Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A weekend of family again...

Monday I went to Santa Cruz skilled nursing and Robby and I visited with the residents, I was really nervous the first couple of times because I didn’t really know what to do but I just cruise around and talk to people and let them visit with Robby. Janet, Corinne and two of her friends Amber and Tess Wanted to go play on the beach so we hung out for awhile and then went out to have a really nice dinner at Kianti’s downtown.

Tuesday was Robby’s bath day but they were done really early, when I went to pick up Robby he was still really wet so we went for a long cruise to dry off and then came home and put on his vest and then we went for another long walk.

Wednesday I went to see Claudia to get my fingernails and toenails did and then Robby and I went for a cruise. When I came home I watched Avatar with my mom, it was a really good movie.

Thursday Cassidy to a sushi buffet. We got there just as it opened so everything was really fresh. I accidentally dropped a potsticker on the ground right next to Robby and he just looked at it and laid his head back down, I was so proud of him and the restaurant owner was very impressed. Then we went to bed Bath and beyond to get some non-skid cushions for my dining room table, they look really nice and they match the couch. After that we went over to Ross and went crazy buying Halloween decorations, everyone said I had enough last year but I always think we should add something new. I LOVE Halloween.

Friday I took Robby for a cruise, a long one because I knew I would be leaving him at home while I went to the free concert on the beach. Tonight was flock of seagulls are. They only did one song that I knew but they put on a really good show. As usual there was people taking advantage of the section that was marked for disabled people. I have been e-mailing somebody from the boardwalk but I realized tonight that really won’t do any good. In the first e-mail the lady assured me that the section for disabled people was first-come first-served, no seats could be saved and we are allowed one caregiver for each person with a disability. The e-mail that I got tonight said that they were not concerned with people leaving a couple of chairs to mark their places for three or more hours because that probably meant that they were on the boardwalk getting something to eat, riding the rides or playing games. At this point there really isn’t anything else for me to say.

Saturday I went on a cruise with Robby but it seemed like every direction that we went was being blocked. They close down the lagoon to clear out all of the Thule grass and there was some kind of race going on in the soccer Park, it was kind of cold anyway so we just came back and decided to call it a day.

Sunday was Puppy play date at the beach. Usually we go to the elementary school at this time we decided to go to the dog Beach on Westcliff Drive. There ended up being about eight dogs and they all had such a great time. Robby found a cute little pit/lab puppy named Lucy and they had the best time, they were playing tug-of-war with seaweed and Lucy would fall to the ground and Robby would drag her around. All of the dogs that were there at the neatest personalities, I think we’re going to change our weekly puppy play date to the dog Beach. The dogs get really stinky and wet but have a really good time. I ran into the Lady that owns Robby’s grandma, I seem to run into her a lot on Westcliff. It is always really great to see her, next time she is going to call so we can get together and let the puppies play. Tom & Kelly left a message before we left that they were going to be in town so on the way back home we called and they were still here so we went to Costco and got some raviolis, a salad and garlic bread... Costco has the best garlic bread ever. We ate dinner and Tom and Kelly decided to stay the night, I really miss having them around. My nephew and a bunch of his friends spent the day at the beach on Monday so they spent the night to get some rest before they drove home.

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That corgi :) said...

I think it is neat, Tammie, that you have lots of family to spend time with and do some fun things with. I can't believe that it is August already with Halloween decorations available to buy at the store; I guess that means Christmas is around the corner too! I'm sure you will have fun figuring out what costume you will wear this year!

How fun that Robbie enjoys playing with other dogs and has opportunities to do so too! He does seem like such a great dog and companion :)