Saturday, July 9, 2011

Haven't been keeping up very well with my blog...

Monday almost everyone was gone, it was kind of sad. Time sure does fly fast when there is a lot of family around.

Friday I didn’t get my massage because one of Susan’s kids was sick but it was really nice to sleep in. Karen came in at 10 AM to get me up and Kelly and I went to go have sushi at Mobos, of course it was awesome. We came home for a while and then headed out to the concert on the beach, Eric burden and the animals. They put on a really great show but there was a lot of commotion around us, late people trying to scoot everybody out of the way so they can get in to see. I’m kind of torn about how I feel about that. I believe that since people in chairs can’t see over everyone else they should be able to sit up in the front but there was some people who have been standing there for a couple of hours waiting to see the show so it’s not fair to make them move. How about everybody show up early or on time and not expect anything?

Saturday Kelly, Teresa, Karen and I went to the Woody’s on the wharf. I went last year but it wasn’t much fun going by myself and I didn’t stay very long, this time I got to really look at everything and it was awesome. I was supposed to go to a 20 year reunion from where I used to work but I was just exhausted, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. We decided to go have a chimichanga and come back home. Coming back from the wharf Kelly ran into a couple of friends and she decided to spend more time with them. Teresa and Karen wanted to go shopping downtown a little bit but every time I would stop I would fall asleep so I decided to come home.

Sunday I decided to stay in bed and get some rest although that never really happens. I think I just didn’t want to think about all that time to get up and then go back to bed when I could just be comfortable all day. It was a nice relaxing day.

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That corgi :) said...

wow, they continue to have good groups at your concerts Tammie!! I always wish people would get to places on time and not be late because it does cause a commotion whether it be late to church or a movie or a play or concert!

its god you haven't been keeping up with your blog; its probably because there are more funner things to do instead!!

funner is not really a word, I know, but I use it a lot :)