Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lots of family and then there was none...

Monday Cassie, Heather and I went to see Salt, awesome movie.

Tuesday We had a group of friends over for dinner and Cribbage. Kelly made lasagna and it was so good, she also made a salad and garlic bread... also killer.

Wednesday Tom and Kelly took me to San Francisco for the day. They have lived there off and on through the years and that’s where they got married, it’s really nice to go there with somebody that knows their way around. The weather was PERFECT, it was 70 and just enough wind to keep it cool. We had a really nice lunch and sat out on the pier and just enjoyed the day and each other’s company.

Thursday I went back to bed. I was supposed to go to Santa Cruz skilled nursing to visit but my whole body just turned red and I didn’t feel right so I went back to bed. After thinking about it all day the only thing I did different was take niacin so I think that had to be it. I looked it up online and there is even a name for it “niacin flush” I think I won’t take niacin anymore but I’m really glad that I know what it was.

Friday Was the free concert on the beach, Eddie Money. This is the second time that I have seen him on the beach and he is never disappointing. He played for the full hour, usually the bands play about 40 or 45 minutes... I hear that a later show is always better. One of the best concerts so far. I saw the activities director for the Santa Cruz skilled nursing there with a group of people, they were all sitting behind the fence of where the designated people with mobility problems are supposed to sit. Again there was about five people who came really early, I was there at 3 PM and saw the empty chairs, and left chairs and then came back just before the concert started. I didn’t think this was fair because they just walked in and sat down. The activities director said that she talked to security about it but it didn’t look like much was done. One couple brought their daughter and an additional wheelchair and the man and the daughter didn’t even stay for the show so there was too empty chairs.

Saturday I took Tom and Kelly to Ristaurane Italiano. Teresa took me there last year for my birthday and it was AWESOME. We all enjoyed what we ordered very much and the stuffed mushrooms were also the best. I wanted one of them to order Cioppino so I could at least see what it looks like, I think it would be way too much work if I ordered it myself. I saw a couple of people ordered calamari, I will definitely be on our menu next time.

Sunday my mom made bean soup and it was really good. We also had a salad and garlic bread. My sister-in-law, my niece and two of her friends came down to spend the night, their last hurrah before school starts.

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That corgi :) said...

sounds like you guys all had a great time, especially the trip to San Francisco, Tammie! glad the weather was good for it too; I always think if it is a bit on the cool side that it is better than hot temps especially when sightseeing!