Monday, June 28, 2010

Woodies on the Wharf...

On Monday my cousin Rich brought Alexia over to spend a couple of days with Corinne, they live so far away that they don’t get to spend much time together and it’s always really nice to have her around. I had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned so the girls went to the movies.

On Tuesday I had an appointment for my standing frame. The therapist has to make sure that you’re going to be able to stand up in it for a certain amount of time before they would recommend I have one at my house. I was in the process, in fact we had already ordered one, before I had to go in before my surgery so now I have to start all over again. This is only my second appointment and I stood all the way up for about four minutes so that is exciting, I feel really good but my blood pressure was really low so we quit for the day.

On Thursday we went to have sushi at Mobos and then went to pet Smart to get Robby a couple of balls since I left his at the elementary school that last Sunday. After we got home Heather came over and made me calamari steak and prawns with asparagus over quinoa and some beets, it was so good.

On Friday Kelly and Bailey got here so we took the girls over to the arcade on the boardwalk. We decided to get one of those old-fashioned pictures taken and of course just as we got dressed my mom called and said that my high school friend showed up at my house so we took the pictures and I rushed back to the house to walk over with her. I didn’t get very far and Kelly came running after me to say that they were going to meet us at the arcade, she came here with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. As we were headed back to the arcade I heard somebody called my name I didn’t recognize the girl but she came running up to us, it was Lisa’s daughter. I hadn’t seen her for a very long time and I couldn’t believe that she remembered me. We finally caught up with Lisa and left the girls in the arcade and we walk down to the end of the boardwalk. We decided to head back to the house so we could get ready for the concert on the beach, I didn’t want to bring Robby with me because it was too crowded. We walked back and found a place and got something to eat just as the concert started, it was blue oyster cult and they put on a great show.

On Saturday we were going to go to the wharf for the Woodies on the wharf but I got a late start and I had a meeting to go to, we are trying to set up a face book page for the support group. The meeting went really well, I’m so excited about the support group I just can’t stand it. I came back and Stanley was here to spend the night and take Corinne home. It was time for me to go to bed so everybody went out to dinner and they brought me back something.

On Sunday I didn’t have a morning or evening caregiver, everybody is sick this week. Since I didn’t get up Dr. Owens decided to bring her dog here so Bella and Robby could play, usually we meet up at the elementary school for a puppy play date. Stanley and Corinne took Lexi home and Kelly and my mom took Bailey, my cousins little dog, to the vet because he wasn’t feeling well... of course it has to happen on a Sunday. It turned out that everything was okay, Bailey just ate something that didn’t agree with him.

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That corgi :) said...

loved the old time pictures, Tammie; they were too cute!! as always, Heather's food she makes you sound so delicious!! hope you have a nice Fourth of July!