Monday, August 23, 2010

A great puppy play date week...

Monday Cassidy and I went to Mobo’s for lunch, I LOVE that place. After that we took Robby over to Santa Cruz skilled nursing and cruised around and visited with people for a while, I’m starting to feel really comfortable there and getting to know some really good people. Before we went to lunch I took Robby on a really long cruise through the lagoon, through the park, through the boardwalk and along the reservoir. It was a really long cruise and that was perfect with my timing, it took about an hour. Cassy came by with Jack and Moose, her brother and their new puppy and Moose and Robby played for awhile, Robby was exhausted and slept really well.

Wednesday I took Robby to the vet because he was scratching his ear a lot and it smelled really bad. He didn’t look like he was in that much pain but he had a really bad ear infection deep in his ear, so deep they said the best way was to sedate him and clean it out. I really missed him being around and I kept looking for him everywhere I went. He was really groggy the rest of the night but was his old self the next day. He wasn’t listening to me very well and I was wondering if he was testing, I felt really bad when I found out he had such a bad infection.

Thursday I took my van in for an oil change and to get the easy lock system taken out. I decided not to put it on my new chair because it is really low to the ground and I get hung up on so many things. The easy lock system is in the front where I park my chair and it just keeps tearing up the front tires on my wheelchair. Thursday afternoon Teresa and I went to get Bellà and we took Robby and Bella to the elementary school to play, they always have such a good time and it is so cool to watch them... puppies at play.

Friday I took my braces, AFO’s to hangar prosthetics to figure out why I keep getting a sore on the back of my heels. He heated them up and push them out a little more but didn’t think that was the problem. I go back next Thursday with my night braces and a couple of pairs of shoes so we can hopefully find out what the problem is. The concert on the beach Friday was Papa Doo run run, Teresa and I are not going to go but we decided to and had a really good time. On the way back I ran into a lady who crochets hat’s, I bought one for her the week before and loved it. When I bought the first one she was making one in camouflage colors so I asked her to make one for me and she said she would, I’m so excited to see what it looks like.

Saturday was our third support group. We thought there would be more people than there were but it was a really nice turnout, I think if it was any bigger it wouldn’t be as personal and I just love getting to know everyone. We did have two new people. A couple who live in Mountain View and are thinking of retiring here and a young man and his family, it is so cool to see a family so supportive. The time always seems to go by really fast and we never run out of subjects to talk about.

Sunday I went with my brother, his daughter and their friend to the beach for a while. Stanley and I had crab Louie salads on the deck while we watched the kids play in the water, it was a really nice afternoon. I came back and Teresa and I went to get Bella to take to the park. We were there for a couple of hours and got to meet about 10 new puppies, it is so cool to see everybody getting along. Dr. Owens will be back on Tuesday, it was so good for Robby and Bella to get together a couple of times and play, Robby is really worn out but feeling so much better since he got the infection taken out of his ear.

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That corgi :) said...

loved the pictures of the beach/ocean, Tammie. So pretty!! poor Robbie, glad you got his ear taken care of; sounds like it was an awful infection!! how cute with the hat, hope when you get it you share a picture with you wearing it; sounds cool!