Monday, August 1, 2011

Gilroy garlic Festival...

Monday I got up and took Robby for really long cruise and practice of the bunch of his commands, a nose all his commands he just gets a little more excited with people around. I try to take him through the boardwalk and the wharf so he can get used walking by people and ignoring them.

Tuesday I took Robby for a very long cruise and then I had an appointment at Dr. Owens office. I just wanted to get all of my yearly appointments finished before Teresa went back to school at the end of August, so I get to look forward to that next month.

Wednesday we were going to go on the roaring Camp Railroad ride through Santa Cruz and Felton but it looked like it was going to be way too cold. We went to the Farmer’s market instead and have these really killer roasted potatoes. There is a track that sells rotisserie chicken and roasted potatoes.

Thursday we went to San Francisco to have noodles. It looked like it was going to be really cold but turned out to be a beautiful day. It’s really hard to find a place for Robby to go to the bathroom around there but I eventually found a place and went back there in time. We decided we were going to try to go back there every Thursday, on the other side there is an arts and crafts area that we didn’t even get to look at.

Friday was recertification for Robby Day. I met a couple of the ladies at the Capitol Mall and they ran him through a couple of cases and he did pretty good. They weren’t sure if they were going to recertify him for a year or three years because he still has issues with people, it’s hard to keep people and other dogs away from him around here. We decided not to go to the concert.

Saturday I had planned on staying in bed because it was such a long week and next week is long also. My uncle asked me if I wanted a lifesaver’s candy and it broke my tooth, I couldn’t believe it, Saturday afternoon and the pain was unbelievable. My mom had a couple of Vicodin upstairs so I took those and it made me feel even worse, I had never taken Vicodin before. I had an anxiety attack but had to wait for a while to take a Xanax so needless to say I had a miserable night and. Kelly went down to CVS and got me some wax to cover the whole site didn’t have the nerve pain.

Sunday we were supposed to go to the Gilroy garlic Festival. After the night I had the night before and the fear of my tooth breaking again I didn’t dare go. I had been looking forward to it for a long time but that’s the way it goes sometimes. At least Tom and Kelly got to go, I think they would enjoy it very much. I just stayed home in bed again and slept most of the day, I should feel pretty good by tomorrow.

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