Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gregg Rolie...

Sunday I was supposed to meet with Dr. Owen’s babysitter for our puppy play date and an interview, she is housesitting for Dr. Owens. I was really looking forward to meeting her, I really need somebody for backup and a companion to take me shopping and errands. She comes really highly recommended. I never heard from her so I guess we will have to meet another time. I can’t believe that the fireworks are not even phasing Robby a bit, I just about jumped out of my skin every time I hear them and he doesn’t even look up.

Monday my nephew came by with about four or five of his friends to spend the day at the beach and they wanted to park here because there was no parking anywhere near the boardwalk, I love living so close and having family drop by. They didn’t really pick a good day because I don’t think the sun came out at all but they are from Modesto and they said that they had fun, that’s all that counts. They tried to have a bonfire and got kicked off the two beaches because of the curfew.

Tuesday I had one of my last two appointments for my standing frame. We met with the vendor who I am actually known since my injury, I got my first wheelchair from him. At the time I lived in Los Banos and he used to come out and pick up my chair, from San Jose which is about an hour and a half drive, for repair. It was really nice to catch up with him and I’m looking forward to seeing him again on Tuesday. I wasn’t feeling good so I didn’t want to stand up in the standing frame, I thought this visit was about ordering the standing frame and accessories. Next Tuesday I have two appointments, one with a standing frame vendor and the other to see if I can put some laterals on the back rest of my chair to keep me up straighter, I think my scoliosis is getting worse.

On Wednesday Cassie and I went to Mobos for sushi, we were able to go on Monday. We tried his new roll and it was awesome, my new favorite. After that I took Robby for a long cruise and found a new way along the river to get to Ross and Cosco. I really hate fighting the traffic and now I don’t have to.

On Thursday I took Robby to the Santa Cruz Skilled Nursing facility so I could show him off and of course everybody loved him. There was people of all ages and I had so much fun visiting with them, I’m going to try to go back once a week or so. I went to the movies with my aunt Kathy, my cousin Kelly and her friend Laura to see the karate kid. I had heard that it was a really good movie and none of us were disappointed. I went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch before and I had a shredded pork salad, that’s what I order every time and I can never finish it. I remember couple of months ago I was cleaning out my garage and I took a bunch of supplies over to the same place, small world.

We are in the process of teaching Robby to pick up his own poop, does that seem wrong? My caregiver puts it in a plastic bag and tells Robby to “hold” and he walks along and then he jumps up on the garbage can when she opens it, he hasn’t quite been able to put it in the garbage can himself but he seems so proud to help. He just seems to get so happy when you ask them to do things, he is incredible.

Friday of course was the free concert on the beach and this week was the former singer of Santana, Gregg Rolie band, it was a great show and standing room only everywhere. We decided to go to the ideal restaurant for dinner before the concert and then found out when we got there that they don’t start serving until 5 PM, we wanted to be at the concert to get a good place at 5 PM and we would have had to wait 25 minutes so we have something in the bar and appetizers. I had a bread bowl with clam chowder and it was pretty good.

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That corgi :) said...

you had a busy week Tammie!! glad Robby didn't get phased about the fireworks, Koda runs under son's bed the minute he hears any loud noise.