Monday, August 1, 2011

30th eighth grade graduation reunion...

Monday I decided to stay in bed because I had a bad morning I was exhausted. I took a nice long hot bath and rested all day but I couldn’t sleep, as tired as I was.

Tuesday and was supposed to go on the roaring Camp Railroad with Tom and Kelly, we have been wanting to do this for a long time. I had another really long morning and didn’t feel good so we ended up not going, luckily the tickets are good for another day. I got up and cruised around with Robby for a little bit but it was really hot and I was really tired.

Wednesday I felt much better and I went to see Claudia to get a manicure and pedicure, that always makes me feel better. Robby and I cruised down the reservoir and met Teresa at cost plus. I saw some dragonfly wire wrapped lights so I want to get them before they were gone, I even looked online and they were out of them everywhere. I got the lights and a really cool bottle mobile, the guy ringing us up bad mouthed my mobile the whole time he was wrapping it up. I also got some sand to put it outside, I had a bunch of shells and starfish shaped dishes to put them in. We decided to go by Ross and looked around but didn’t really see anything.

Thursday I got up and was going to run Robby around but it was really cold and overcast so I was waiting for the sun to come out, it never did. Kelly suggested we go to the roadhouse restaurant in Davenport so we all drove out there. Kelly and I split an order of fish tacos and truffle, Parmesan fries... they were AWESOME. We also got garbanzo beans, still in the little husk cooked in red chili oil and lemon, they were also AWESOME. We will definitely be going back there. I came home and went to bed and here it is 11:46 PM and I can’t sleep. I guess I can to catch up on my TiVoed programs.

Friday was a great day. I got my massage, got up and took Robby for a really long cruise through Santa Cruz and back, went to dinner with Tom and Kelly at the ideal bar and grill and then went to the average White band concert on the beach. The band was okay but dinner with my cousins was awesome. Kelly and I split a crab and shrimp melt and some french fries. It started getting really cold towards the end of the concert so we were glad to get home where was warm.

Saturday I was supposed to go to my eighth grade 30 year reunion. My brother was going to fly down from Georgia and my friend Sheri from fifth grade was going to spend the night and go with us also. At the last minute everybody had something come up and they couldn’t make it. Tom and Kelly said that they would take me but I figured I would just get it and go next year.

Sunday we decided to go to Alice’s restaurant for breakfast, Tom and Kelly took us before and it was not only a really nice drive but a cute little place. We got about down to the roadhouse and my mom called and said our Modesto family is here so we turned around and came back. We ended up going to the roadhouse and had a really nice meal and then came back and hung out for awhile.

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