Monday, June 21, 2010

First support group...

I have been looking for a loveseat for my front porch, I had a swing loveseat there but somehow it got tweaked. while I was at Home Depot I saw a love seat, two chairs and a coffee table for the same price that I have been seeing loveseat, they matched the color of my house and they were sturdy. Another lady was waiting to see if they have any more in stock so we started talking. I decided to get it and so did she but when we brought it out to the van there was no way it was going in so she volunteered to bring it to my house, her husband had a big truck. I thought that was so sweet because it was warm and she had her two kids with her, sometimes people can be so sweet.

On Friday I had a really great birthday. My sister-in-law, Janet, and my niece, Corinne, came down on Wednesday and on Friday we went to the Gilroy outlet’s and met my brother, Stanley, and my nephew, David. We shopped for a while, had a great lunch and then came back and went to the concert on the beach. It was Herman’s hermit and they put on an awesome show, he is so funny. It is a great lineup this year and I can’t wait to go every Friday. I was woken up at 4 AM with a flashlight shining around my driveway and my front porch. Somebody was pounding on my front door, my living room windows and even my door... there was no way I was going to answer the door. I called my brother’s cell phone and I could hear it ringing in the living room, they were staying across the street so I knew that would not do me any good so I called my sister-in-law’s cell phone and she did not answer but she called me back. I told her what was going on so she and my brother came running across the street. There was four police cruisers, an ambulance and a fire truck out in front of my house. My brother told the police that I had called them and they wanted to know why I didn’t answer the door so he brought an officer in to talk to me to see if I had seen anything. He was very excited to see that I have surveillance cameras but very sad to hear that they do not record. Apparently a security officer saw two guys breaking into a vehicle and tried to stop them and the two guys beat him up REALLY bad. The security officer said he saw the guy run into my house.

On Saturday was our very first support group, I have been trying to get one together since I moved here. I talked to a guy, Roger, who had one in the past but he just didn’t have time to keep it going so I told him I would do whatever I could. About seven people showed up so we all introduced ourselves and then talked for about an hour and 15 minutes, some people have scheduled rides and they had to go but we could’ve talked for a very long time. I am so excited and I cannot wait until the next support group. We are going to have one on the last Saturday of every month. We scheduled to have the rest of the support groups at Dominican rehab, it is more convenient to get to and pretty much everyone knows everyone so I think more people will come.

On Sunday was our puppy play date, always a good time. Corrine went with me, she always has a good time playing with Dr. Owens daughter Nina. I got all the way home and I realized that I forgot Robby’s favorite ball, Robby doesn’t really like to play with toys but he LOVES this ball. It belonged to Dr. Owens dog, Bella, but she gave it to Robby last week. We went back up to the playground but it was gone.

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That corgi :) said...

happy belated birthday, Tammie! sounds like you had a nice time, but what an experience with the poilce at that ungodly hour in the morning; that would have been scary indeed!

glad the first support group went so well! I think it is always comforting to get together with people going through similar things as you can relate with them