Monday, August 15, 2011

Spinal Cord Injury Support Group BBQ/Potluck...

Monday at the last minute I decided just stay in bed. It looked like it was going to be really cold and overcast outside and I was just exhausted. I found a mobile carwash company that will come out once a month and wash my van, it’s looking pretty bad. It was a really nice relaxing day.

Tuesday started out to be a really good day. I had an appointment with Dr. jet hoping to finally find out why I am having stomach problems. She got a copy of the x-rays that took but they didn’t really help. She gave me a couple of really good suggestions to try. I really like her and she’s very knowledgeable. After that I went over to Quest to get some blood drawn for a bunch of tests that I’m supposed to do once a year. They took about six vials so I hope they have enough. On the way back we decided to call my uncle and see if everybody wanted to go over to the wooden nickel for lunch, of course everybody did. Every time we go out I always eat way too much and Kelly and I decided that we would split something. We split a BLT sandwhich and had a huge mound of fries. They also give you a little cup of coleslaw and some chocolate cake with whatever you order. Tom had calamari and rice and we were jealous. My uncle had a shrimp salad that had the biggest bay shrimp I have ever seen. Sylvia and her friend had fish and chips, also very killer. Before we went to the restaurant Karen texted me and said that Teresa wasn’t coming in so she was going to come back and put me to bed. They were going to have a family meeting to decide whether they should take Patrick off of life support, I can’t believe it. Patrick takes care of my yard and is in a band. We just went to see him play about a month ago and two weeks later he ended up in the hospital with liver cancer and he is gone downhill since. He is such an awesome guy and I am going to miss him so bad.

Wednesday my morning care took a long time so I decided to take a nice long hot bath and just go back to bed. I have been thinking about Patrick a lot and I’m just very sad. His girlfriend just lost her brother and her nephew and now the love of her life.

Thursday I was so excited to finally get my broken tooth fixed, so excited that I made the appointment for 10 AM. I try not to do that because sometimes it’s really hard to get up that early but I did it. It turned out I didn’t need a root canal I just needed to replace the porcelain crown, that was really good news. After the dentist we stopped by to get Tom, Kelly took me to the dentist. We went to Costco and about halfway through our shopping experience by tooth fell out and it hurt like crazy. We call the dentist office and they said to come on back over so we finished our shopping and then went back. It didn’t take her very long to glue it back in so we decided to go to the roadhouse restaurant for dinner. Right before our food came I could feel the corner of the tooth lift up with my tongue so Kelly called the dentist again and they were busy to the doctor said he would come by my house on his way home. We packed up my dinner for later and I had a cup of puréé corn soup, it was really good. When we got home I was in the driveway with Robby when the doctor came. It was so sweet and he fixed my tooth and then went on home, I really hope it stays intact at least through the weekend. While my caregiver was putting me to bed my family decided to go out to eat so they brought me back a plate of tacos, beans and rice so I ate the tacos, I shouldn’t have and I know I’m going to be sorry but they were really good.

Friday turned out to be a really good day. I started off with a massage and then got up and took Robby for a cruise to the wharf and back, it was a beautiful day. We, Tom and Kelly and Lexi and Seth and I, decided to skip the concert on the beach and go to the movies, we decided to see the movie Buck. It was a really good movie, if Tom had not suggested it I would have never gone to see it. After the movie we decided to go to Mobos for sushi and of course that was also awesome.

Saturday was our spinal cord injury potluck/barbecue. We decided to have it at Joe and Maria’s place. They lived in an apartment complex that is wheelchair friendly and easy to find. It was a really beautiful place and hopefully we will be able to have more events there, I’m hoping that if we have more fun stuff more people will come to the support groups. There was only about nine people there but we had a really good time. I brought some croissant sandwiches and Joe and Maria made some killer kebabs and we really had a good time just visiting. Marv brought his new service dog Yara and after we ate we watched them play and that was really entertaining, they were so funny. Debi, the lady that made the carrot cake for my surprise birthday party, made another cake for me to bring and everyone loved it. Tom, Kelly and Karen went with me to help set up and to take pictures. I was just going to ask Tom and Kelly to drop us off because I figured there wasn’t going to be very many people there and I thought it would be boring but ended up staying and I’m glad they did, it was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time.

Sunday I got up and took Robby on a really long cruise through the lagoon, to the end of the wharf and back, through the boardwalk, down the river to Ross and back through town. There was a bunch of pelicans at the end of the wharf, one of them blonde. On my way back by one of them swooped down really close to me, they are HUGE. I looked behind me and they were going after a fish that a lady pulled up from the water, she battled with them for a little while and one. I looked around and two pelicans were standing really close to me, it was awesome. After we got back home my uncle came over to say hello and told me that he cut his grandsons bike in half, that is the funniest thing I ever heard and what a great lesson. He said he told him he better put it away and not leave it in the middle of the walkway or he would cut it in half and apparently his grandson just looked at him and went in and grabbed a gallon of ice cream and started eating it. My uncle told him he had 10 minutes to move it and came back out a half-hour later and it was still there so he cut it in half. His grandson cried and his grandma felt bad for him but I bet he doesn’t do that again??

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