Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family visiting...

On Monday Kelly, Cassie and I went to Mobos for Sushi, we now call it Mobos Monday because we are going every Monday. Heather met up with us and then after sushi we went to see Toy story 3. I don’t know why every time I go to the movies I fall asleep at least once for about 5 or 10 minutes, it’s very frustrating.

Tuesday I had my standing frame appointment. This is the longest that I have been able to stand and feel good, not to mention it felt great to stand up. Most people are surprised and don’t realize how tall I am, 5’10” when standing. My next appointment is with the vendor to order the standing frame and accessories that I need and then one more appointment and I will be able to stand at home.
Heather had her surgery and is now forced to rest for a couple of weeks, lets see how long that lasts because I know she will get antsy.

Wednesday I went for two long strolls with Robby. We haven’t been able to get out and go for a really long stroll for couple of days and he was ready. It seems like lately when we are cruising along he keeps looking up at me and staring, I don’t know if he’s trying to tell me something or if we have really bonded.

Friday I went to see Naked Eyes with Teresa, last year we went to almost all of the concert’s together and always have a good time watching and eating Boardwalk food. I was surprised that the boardwalk and the beach were not crowded at all. We didn’t get there until five and we got a real good seats in the limited mobility section, I get the zip lock rice lady to her crew somewhere else.

Saturday my uncle and I decided to cruise around and check out the yard sales, we will love to do this and the weather was perfect. We stopped to get some coffee and donut and on the way back I lost control of my chair, ran into a pole and the leg of my chair fell off. Usually I go in front of my uncle but for some reason I was behind him so I watched him ride about a block before he realized I was not behind him. He put the light back on my chair and a little while down the road it fell off again, I guess I bent it up pretty good. He put it back on again and we went by a bicycle store to see if I could put an odometer on my chair to see how far we go every day, the guy said that he didn’t think it would work and I should get a GPS. We came back and my uncle fixed the light on my chair, he can fix anything, and we were going to go out again but when I came home I could hear a dog barking, Tom & Kelly were here. It was so great to see them and they are going to be staying here, right across the street, for a month. I just love having them around.
My niece, Desiree, was supposed to come for a visit last night and stay for a couple of days but she didn’t make it on the plane. My brother works for Delta so she gets to fly free but on standby so it’s not always a sure thing. I was really looking forward to it. Next weekend my brother, David, is going to come for the weekend so I’m sure that my older brother, Stanley, and his family will come and we will just have a big family party, I love when everyone gets together.

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That corgi :) said...

I liked the pictures that you shared Tammie! looks like a nice area to explore. I heard Toy Story 3 was a cute movie!! I am glad that you and Robbie have bonded; he sounds like a great companion! I hope you enjoy all your family as they visit and you all have a great safe Fourth!!

I didn't realize you were that tall either! Glad you are able to spend more time in the standing frame