relax and explore around here and it's so beautiful that's really sad. We only have the room for three nights and they weren't able to give us another night because it was booked. We didn't even get a chance to get any souvenirs, I hope we have time to get some today before we leave. We were able to get souvenirs before we left Fort Lauderdale. On the way we stopped by to visit Tom's mom and her best friend, we had a really nice dinner but unfortunately couldn't stay very long. We drove to Riverview Florida and had the most amazing presidential suite I have ever seen in my life, they upgraded our wheelchair accessible room . We had so much room. There was a dining table a desk, a TV , a fold out couch and a the half bath and then you went into the huge bedroom with a king size bed there was another bathroom with not only a roll in shower
But a huge Jacuzzi tub. Unfortunately we messed up the room before we got to take pictures so everyone could see how awesome it is. It also included a home cooked breakfast or fruit and Continental breakfast. We woke up and had an awesome breakfast and packed up to get out of here before 11 AM so we could get as close to Georgia as we can. Anna Maria picked up Aubrey and Stephen this morning at the airport and tomorrow is Dave's day off so we're hoping to spend the day with everybody, it will be great.

As much as we hated to leave the awesome room we drove on to Macon Florida, it's only about two hours away from where my brother lives but it was already eight o'clock and we didn't dare go two more hours, we still had to unpack and get everything set up. We ended up staying in the same hotel name is definitely not the same accommodations . We asked for roll away bed and they said that they would have one and then they said that they would try to have one, it's not going do us any good to stop there if they don't have one. The room was nice we didn't get a free breakfast but they did end up finding a roll away bed for me. Robby was testing out both beds and then ended up sleeping underneath mine. We got a pretty early start in the morning, We forgot about daylight savings time and losing an hour. I texted my brother and they were also running late so I didn't feel so bad. We got a really late start on Sunday and I felt bad. We didn't get to my brothers until about 2 PM but they were just hanging around and they are so easy-going. It was really nice to see my niece Aubrey and her son Steven, I haven't seen Stephen since he was born. We hung out for a while and then decided to go have dinner at Olive Garden, they don't have any in Santa Cruz and I'm always seen the commercials on TV and it looks awesome… It was. We came back and it was late so we took some pictures and then headed over to the hotel.

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