Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Robby...

Monday once again I ended up staying in bed, of course it was a beautiful day and I would have rather been cruising around but stuff happens. I couldn’t figure out why Robby is so sleepy all the time and then Teresa reminded me that he’s taking antihistamines, I didn’t even think about that. Tomorrow he gets a bath and hopefully I will be able to take him off of them so he can beat his old lively self again. We started taking down the Halloween decorations, time for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday was once again massage Day, it should be a holiday... I guess it is for me. While Susan was here giving me a massage I mentioned that I would love to have a cornucopia for Thanksgiving. She came back about an hour after she left with two cornucopia baskets and some really pretty ribbon, she is awesome. Karen took Robby over to get a bath and find out why he is still itchy. The infection on his back has cleared up but now he has an infection in between his paws and on his lower and lip from scratching and linking. I hear him all night long licking like crazy but I have no idea he was this bad, we wash his feet every night and never even noticed. He has an appointment on Thursday with the doggie dermatologist, that even sounds expensive but whether you can do?? I got dressed and got up and went over to pick up Robby and talk to the doctor and then I took Robby for a cruise. I was going to go to the wharf because it was warm and I knew it would be cool there but it seemed like everything was blocked off. The sidewalks were torn up on one side of the street and there was a cyclone fence put up on our normal route. They are building some kind of Marine sanctuary and I think we’re just going to have to find a different route.

Wednesday I had an appointment with Claudia for a manicure and pedicure, I picked a light brown color with diamond sparkles in it. It’s the perfect color for fall. We came back and Cassy took us grocery shopping and then back home for the standing frame. I’m up to half an hour now and I love it. It really makes me feel great.

Thursday was Robby’s appointment with the dermatologist. It looks like he has a yeast infection in between his toes and on his lower lip, I guess I’m not the only one in this family that gets those. They took some blood for a blood test and put him on Diflucan, the same thing they give me. Hopefully this will clear it up. When Robby got back from his appointment we went for a cruise down to the lighthouse so I could FINALLY see how far away it is, 1.7 miles one way, I have been trying to remember to do that for a long time. We got back home and put the rest of the Halloween decorations away and got out the Thanksgiving decorations and put them up. While I was taking a bath last night my aunt and my mom came in to tell me that my other aunt was in a really bad car accident. She is really banged up, has for broken ribs... one of them punctured her lung and the other one collapsed. She also has brain damage but my cousin talked to her last night. It’s so frustrating because she is so far away but she has one of her sons with her and another son and two daughters on their way to be with her. This is so sad.

Friday turned out to be a really great day. We went to the Santa Cruz skill nursing facility and they were having a party, I guess they have a birthday party for everybody every couple of months. The theme for this party was the roaring 20s. It was so nice to see everybody having a good time, I just love the people there and they sure love Robby. After I went to Beverly’s fabric to get stuff to put into my cornucopia’s. I didn’t know that I had any but I think we found about four or five, three of them were empty. It was a lot of fun picking out the stuff to put in it. I also went to Ross to see if I could find some platters to put them on but I didn’t see anything so I will see what I have or just put them on the table. I came home and Cassy got me up in the standing frame for half an hour and then I went to bed. I kept falling asleep while Cassy was doing some chores but of course now that everybody has left I’m wide awake, Robby is sleeping like a puppy. I got a message from my cousin that said her mom, my aunt, is doing really well and they will move her out of ICU tomorrow and she will be able to go home in a couple of weeks after rehab, the best news ever.

Saturday turned out to be a really nice day. Robby and I cruised through the boardwalk, down the Levy and went shopping at the World Market and OfficeMax. I got a really nice frame for a portrait that I had made of Robby, I put it right above his food and water dish. Saturday night we played cribbage with some friends. Today is Robby’s birthday and he is three years old.

Sunday it was supposed to rain all day so I ended up staying in bed, it’s much more comfortable if I’m not going anywhere just stay in bed all day and watch movies. Unfortunately that means no play date for Robby, he is kind of stuck in bed also. I have a lot of errands tomorrow so hopefully we can make up for being stuck in bed all day.

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That corgi :) said...

Happy Birthday to Robby! And I love that picture and frame of his, Tammie!! Looks wonderful!! Glad you are enjoying the time you spend in the standing frame!!

glad also you could find out what was causing Robby to itch so much! I am sure it was worth the money to go to the dermatologist to get him some relief!