Sunday, July 18, 2010

Loverboy and the Santa Cruz Derby Girls...

The weather is finally nice and the sun is coming out so hopefully on Saturday will be able to have a big barbecue and sit outside and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Sunday was our weekly puppy play date and as usual everybody had a great time, we have as much fun visiting as the puppies do playing.

On Monday I went back up to Dr. Owens office so they could read the results of my TB test, I was glad to know I do not have it and I can visit the skilled nursing facilities regularly. I came back home and went to bed and Susan came over for my weekly massage, it always feels so good.

Tuesday was a long day. I met with Andre and Eric to find out where were going to put the laterals on my chair to make me more stable. After that I met with Livnot and Carl to order my standing frame and accessories, I’m so excited to be finally getting one because I have wanted one for a very long time.

Wednesday Kelly took me to Dr. Owen’s office to drop off a urine sample and then to quest laboratories to take a lead test to see if I have diabetes, it is in my family and I’m really hoping that I don’t have it.

Thursday my aunt, Seth and I went out to lunch and then went to see Knight and Day, we all enjoyed it very much... Seth maybe not so much.

Friday while I was cruising with Robby we went down to the end of the wharf, the weather was perfect. I saw a gentleman in a chair with what seemed to be his wife sitting on the bench next to him and a little dog under the bench with a service animal vest. As I rolled by the dog jumped up barking and running towards us. I saw him stop so I assumed that he was at the end of his leash so I continue to pass by. The dog came leaping at Robby barking and biting, poor Robby was just trying to jump out of the way but my leash is very short. The people did not even look at me or apologize. I turned around and said “really?”, and then I said “unbelievable”... at the time I couldn’t think of anything else to say. They just totally ignored me. I went to the end of the wharf and have a hard time going back because I was trying to avoid the dog and the work was really crowded. By the time I got to the lifeguard shack and couldn’t stand it anymore, I was so angry. The lifeguard took my report and called animal control. He said that I could wait there if I wanted to do a citizens arrest but he didn’t know how long it would take and I was supposed to be back home at a certain time. I told him I didn’t really want anybody to get arrested or anything and just wanted them to never bring their dog in public because it was so aggressive, it was obviously a service that that they bought online. I came home and wrote a letter to the congressman in this area, we’ll see what happens.

Friday was the second time that my service dog was attacked by another dog with a service vest, once on the wharf and once at the Boardwalk. When I reported it to Boardwalk’s security I was told that they are no longer allowed by law to ask for proof of a service animal. My service dog is from Canine Companions for Independence and I was on a waiting list for five years. It takes them two years, not counting puppy obedience training from a puppy raiser from eight weeks to 18 months, and $45,000 per dog. There must be a way to have stricter laws for service animals. I saw a news bit on Channel 7 where a lady was interviewing a homeless man with a dog that he had trained himself and somehow obtained a service dog tag, you can get one that says anything you like a pet Smart, and a service animal vest, you can pretty much get those anywhere. While the Channel 7 interviewer was interviewing the homeless man the dog barked and almost bet her arm. I am writing to see if there is anything I can do to help get stricter laws, I can see store owners and restaurants getting more uncomfortable when I bring my service dog into their business and you can’t really blame them.

The concert on the beach was awesome. This week was Loverboy, they really put on a great show. I went with Tom and Kelly and of course forgot to bring my camera but when I got home somebody had posted pictures of the concert and in two of the pictures you can see Tom and you can see Kelly standing next to him in one. Before we left Kelly barbecued some sausages and we have them with some sauerkraut that she got at a farmers market last Wednesday, talk about an awesome dinner. We will definitely be going and trying out the different sauerkraut’s that they have, this time we had an apple and fennel.

Saturday was our second support group, we have them on the third Saturday of every month. We didn’t really expect a good turnout because Shared Adventures was having a day on the beach, we didn’t realize that but we had already settled on the third Saturday. Shared Adventures is a great organization and I wish that I could have made it down to check everything out, I have a lot of family here and another engagement later on. After I came home and had dinner with my family, my sister-in-law made a killer taco salad and got some fresh bread. I went to the Civic Auditorium and saw the Santa Cruz derby girls. It was my first roller derby and I had a really good time. My doctors daughter skated with her group at halftime, I am so proud of her because she did a great job... the rest of the team did really good also.

Sunday I skipped the puppy play date and stayed in bed, I had a lot of family and late nights and I really need to get some rest, not only me but my body. I haven’t told Robby yet but I will break it to him gently.

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That corgi :) said...

Tammie, so sorry about Robby being attacked and those people not doing anything about it; that is so despicable on their part! Not even "I'm sorry" or calling their dog back or getting it under control. I do hope laws can be changed for stricter compliance of what makes a service animal such like Robby

the concert and skate derby sound like fun events!

stay cool; it is very warm down here