Monday, July 26, 2010

What a great week...

I am still so upset about the little dog attacking Robby. I did write our congressmen and I got a couple of responses, one was automated and the other said that they were looking into it and they would get back to me. I also wrote to canine companions for Independence and they gave me a list of behavior and training standards for service animals so I made a copy of them and I’m going to make sure that I passed them around and always keep some with me. Apparently it is a misdemeanor to harm a service animal so maybe a nice hefty fine will detour some of these people from bringing these aggressive dogs out in public and claiming that they are service animals. I cannot wait to work with the therapist over at Dominican rehab and figure out a way so that I can use my cell phone and I will be able to call and report this myself if it happens again.

On Monday Heather, Cassie and I went to have sushi at the regular place, we ate a lot and had a really nice visit. After that we went to see inception, it was a really good movie but one of those that I think I will have to see a couple of times. We went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and then came home and Heather made us a KILLER dinner... who could ask for a better day?

Tuesday I had my last standing frame appointment, I thought I did anyway. The therapist wanted me to try a different brace, the one I wear every day. It is really good for helping me to sit up straight but it’s not really binding enough to help with my blood pressure. I didn’t quite get all the way to the standing position and I was just feeling too miserable so we had to call it a day and I have one more appointment. When we got back I was still feeling miserable so I just took a bath and went to bed. Teresa noticed that my wheel chair cushion was overinflated so we are really hoping that that is why I am feeling so miserable, it is amazing how something as simple as that can make you feel awful. I haven’t been able to exercise Robby as much as I would like or as much as I usually do so Teresa took him to the dog Beach on the cliffs and they had such a good time, she took a bunch of pictures for me. I definitely want to go next time so I can watch the dogs play. Before they noticed the tide came in and the stairs were blocked so they had to climb up the rocks to get out of the beach. I’m going to try to see if we can move the puppy play date to the beach instead of the schoolyard.

Wednesday I went to see Claudia to get a manicure and pedicure, I would really have good looking nails if I could just stop biting them. They get snagged an uneven and the more I try to even them out myself the worst they get.

Thursday I took Robby to Santa Cruz skilled nursing care facility. This is only our second visit but I love visiting with everyone there and so does Robby, he always loves a few extra scratches. I’m kind of worried that people pay attention to him will disrupt how he acts in public, in public he is not supposed to be social. I take off his vest when we get there and that will be the only place he will be allowed to be petted. If it doesn’t work out then I will just have to quit going. After Cassie took me to a secret sandwich place and I have to admit the sandwiches were awesome.

Friday I took Robby for long cruise to the boardwalk because I knew that I was going to have to leave him here when I went to the barbecue. The barbecue was for Cassie’s graduation. I cannot believe I met her when she was 13 and now she’s 16 and driving me around, she really is an incredible girl. I had to leave Robby here because her dog Yoda does not like Robby. We ran into them around the corner one day and it was all that Alex could do to hold Yoda back from going after Robby. Their family used to live across the street and when they were having some work done on their house they had to move to a motel for a couple of months and Yoda stayed with me. I hooked the dog leash on my chair and we would cruise around all over the place, we both loved hanging out together. When I got Robby Yoda would see us leave the house and cruise around, I think he is just very jealous. The barbecue was really nice, they have an amazing group of friends and I love hanging out with them. I left the barbecue a little early so I could come back and take Robby for another cruise. We cruise down to the boardwalk hoping to catch the end of the concert but we missed it, they must have only played for 40 minutes. I am really looking forward to next week’s concert, Eduardo Dinero... Eddie Money. I’m hoping that my brother David and his son John Patrick will be here, it is also the last weekend that Tom and Kelly will be staying here. They are going to be in San Francisco for two more months so I’m sure that we will see them a lot but it sure is nice having them right across the street.

Saturday Tom and Kelly took my mom and I to Alice’s restaurant in Woodside California for breakfast. It was a really cool place and everybody was so nice. One of the guys that worked there came over to ask me about service dog laws and I told him that the laws were not very strict but I am hoping to get in touch with somebody somehow to change them, he was kind of disappointed that he couldn’t turn away dogs that were obviously not certified service dogs. I had Alice’s Omelet, smoked applewood bacon, avocado, swiss cheese and tomato with hash browns and an English muffin and it was AWESOME. I definitely want to go back and try their burgers because they also looked killer. I don’t know if they were having a car show or just a group of friends drive down there for breakfast but it was really cool watching them drive out, Kelly got a lot of really good pictures. There was also a lot of people on motorcycles, usually a very good indication that it’s a good place to eat and it certainly was. Unfortunately I didn’t get to take Robby for a really long cruise so I feel kind of guilty but he’s just laying over there on his new bed and she looks happy. I got some shredded pine and some shredded cedar and Kelly sewed a cover out of some flannel sheets that I got at a garage sale, Robby loves it. The other one had a bunch of cotton material and it kept bunching up and moving to the outside of the bed and it was driving Robby crazy.

Sunday Robby and I went for a really long cruise to the boardwalk, to the wharf and down to the lighthouse. Saturday was my uncle and aunt’s 50th anniversary so we went to my cousins house up on Bear Creek Road for a barbecue, it is so beautiful up there. I lived there for a couple of years and although at the time I didn’t like it very much I would love to live there now. When I lived there I was in high school and all my friends were downtown in Los Gatos and up on Loma Prieta Avenue off of Summit Road. We got teased because in order to get up to our house we had to ride the little kids bus, that was a terrible thing when you’re in high school. I was in a really bad jeep rollover accident in 1980 and moved away to Stockton because I couldn’t stand writing on Bear Creek Road anymore. Since 1980 I haven’t been up there until last June. It really wasn’t as bad as I remembered or anticipated. The BBQ was really nice and I hope to go up there more often. Happy anniversary Uncle Dick and Aunt Kathy.

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That corgi :) said...

happy anniversary to your aunt and uncle Tammie! quite an accomplishment to get to 50 years of marriage!! sounds like you are becoming quite the advocate for service dogs and their rights. So many people will benefit from whatever work you do towards it!