Sunday, October 10, 2010

My new toy...

Monday I took a bath and then went back to bed. ATG rehab was coming out to fix my chair and they needed me to not be in it. The casters on my chair have been making a really loud clicking noise, remember when we used to playing cards in the spokes of our bicycles? It was really annoying. Also the armrests on my chair were really loose. Apparently they only got in one of the parts to fix my armrest and it was the last one, the right one is the one that is the loosest. He changed the casters in the front and said that he would recommend I change the ones in the back also. Now that it’s not making a clicking noise he said that he could hear the engine whining, probably not a good and probably very expensive I would guess. The sidewalks and we do have here in Santa Cruz are in really bad shape for the most part. I generally ride in the street but I don’t like to do that because it puts Robby in between me and the cars that pass by. Last time I went to Dominican rehab Terryn suggested that we make a list of the worst sidewalks but we never did, one of these days we will. maybe at the next support group.

Tuesday the massage therapist came at 8 AM, I just love massage Day. I didn’t get up until 1 PM so Robby and I went for a cruise down to the lighthouse and then back home. By then it was time for my first time in the standing frame at my house. Teresa taught Cassy how to get me up because I think she is going to be doing it most of the time. It was really exciting to know that I can go into standing frame whenever I want and it is sent up to fit me, we don’t have to readjust it every time.

Wednesday was my appointment with Claudia to get a manicure and pedicure, I decided to go with dark brown with sparkles... I got to have the sparkles. After that Robby and I went for a cruise past the lighthouse to the dog Beach. We were above looking over at the water, it was so beautiful. For some reason I decided to take the bumpy path back to the trail and of course I got stuck in the soft dirt. I tried to call my cousin but for some reason Skype kept coming up and wouldn’t let me make a phone call, my cousin deleted Skype when I got home. Eventually a gentleman walked by so I asked him if he could give me a little push because I was stuck, he was very nice and helped me. I think I’ll be a little bit more careful where I cruise my chair from now on.

On Thursday Kelly and I went to Mobos for sushi, we both looked up place. After that we went to Palace art supply store and I got some cobwebs to hang up outside and of course I found a couple of other things that I couldn’t do without. We cruised around downtown for a while and then went to Beverly’s fabric to find some plastic canvas sheets to cover the motor in my pond, it keeps getting clogged with leaves. We came home and I got to get up in the sanding frame again. My uncle came over so that he could help if Cassy needed it in the future. I ended up standing for about 20 minutes while Cassy and my uncle exercised my legs with the glider. I took a bath and then went to bed and slept great.

Friday it was time for my cousin to go home, it was so great to have her around and her husband. My aunt decided to take a trip back to Florida with her so they could finally get a chance to catch up, either one of them sit still for very long. This was my first Friday at the Santa Cruz skilled nursing, I usually go on Mondays but Friday’s they have pet therapy day so I decided to go then. There were four other dogs there, all Chihuahuas and they all got along really well. Everybody was really sweet and I’m really glad I decided to go on Fridays instead of Monday’s. We came home and Cassy gave Robby a bath and found something that looked like a tick on the side of him. We look up how to get it off and the Internet said drowned in with olive oil and then pull it out. I haven’t had anything to do with ticks for a very long time so I panicked, did we get the head out? I called the vet and they said to bring Robby and and the tick that they would tell us what we need to do next... it was a skin tag. They stopped the bleeding and put some antiseptic on it and sent them back home.

Saturday I got up and took Robby for a really long overdue cuise. We cruised through the lagoon, down the wharf, down the boardwalk, along the canal, back and to a car show. I remember seeing the advertisement for the car show on TV but I forgot all about it. They have a lot of really cool cars there and the weather was perfect so we hung out for awhile and then cruised back home. Friday night some friends came over and we played cribbage. It was a great day.

Sunday I had to cancel puppy play date because I wasn’t sure if I should take Robby while he is still taking medication for his skin infection. I didn’t take him for a long cruise past the lighthouse and down to the wharf, it was pretty warm today and he was pretty tired when we got back. We did some more decorating for Halloween, it looks awesome. We’re going to do some more on Thursday, hopefully finish up.


That corgi :) said...

you look great in your standing frame, Tammie!! too funny that Robby's tick turned out to be a skin tag; better safe then sorry to have him checked out though!


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